Go With The Heat 116 – Hard Knocks
Go With The Heat

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We knew Stan’s troubles would finally be exposed but none of us were ready for this. Stan is in real trouble and not just because someone is trying to kill him. He’s drinking, gambling and in general falling apart. He’s in a bad, bad place. This story might be about the mobsters he owes money to, but its so much deeper than that, exposing all of his problems. Worst of all, by the end nothing is better.

We’re so sad for Stan… But we do have a lot of fun breaking this episode down! Melissa teaches about the “bad news sandwich” Castillo has to give Stan. John is concerned for Holly and wonders who’s gonna eat all that corn. Dominic is in shock after seeing Stan murder a guy.

If only this was rock bottom for Stan.

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Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 05 Ep. 08 – Hard Knocks
Premiered Jan. 20, 1989
Writer: Robert Ward (Just had him last week, Redemption in Blood, 7 more coming), Scott Shepard (co-writer Redemption in blood, Bad Timing) and Ken Solarz (Hostile Takeover, Redemption). Seems to be a pattern here of this team working together…
Director: Vern Gillum (Child’s Play, Cows, Borrasca, one more coming)

Guest Stars

Richard Jenkins as Marvin Goodman
Victor Slezak as Jerome Horowitz
Richard Joseph Paul as Kevin Mulhern


Big League by Tom Cochrane & Red Rider

Nobody’s Perfect by Mike + The Mechanics


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Go With The Heat 116 – Hard Knocks
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