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Cannot believe it! We’re actually here. This is, for real, the absolute last episode of Miami Vice… EVER! After three years of slowly churning through every single episode we’ve finally made it to Freefall and we’re all so excited to finally see this episode. Regardless of all its flaws its still a great episode of Miami Vice. The biggest question we ask is: Would we feel different about Freefall if we didn’t watch the lost episodes first.

Freefall did deliver on very, VERY important friendship and that’s exactly how it ended. Even through all their ups and downs and the friction in Too Much, Too Late the master crime fighting duo are still friends. So many of these shows end with everyone parting ways and leaving tons of unanswered questions. This episode ends with… tons of unanswered questions. But, we’ll always know that Crockett and Tubbs still love each other.

John thinks Sonny has found his inner-meat fondler. Melissa has some advice for Bianca trying to distract the man in charge of the coup. Dominic loves the recreation of the Predator scene when they shoot up that trailer.

Its our last episode rundown and one of the best episodes of Go With The Heat ever!

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Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 05 Ep. 21 – Freefall
Premiered May 21, 1989
Writer: Scott Shepherd (Bad Timing, Hard Knocks, Over the Line, Redemption in Blood w/next writer), Ken Solarz (Hostile Takeover, Hard Knocks, Jack of All Trades). These two worked together on multiple episodes. Last writer is Frank Holman. This is the same name as a character in Crime Story played by Ted Levine. Ken Crime Story, obviously created by Michael Mann & stars previously on Vice actors. Ken Solarz also wrote for Crime Story. Is Frank Holman Michael Mann?
Director: Russ Mayberry (Over the Line, TV director royalty)

Guest Stars

Ian McShane as General Manuel Borbon
Robert Beltran as Captain Jimindez
Sherman Howard as Colonel Andrew Baker
Greg Germann as Johnny Ramon
Elpidia Carrillo as Felicia
Robert Fields as Police Chief Richard Highsmith
Anna Katarina as Borbon’s fiancée


No Way Out by Tim Truman & Don Johnson

Year Zero by King Swamp

Cryin’ Shame by Lyle Lovett and His Large Band

Bugle Call Rag by the Glenn Miller Orchestra

Ship of Fools by Robert Plant

Land of Confusion by Genesis

Bad Attitude by Honeymoon Suite

Tell Me by Terry Kath


  • Costa Morada… Viva Revolution! General is upset, talking to reporters. He doesn’t think he’s got a problem, regardless of the riots. Gets called away by his number 2.
  • Somewhere else, a budget Ray Liotta is talking to a man tied to a tree. Asks if he works for Borbon, man nods name is Guzman. He had $2M. The non-union Ray Liotta smacks him around and finds the ticket for the trip. Why did he think he could just not talk? He literally had the itinerary in his pocket. Borbon was heading to US.
  • Back the embassy/palace, Borbon is leaving with his best dog. He’s traveling by coffin. Oh wait, itsthe guy that was tied to the tree with a not from Liotta. Note says the only way he can leave is in a coffin like Guzman. Liotta is the head of the cartel, now he has to escape without being pulled into a commercial about quitting cigarettes.

  • Meanwhile in Miami Sonny isn’t in a rock n’ roll mood. Sonny says he’s an old man, can’t stay awake. They’re watching Ramon, it was supposed to be a short trip. Sonnyh says there’s got to be a better way to serve his adult life, Rico says what’s better than serving and protecting.

