Go With The Heat 115 – Asian Cut
Go With The Heat

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Not amnesia and not a Castillo story, we actually have a regular episode of Miami Vice! Plus it includes the entire team! Its almost a Christmas miracle. In Asian Cut a serial killer is stalking the streets performing ritualistic murders on prostitutes and the team will stop at nothing to take this killer down. In a noir-style story there’s a huge twist at the end that includes mannequins.

Melissa and Dom feel so, SO bad for Trudy during this investigation. John wonders if hookers have performance reviews and has a serious problem with mannequins.

Get the bug-van, the whole Miami Vice team is going out on this one.

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Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 05 Ep. 07 – Asian Cut
Premiered Jan. 13, 1989
Writer: Robert Ward (Redemption in Blood, 8 more coming, wrote one ep that never got made)
Director: James Contner (only ep, Director of Photography on Crime Story)

Guest Stars

David Schramm as Professor Eric Haliwell
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Tegoro
Steve Ryan as Mr. Dyson


Here It Is…Take It! by That Petrol Emotion

Under the Milky Way by The Church


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Intro & transition music provided by:
Cuban Sandwich, Voice Over Under
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Go With The Heat 115 – Asian Cut
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