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Its cliptastic! Seriously, this is always one of our favorite things to do, is create these clip shows. You get it all people. When Dominic asked if the Jamaicans where “tallying bananas” in The Big Thaw and when he accused Cowboy Tubbs of being in the Thunder Down Under. Or how about that time Melissa was concerned Crockett was gonna get a dildo in his mouth and wondered why all those dolls didn’t cry out in pain. Plus when John questioned Gina’s pasta choice and described the FBI’s “Penis Crimes Task Force”.

This has been an amazing season of Go With The Heat and Miami Vice. So here’s our very best.

Episode Information

Can’t stop thinking about that time John said “Crockett almost got his willy nabbed” this season. Its like that time John said Tubbs got “the yips”.


  • Just a reminder we’re going to be airing 3 reruns for the next few weeks while we get our minds and bodies ready for Season 5. There will be new episodes of TWIV while we’re off so you can get those each week while I review the summer of 1988.
  • As for the show, we’re going to go through all the episodes including the “lost episodes” all the way through the show’s run. We will do our normal recap & clip shows after. Then we’ll have some mega shows reviewing the entirety of Miami Vice. And last but not least we’ll have the Michael Mann Miami Vice movie.
  • Who knows, by then there might be a new Miami Vice.


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Go With The Heat 104 – Clip Show Extravaganza!
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