Go With The Heat 122 – The Cell Within
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Its a Tubbs-tastic episode of Miami Vice that also includes one of the greatest music guests ever. In this episode Tubbs finds himself locked in the sex dungeon of a psychopath who has made it his personal mission to hold the world accountable for their sins against society. Tubbs is left with little choice but to witness countless horrors all while trying to manipulate Manning to let him go or at least let his guard down.

Dominic feels really bad for Manning’s assistant and tells him to go ahead and get revenge. Melissa reminds us that Tubbs took night school and knows his way around an electric chair. John… John is forced to talk about Yanni.

Its a great episode of Vice and your Vice podcast.

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Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 05 Ep. 13 – The Cell Within
Premiered March 10, 1989
Writer: Jack Richardson (Honor Among Thieves, one more coming)
Director: Michael Hoggan (Wrote French Twist, only director credit)

Guest Stars

John P. Ryan as Jake Manning
Robin Bartlett as Rhoda King
Maria Pitillo as Anna
Richard Gant as “Battlin'” Barry Gay
L.M. Kit Carson as Robert Phelps


Keys to Imagination by Yanni


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Intro & transition music provided by:
Cuban Sandwich, Voice Over Under
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Go With The Heat 122 – The Cell Within
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