Go With The Heat 132 – The Preshow to Freefall
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Freefall is such a massive, MASSIVE episode we had to break it two. As you know we not only breakdown the actual episode, but we love to look at the guest stars and music that were so important to Miami Vice. With Freefall’s epic amount of music and guest stars we’ve broken them out into their own episode so next week we can focus just on the series finale of our beloved Vice.

This week its all about the atmosphere of Freefall. John gives us the full breakdown on the guest stars, which surprisingly doesn’t include Luis Guzman or Stanley Tucci. In music the Vice producers pulled it off. We get Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, and Chicago one more time.

Over the last 3 years John has done an amazing job covering this aspect of Miami Vice and this is the final time we’ll be looking at music and guest stars. Its one for the ages, standing ovation required.

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Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 05 Ep. 21 – Freefall
Premiered May 21, 1989
Writer: Scott Shepherd (Bad Timing, Hard Knocks, Over the Line, Redemption in Blood w/next writer), Ken Solarz (Hostile Takeover, Hard Knocks, Jack of All Trades). These two worked together on multiple episodes. Last writer is Frank Holman. This is the same name as a character in Crime Story played by Ted Levine. Ken Crime Story, obviously created by Michael Mann & stars previously on Vice actors. Ken Solarz also wrote for Crime Story. Is Frank Holman Michael Mann?
Director: Russ Mayberry (Over the Line, TV director royalty)

Guest Stars

Ian McShane as General Manuel Borbon
Robert Beltran as Captain Jimindez
Sherman Howard as Colonel Andrew Baker
Greg Germann as Johnny Ramon
Elpidia Carrillo as Felicia
Robert Fields as Police Chief Richard Highsmith
Anna Katarina as Borbon’s Fiancee


No Way Out by Tim Truman & Don Johnson

Year Zero by King Swamp

Cryin’ Shame by Lyle Lovett and His Large Band

Bugle Call Rag by the Glenn Miller Orchestra

Ship of Fools by Robert Plant

Land of Confusion by Genesis

Bad Attitude by Honeymoon Suite

Tell Me by Terry Kath


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Go With The Heat 132 – The Preshow to Freefall
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