Go With The Heat Season 5 Special Announcement

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Hey pals, as you know we just finished out summer rerun series recapping the fantastic season 4 of Miami Vice. Our next episode will the be the first episode of season 5 titled “Hostile Takeover”. We are so, so excited to kick off season 5 and not just for the amnesia. We’re making some very small changes to the show and we’re thrilled to start unvieling them. First small change is we’re moving the day the podcast comes out. For season 5 we’re moving the release day to Monday’s for the main show. This means we’re also moving This Week In Vice to Friday’s.

Moving the days the shows get released will help us get the show ready and set up the perfect Vice week. With the main show coming out on Monday’s, we’re also going to debut two additional mini-shows. First is a condensed version of the full podcast. This shorter version will just have the info about the episode and our final thoughts. If you’re strapped for time or just trying to catch up this will be the show for you. The other new show we’re debuting for season 5 is a video series including all the best stuff to watch or listen to after watch the episode of Vice we covered. “What to do after Vice” will guide you through some of the best TV, Movies and Music of the 80’s to watch or listen to so you can be fully immersed in the 80’s each week.

John is also going to start putting together a weekly playlist of music to listen to that will cover the music from the episode, the bands and deep tracks from when Vice was King.

We have so much new stuff coming out for season 5 and we’re pumped to get started. Don’t miss any updates or news about Go With The Heat by subscribing to our Twitter @gowiththeheat. If you’re a Patreon subscriber you’ll have access to the new shows early. But don’t worry, the main podcast, This week in Vice and the separate feed for Music plus the music playlist and more will always be available to all for free. We’d love your support of our little ol’ indie podcast. Thanks pals and we’ll see you on Monday with Hostile Takeover.

Go With The Heat Season 5 Special Announcement