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Go With The Heat 87 - Missing Hours

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We're here, the episode most people consider the worst episode of Miami Vice and you know what... It wasn't that bad. I mean, it was bad but not THAT bad compared to other episodes we've already watched in season 4. This episode can easily be summed up in one sentence: Trudy gets abducted by James Brown who leads the Vice team on a wild search culminating with aliens blowing up a house boat.

See, quick, easy and painless.

We also have a special guest! Jenna's back visiting us on Noogie's last episode. John, Jenna and Dominic all mourn the last time seeing the Noogman while Melissa says good riddance. We also discuss the sudden appearance and disappearance of Carson, what Jenna's missed since Liam Neeson and... butt play. You read that right.

This is one of our best episodes of Go With The Heat - Ever. Slap on those headphones and put your phone on airplane mode, cause this is an amazing episode of your Miami Vice Podcast.

Episode Information

Miami Vice - Season 04 Ep. 07 - Missing Hours
Premiered Nov. 13, 1987
Writer: Thomas Disch (only ep) - 3 Hugo, 9 Nebula nominations. A fantastic SciFi writer, died in 2008
Director: Ate De Jong (Only ep, also directed Drop Dead Fred)

Jenna's back! We needed Jenna back, as a fellow Nugart fan, to be here for the send off of one of our favorite Vice characters. The last time we had Jenna on the show was Episode 52 "When Irish Eyes Are Crying" which was the first episode of Season 3. Its been more than a full season since Jenna was back.

We also like to assemble the whole crew for the most memorable episodes of Vice. There are some great ones: Down For The Count, Evan, Brothers Keeper, Lombard, Out Where the Buses Don't Run, Sons and Lovers... This episode will join the list of "most memorable". You can't love Vice unless you love Missing Hours too.

Guest Stars

James Brown as Lou DeLong
Chris Rock


I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

Paint The Road by Adrian Belew


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Go With The Heat 87 – Missing Hours
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