  • Finally their turkey comes out and Rico says lets do him. Duo give chase as Ramon tries to outrun a Lambo in his GTO, which are known for being nimble. But he’s a frisky little bugger.
  • Cross town chase montage. Ramon is never really able to get away but the duo get blocked in and arrested very much to their surprise.
  • Melissa: No one ask any questions or anything
  • We got two stories going on here and none look good for the duo



  • Duo get brought before a trial by musical theater. DEA officer Andrew Baker presiding and also on tenor. Duo still shocked, then Chief Highsmith comes in. He doesn’t actually know whats happening either.
  • DEA brought them in because they need their help to find Borbon to penetrate the Medellin cartel. Also the panel will judge your bikini line.
  • Sonny says they don’t really know him except that they call him The Butcher and his reign is banked by dealers.
  • DEA says they cut a deal with him to get Borbon out of Costa Morada to use him to bring down the Medellin cartel. They want the duo to go to Costa Morada and bring Borbon back since they have so much experience doing it.
  • Actually its not their first time, they just need a good Jimmy.
  • Police chief is surprised but DEA has given them approval and will get weapons from DEA contacts in CM. Sonny’s not convinced but DEA brings in Ramon and is well connected in CM and he recommend the duo. Sonny attacks Ramon and Highsmith doesn’t like it. Duo walk out while DEA pleads with them, no deal.


  • Stan called in a bet, he’s in deep debt and they ask him about it but he says TS
  • This is the exact same clip from Too Much Too Late after he leaves the Gamblers Anonymous meeting.


  • Tubbs walks in, Sonny is already at the bar. Tubbs says he’s been thinking about Borbon says he’s come around on it. Sonny says he’s had the same thought, that if they bring down Borbon they’ll actually be able to make a big difference. They’d bring down so man dealers.
  • Tubbs is actually kind of excited about it, Sonny is getting drunk thinking about it. Tubbs says he’s in if Sonny’s in… Partner. After some thinking Sonny says its probably suicide. Tubbs says you wanna live forever? Sonny says he’ll probably have to tag along to make sure Tubbs doesn’t get his butt shutoff. Tubbs is happy and they’re off
  • Melissa: Sonny is clearly done, he’s drinking at like 2 in the afternoon

Seaplane landing

  • Its so long that it really is its own scene
  • The duo have some problems with INS in Costa Morada but their person inside the local Tourism board buys off the agent.


  • Liotta is talking to Borbon’s number two! Borbon has been setup by his own Captain. Captain says Borbon still intends to leave but Liotta says they can’t let him leave because then the rebels will take over and he needs gov’t support for his cartel. He says kill Borbon, then he can’t talk to the DEA and then the military will stay in control


  • After a quick drive through the Costa Morada countryside, Ramirez leaves the duo in the back of the car surrounded by rebels in some sweet mullets. Says stay inside, he’s gonna go talk to the contact.
  • Melissa: The view out the window isn’t stock footage
  • Then, Ramirez very discreetly runs down the street. The duo jump out just in time before the car explodes and the rebels advance on them. Luckily a very tender lady pulls up and rescues them. Felecia says she’s the contact and maybe you should check out the DEA and who set you up.

General Palace

  • Borbon gets an update from his finance officer, but tell shim to shut up then shoots him. Finance minister said the rebels are getting too close

Rebel Camp

  • Felecia gets them armed up, rebels are very organized and well-prepared. They know exactly what Borbon’s schedule is.
  • Felecia takes Tubbs and they go review the escape route. They’re on a tight schedule, need to leave by 10PM, that’s when the boat leaves. Tubbs then politely asks why do you fight a losing battle

Hotel/Bar Thing

  • Sonny goes and talks to Jimindez and Bianca. Sonny wants them to start the internal revolution tonight, then they’re gonna sneak Borbon out. Jimindez is shocked, not sure it can be done, Bianca promises it will. In face, she’s the generals daughter.

Rebel Camp

  • Tubbs is still talking to Felecia, says in the Bronx they have the same problems so he has empathy for their plight. She says it sounds like you love that place… Tubbs says yes he does. Sounds like he might want to go back to New York… WINK
  • Sonny comes back and says everything is ready to go.


