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Wait… What year is it? Did we transport back to 1984? In this episode of Miami Vice we have two cases of Deja Vu. First, this is the final episode for the evil Frank Mosca (who we met in Se. 04 Ep. 01 “Contempt of Court”) and he definitely gets what he deserves. Yes, we’re excited we actually get closure to the Frank Mosca story. But, this episode is almost a mirror image of “Give a Little, Take a Little” from season 1. Its as if the show discarded the original writers and producers and replaced them. Weird, guess the new staff didn’t watch the previous seasons.

Yet, we have a ton of fun with this episode that tackles a very serious topic. Dominic is impressed with the use of a forklift as a torture device. John is seriously concerned for the spaghetti factory now that both Cook and Mosca are gone. Melissa has some strong words for the Vice teams judgy-faces. Plus we all learn about the show we desperately want to revive that includes Frank Stallone, Don Swayze and Joey Travolta.

Its a great episode of your Miami Vice podcast.

Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 04 Ep. 19 – Blood and Roses
Premiered April 1, 1988
Writer: Dick Wolf
Director: George Mendeluk (one more coming)

Guest Stars

Stanley Tucci as Frank Mosca
Michael Wincott as Wilson Cook
Meg Foster as Alice Carson
Frank Stallone as Billy


Sweetest Smile by Black

Dangerous Game by Tommy Shaw

Winners & Losers by Iggy Pop


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Intro & transition music provided by:
Cuban Sandwich, Voice Over Under
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Go With The Heat 99 – Blood and Roses
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