Go With The Heat 94 – Baseballs of Death
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Get ready to be shocked, SHOCKED! Baseballs of Death isn’t the most popular episode of Miami Vice and we went into this one expecting another stinker. How could you blame us? The title of the episode seemed like a sure-fire giveaway this wasn’t going to be a strong episode…

Get ready for your Miami Vice podcast to turn your world upside down! All three of us loved this episode! That doesn’t mean its perfect and perhaps we’re seeing it through our hopeful memory of seasons past.

Melissa wants to know just how much homework Sonny did, since he happens to know just about every fact about Chile. Dominic thinks our bad guy is an avid GTA player and is head-over-heels in love with this weeks Director. John suggests Ernesto might be one of Vice’s best bad guys… EVER!

Set your face to stunned.

Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 04 Ep. 14 – Baseballs of Death
Premiered Feb. 19, 1988
Writer: Peter Lance (Rising Sun of Death, two more ep. coming. Kind of interesting, Produced 20/20 78-82, wrote for Crime Story)
Director: Bill Duke (Holy shit its THAT Bill Duke! Commando, Predator, Action Jackson, Menace II Society)

Guest Stars

Tony Plana as Ernesto Guerrero
Mark Metcalf as DEA Agent Brody
Oliver Platt as Speed Stiles
Lisa Marie as Cinder
Michael Des Barres as Shane DuBois


Pump Up the Volume by M/A/R/R/S

Twenty Killer Hurts by Gene Loves Jezebel

Breakaway by Big Pig

Running on the Rocks by Shriekback


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Intro & transition music provided by:
Cuban Sandwich, Voice Over Under
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Go With The Heat 94 – Baseballs of Death
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