  • MASH level fighting scenes, Tubbs finds Felicia tending to a wounded soldier. Asks if she’s a nurse too.
  • Melissa: Damn she’s a nun, that’s why I can’t bone her.
  • Tubbs tells Sonny, he’s shocked too. So Tubbs was shopping for women while in Costa Morada. Like, that was on the itinerary.
  • Concerned about Liotta, he could throw a wrench into their plans but everything is lined up. Concerned about Jimindez and how nervous he was

General’s Palace

  • Bianca stumbles on the Captain giving orders to kill Borbon and the Americans.

  • Later that night, Sonny’s wig plus Tubbs are trying to sneak in by climbing over the wall. Couple of guards are on patrol

  • Inside, the Captain gets a visit from Bianca who seduces him with her back. They kiss, she attempts to grab his gun but knocks it on the ground. Captain asks if she was trying to kill him, he says yeah, you’re gonna kill my dad. Doesn’t even try to lie?

  • He decides to not kill her as he’s still fully erect. Tells her to stay there.

  • Outside the duo are sneaking around while nothing but white people go into the palace. Luckily the whole country speaks English too.

  • Melissa: Why didn’t they send Castillo?
  • White people watch a movie with Borbon about the Glenn Miller Orchestra but Borbon gets called away by the Captain. Borbon asks where Bianca is and then the duo save him. Borbon doesn’t believe it but the Captain goes for his gun, Tubbs shoots and kills. Duo plus Bianca and Borbon shoot their way out of the front gate.
  • They get picked up by Felicia, but she dies and Borbon takes a bullet. Tubbs is heartbroken, Sonny says leave her she’s gone and they escape.


  • Hope this goes well for Sonny, they last time he was on a boat we became the best drug lord in all of Florida.
  • Borbon is stable but bleeding, they’re heading for the seaplane but might have to just drive all the way to Florida.
  • Bianca comes down and thanks him for saving her dad. He’s not happy, she says you feel too much.


  • DEA Baker talking to Chief Highsmith. Baker is happy that Borbon is out, duo have him. Highsmith isn’t happy, doesn’t want the streets of Miami turning into a warzone while Central American gangs are looking for Borbon. Baker says deal with in and if you want to be a real Republican you’ll just shut your mouth.
  • Highsmith leaves unhappy but not protesting

Miami Montage


  • Sonny meeting w/Baker. Baker complaining that they didn’t take the seaplane, they just took a 3 day cruise to Miami.
  • Sonny says your plan sucked, we got setup. Duo have Borbon stashed, they don’t trust the DEA now. Baker doesn’t like it, Columbians are hunting him. Duo say deal with it, also check out Ramon.


  • Plane comes in and the Ray Liotta gets off


  • Melissa: Where in the hell do they get these safehouses
  • Borbon is mad at Bianca, thinks she’s taking the Vice teams side
  • Ladies + Stan are there then the duo show up, Tubbs jokes about getting lost to this house. Shift rotate, leaving the duo there.

  • Later that night three ninjas sneak over the wall and break into the safehouse.

  • Inside, Sonny/Tubbs talk, Tubbs is upset about Felicia, she was a tender lady. Tubbs is broken up about it could be any of them at any time. Sonny tells him you can’t think about that while on the job, says its survivor guilt and saw it in Vietnam. Sonny sees some people sneaking around, team jumps out of the way just in time, shootout, Stan even comes running in and gets one.
  • Team run upstairs, Borbon is gone but Bianca is there.
  • Melissa: He heard about their protection quality, took off

  • Later, Stan takes off to get coroner. Duo are left, say the only person outside the house that knew where they were was Castillo so it must have been inside the house. Bianca says she heard her dad make a call earlier, doesn’t know who or about what, stays out of his business.

  • Sonny gets really mad, shows her the bodies and says Borbon made a deal and will make sure he sticks to it.
  • Bianca says while she was in Switzerland her dad used to send her checks from a bank in Miami. Sonny goes off to investigate


  • Stan comes home and finds Liotta and his muscle in his house. Liotta says he bought Stan’s gambling debt, wants to know where Borbon is. Stan says he won’t talk and if they don’t let him go the Vice team will know something is wrong.

