Go With The Heat 134 – Season 5 Review Spectacular!
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After 21 episodes we’ve concluded our complete rundown of season 5 of Miami Vice. This week we’re taking a look back at the season, picking our favorite moments, guest stars and episodes. Then, we concluded with our traditional end of season clip show of all our best moments from the season of the greatest Miami Vice podcast on the internet!

We’re pretty unanimous that the season was up and down but in the end when the show was good, it was AMAZING. This season we got amnesia, story wrap-ups, lost episodes and some guy named Miracle Man. This season really had it all and we loved it.

Be sure to come back next week to catch our final show… EVER! Thanks to everyone that’s been on this ride with us, we have just one more episode to go.

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Episode Information

  • This is our season 5 recap where we go through and list out all of our favorite moments from this season
  • Obviously as the last season we go from one major story to the end of the show.

Point 1

  • After the amnesia arc we had a special show just to recap that and what we thought about it. At the time we almost unanimously said the show should have ended there. What do we think now?

Point 2

  • We did get closure on Valerie, Lombard and May Ying. Was that enough? What else were we hoping to get closure on before the show ended?
  • Gina. She always had a dedicated episode and has quite the backstory on a number of characters. She got 100% skipped in the final season.
  • I know its tempting to say Trudy got skipped too, but they only paid attention to her here and there throughout the run. She also got a standalone episode with Asian Cut and she got tortured in it.
  • The Burnett thing should have been a consistent, routine problem. IAD should have been hounding him all season.
  • Castillo. He showed he was burned out several times throughout the season. In Heart of the Night and his ex-wife then again in Miami Squeeze where he’s setup & almost killed! But after that moment when he goes into the hospital and we see that very endearing scene between Crockett and Castillo, he essentially disappears

Favorite episodes


  • Redemption in Blood (E02)
  • Hard Knocks (E08)
  • Heart of the Night (E03)


  • Hostile Takeover (E01)
  • Over The Line (E15)
  • Miracle Man (E19)


  • Hostile Takeover (E01)
  • Too Much, Too Late (E20)
  • Asian Cut

Guest Stars

Dom’s guest stars:

  • C.C.H. Pounder
  • The various guest stars that made repeat appearances because they’re not allowed to leave the studio. Its like a cult, they’re allowed to leave whenever they want. All they have to do is go through 7 layers of barbed wire and be hunted for sport. Its how they got Law & Order together so quickly, all they had to do was activate everyone’s microchip and the cast was full.

Melissa guest stars:

  • C.C.H. Pounder
  • Izzy

John’s guest stars:

  • CCH Pounder
  • John Leguizamo and Mark Mcauly
  • Michael Chiklis


  • Yanni
  • Guns n’ Roses
  • Genesis

Final Thoughts

  • There were a lot of unnecessary episodes and in the end they really hurt the overall impression of the show. Here are some examples:
  • The Cell Within where Tubbs is held captive as someone doesn’t believe the law looks out for people so they take it into their own hands
  • Over The Line, where a bunch of cops don’t believe the law looks out for people so they take the law into their own hands
  • Victims of Circumstance where a bunch of supremacists don’t believe the law… Okay so I’m starting to see the theme here.
  • Bad Timing. Lots of people point at Cows or Missing Hours as the worst episode of Vice. For my money Bad Timing is the worst.
  • What I think now is either they should have ended it sooner OR given it one more season. By the end of this season they got back to what people wanted. A little humor, more cartels and more balanced episodes and not just the Sonny Crockett show. If they had another season it wouldn’t feel like things were so rushed, which is what the season felt like. Everything was rushed. There should have been another Burnett episode where he’s further punished and has to prove himself. There should have been another Stan gambling episode where he has to face everything including Zito’s death. There should have been a Gina episode and another full Izzy episode where we get closure on him and he gets cut loose. Miracle Man was almost that episode
  • This season doesn’t change my mind on Miami Vice. Its still iconic, its still the best cop show of the 80’s, I still love this show because it refuses to take itself too seriously. The good has always outweighed the bad and its still that way in season 5.


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Go With The Heat 134 – Season 5 Review Spectacular!
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