Banco Libre

  • Sonny gets a call in the car phone, they found Borbon’s courier at a bank, teller is stalling him so the Vice team can show up.
  • If only they would have searched for hispanic banks it would have been so obvious.
  • Duo see the courier, an attractive woman come out of the bank and drive away, duo follow. But then someone else follows the car too.


  • Borbon and courier/fiancé counting the money, she’s happy saying we can go anywhere. Borbon says yeah… sure… I’ll send for you.
  • Duo bust in, Borbon says he’s not leaving, the Vice teams protection almost killed him. Borbon says he only called his accountant, Vice says that’s probably who set you up, Borbon doesn’t believe it.
  • Then some thugs bust in, shootout, duo kill 4 men coming from every entry point.
  • Borbon/team still alive


  • Dad working late, Stan comes in to see him after Castillo asked to see him. Castillo says duo got Borbon, closes the office door. Uh-oh.
  • Castillo reluctantly says team got in shootout, then calls him out as being a compulsive gambler and he’s known for a long time, should have stepped in sooner. Asks if someone got to Stan. Stan angrily denies, says he’s clean now and would never give up his partners. Castillo says I can’t take the risk, you’re suspended. Stan is angry, slowly leaves.


  • Liotta pulls up, his partner walks over, says the detective set up the last hit but don’t mess it up this time. Get Borbon or don’t come out at all.
  • Stan IS dirty!
  • Hit team goes into the warehouse but Stan has it wired up and puts himself on a TV. Video says you guys got lucky following Borbon’s fiancé but now Castillo thinks I’m dirty. Now I’m going to blow up the building. At the last minute they run out during the countdown but Stan is waiting for them. Says he was bluffing and he’s arresting them to clear his name. But shootout starts, Stan kills them all.


  • Tubbs driving, duo talking. They’re tired of dodging bullets. They’re going to see Izzy who’s now selling crystals and wants his customer to come on a clothing optional retreat he’s putting on.

  • Duo show up, pull him aside they want to know about Liotta (Montoya). Izzy says he stays out of cartel business. Sonny starts to threaten him, Izzy says don’t be a badge flasher with a power complex, but says he can’t do it anymore, just gives him money and asks what he knows. Izzy, surprised says Johnny Miranda is recruiting an army for Liotta.

  • Duo leave, Tubbs is gonna go see Miranda.

Miranda’s Office

  • Tubbs says I know you’re helping Montoya, Tubbs starts really threatening him but Liotta comes in.


  • Sonny working late, Trudy brings in some papers, leaves. Phone rings, its Tubbs says don’t listen to them. Liotta grabs the phone and says if he doesn’t get Borbon in 12 hours Tubbs is dead.

Highsmiths House

  • Chief comes in, Sonny is waiting for him. Sonny says he got a phone call that Tubbs is in danger and needs to turn over Borbon. Chief says he knows how badly he feels. Sonny says okay, then tell me where Tubbs is. Chief says I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sonny says oh yeah… I have info from your accountant Max Flynn, the same accountant as Borbon.
  • Sonny is really turning on the Burnett, shows Chief accounting info that shows Liotta has been paying Highsmith for years. Highsmith tries to say that evidence in inadmissible. Sonny says oh yeah, I”m sure everyone will want to know about your houses and cash and lifestyle. Highsmith says you’re burned out then goes for his gun. Sonny stops him, says yeah I’m burned out and crazy, never know what I’ll do.
  • Sonny says tell me or I’m gonna shoot your brains out.


  • Liotta and his team along with Tubbs just hanging out. Highsmith comes waltzing in, wants to talk to Liotta. Stan and Sonny watching from sniper rifles, Highsmith says he wants to see Tubbs then will turn over Borbon. Sonny snipers guard holding Tubbs, Liotta shoots Highsmith. Extended shootout, Duo get away while extended police force come running in. The just absolutely destroy the trailer, it literally falls down.


  • Duo driving Borbon to the exchange location, get stopped by cops and say Baker wants the drop at a new location. Sonny pulls his gun but Ramon comes up from behind him. Ramon gets everyone out, pulls Borbon aside and kills him. The cops plus Ramon load up the body in the trunk and drive away. Freeze frame on Sonny’s burned out face.

Metro Dade Headquarters

  • Sonny looking over paperwork, says they found Borbon’s body charred like Gina’s meatloaf. Harsh man.
  • Sonny stops on the papers, no info about a gunshot wound. They should have noticed it, calls the coroner but they don’t know about Borbon, they never saw him. Duo run off

fiancé Apartment

  • Team kick in the door but they’re too late. Fiancé says she was tricked by him just like they were by Baker and Borbon. He was the one that hired Ramon, that’s why it was so fishy. Baker, Ramon and Borbon where all in on it together. As long as the world though Brobon was dead they’d stop hunting him but no one knows why, it must be someone high up in the gov’t that’s helping him. She says she won’t say where he was going, Sonny says we have ways of making you talk.


  • Duo getting ready, what they’re about to do is to call out the feds which means no pension. But Sonny says we made a deal to stop the cartel and gonna keep it no matter what. Tubbs is nervous, tries to tell Sonny if he doesn’t make it… Sonny says stop talking like that, lets just do this think and whatever happens happens.

  • Getting ready montage. Sonny still has pictures of Caroline in his locker, not just pics of Billy, or Timmy or whatever. Driving montage very similar to the first montage. Sonny stopped to call Caroline in this montage, afraid he was going to die. This time its Tubbs. Same camera shots, just a way worse song.


  • Borbon pulls up in limo w/Ramon. Duo pull up, armed to the teeth. They call out to Borbon, he gets in the plane as a shootout starts with his men. If only they had moved faster getting ready…
  • Duo look at each other one last time knowing they’re running off to a suicide mission. They’re able to successfully shoot through the first wave, reload, run straight in again, Tubbs takes a bullet but he’s okay. They get to the docks just as Borbon is fling away. Shoot at the plane and just as it flies over they shoot and blow it up.
  • Both of them left there shocked they’re still alive and it worked.

  • Later, Baker pulls up his men armed. Baker says what did you do? Sonny says he was gonna give names but not the top name. Baker says this is the new reality, we make deals and I can kill you any time I want. Sonny says do it and walks away. Baker says this isn’t over, I’ll have your badge for this. Duo toss down their badges.

  • Dad pulls up, says wait.
  • Melissa: Don’t do it, all I’ll have left is the ladies and all they can do is file papers!
  • Dad says I’ll back you, don’t quit yet, picks up the badges and says think about this. Gives them one more stare. Fades out.

St. Vitus

  • Sonny is moving out, not even his boat.
  • Melissa: He’s got nothing.
  • Tubbs pulls up in a cab, Sonny surprised to see him, figured he be on his way to NY. But he’s happy to see him. They had one hell of a run.
  • THey’re all smiles. Tubbs says he is going back to NY, Sonny says he’s gonna keep going south where he doesn’t know anyone. How much further south can he go? What about Timmy?
  • They say they’ll miss each other, hand shake over the car. Sonny says let me give you a ride to the airport in my stolen car. Some panning shots on the car… Sonny says “Hey Tubbs you ever consider a career in southern law enforcement”

Ending montage

  • Ah… clips of the show include Zito but not the first Lt. There’s actually a lot of Zito in it.
  • Why did they let DJ cut his own hair? His hair was so much better in the earlier seasons. Some gratuitous shots of the ladies.
  • Melissa: And they murdered everyone
  • Clips keep going with the credits.
  • No Noogman in the final montage! Lots of Izzy though. ELVIS!!!
  • The flare gun is the most dangerous gun in Vice.
  • Oh, well there goes Jimmy Smits.
  • Why do they keep showing dead Zito?!


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