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Its come to this. This is the last episode of Go With The Heat ever! The greatest Miami Vice podcast on the internet is to the end and in this episode we take a look back through the seasons and gush over how much we love the show. Over the 5 seasons of Vice we’ve had so many memorable moments and in our last episode we have a ton of fun looking back at everything.

Thank you to everyone who’s been on this ride with us over the last three years. We set out every week to do one thing: Make each other laugh. We’re so thrilled that so many other people had fun with us, laughing along and even shedding a few tears (OH BABY TUBBS! WHERE ARE YOU!). The Miami Vice community is amazing.

This week we’re talking about all the past seasons, picking out our top 5 episodes of the show and looking at music one last time.

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Episode Information

What Vice meant to us

  • Show is tricky, very dedicated fan base. Always wanted to do a respectful MST3K type show
  • Learned so much, was just a kid during the 80’s. TWIV, music and guest stars really opened up to me what the 80’s was about
  • I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I love Vice because its willing to have some fun. Modern cop shows are basically horror shows. Every week its one of the most disgusting crimes you’ve ever heard of, they catch the person and then next week its some other horrific event. I honestly don’t know how people do it.


  • The show was unapologetic Florida. There were so many times it was like “yup, this is Florida”. Couple moments that stand out are when ever there’s a scene were several police officers pull guns there was always an 80-year old secretary also holding a gun.
  • The beach was included in nearly every episode. Even when the tone of the show changed the background was always palm trees, sandy beaches and beautiful ocean.
  • Lets talk about Sonny. Don Johnson in this show just oozes cool. It gets slightly less in the final season after amnesia but I really thing that’s the fault of his hair. If he cut his hair he’d still be cool.
    • Sonny’s character was always the bleeding heart. He always wanted the best for everyone even if that meant he had to sacrifice himself to do it.
    • However that didn’t stop him from routinely doing just flat dumb stuff. He was always shoot first, ask questions later which got him into a lot of bad situations.
    • What always saved him was that the team was running around taking care of everything else so
    • Sonny’s biggest downfall was that he always thought with his dick first. But he cared about people so much it was hard to stay mad at him.
  • Up next is PMT. In a weird way, even though he was the co-start, I think they under-utilized him. Tubbs is cool, Tubbs is attractive, Tubbs is the best out of the team to play a cop.
    • Tubbs was methodical and focused. He was always the person with the right read on situations
    • But, like Sonny his penis easily distracted him.
    • His character was so complex. Sonny was married to his job, it was his life. Tubbs wanted a regular life and its been that was since the first episode. He was so desperate by the end he was even willing to take Valerie back.
  • The ladies were always amazing and again, under-utilized. Gina being Hispanic should have been bigger plot points. I know we get a whole episode about her Cuban background, but they literally only hunted Hispanic gang and cartel leaders. Gina should have been featured in every episode.
  • Castillo. The best surprise of the show was EJO. I’m always hesitant w/casting changes but EJO was great. Also, the single greatest twist in MV was that Dad was influenced by his time in the CIA in SE Asia. The house, the food, his ninja skills, all fantastic and fitting for how many ninja movies came out in the 80’s. I think they did him just right, not too much not too little. It came up just frequent enough to love his ninja skills.
  • TBH, Stan was the character I cared about the least so I really don’t have an opinion on him. He was, whatever, and there’s Stan. I actually liked Izzy more than Stan. Zito was the best and without Zito, Stan was just in the background.
  • Gotta finish with what makes us different in the MV community. I love Izzy and everyone loves Izzy. But we love Noogie and everyone just has to deal with it.

Top Episodes


  • No Exit (se. 1)
    • Bruce Willis is good, story is good
    • It was our first sign on what to expect with guest stars
  • Forgive Us Our Debts (se. 3)
    • I mean… Crockett gets played so badly.
    • I remember when we watched I was so back and forth, Hackman is tricking him, he’s not. Then Sonny’s not gonna get him off.
    • Then, in the last scene when you see that all of them were working together it was such a huge shock
  • Evan (se. 1)
    • A story of how much the job effects you
    • A complete story, William Russ was amazing
    • An episode where Sonny is scared. He’s scared because he doesn’t know what Evan will do. He’s scared for Tubbs and he’s scared for what the job will eventually do to him
    • Which almost comes to fruition. They go on a suicide mission in Freefall, just get lucky.
  • Hostile Takeover (se. 5)
    • Just talked about this last week, you know why this episode is good.
  • The Good Collar (se. 3)
    • Such a great story
    • Its when things don’t work out, the risks they take by putting regular people in harms way. Sonny really connected with this kid and he really thought he was going to help him

Honorable Mention

  • Made For Each Other (se. 1)
    • The B-Team & Izzy w/the Noogman
    • It was wacky, fun and character building for all involved. Need more of these in later seasons
  • The Big Thaw (se. 4)
    • The best of the bad episodes.
    • It never tried to be anything other than what it was


  • Sons and Lovers
  • Mirror Image
  • Redemption in Blood
  • Gods Work
  • Golden Triangle Part 1

Honorable Mention:

  • Down for the Count Part


  • Redemption in Blood
  • Too Much, Too Late
  • The Big Thaw
  • Out Where the Buses Don’t Run
  • Down for the Count Part 1/2

Honorable Mention

  • Payback
  • Shadow in the Dark

Final Thoughts

How the show started

  • Spit-balled several ideas, actually recorded two episodes of a “ripped from the headlines” comedy podcast w/tech influence
  • No one liked it, discussed trash movies. Details about our movie night
  • Settled on TV show, picked Miami Vice because none of us had seen it before, its cheesy and I already owned the entire show
  • Jenna had to bow out and Melissa stepped in. Details on how show changed w/her
  • Got its hour runtime totally by accident. Same with music and guest stars

What GWTH meant to us

  • Weekly get together, really focused on making each other laugh
  • Never followed stats, never based content on analytics. Just made the show
  • Its fun and we always had fun. Never once was it a chore.

What happens to the archives

  • Website and podcast episodes are not going away
  • Will be putting random episodes into the feed every week, like its in syndication.
  • TWIV will not be in the reruns.
  • If Miami Vice is rebooted, the show will come back

Final thoughts

  • So long and thanks for all the fish.
  • I love Miami Vice, easily one of my favorite shows of all time now. Not just because of the show, but because of everything we’ve done and how deep we’ve gone into the history.
  • Ready to watch it as a fan.
  • Love this community. Miami Vice people love the show, love the actors, don’t hold any animosity about the show and its run.
  • Miami Vice is a lifestyle, that’s why it permeates so much pop culture
  • I believe we’ve made something truly great and as of right now its still the greatest Miami Vice podcast on the internet.

PS: Wanna hear from people? You want some Miami Vice fanfic? I have thoughts on how some tweaks to the show or behind the scenes stuff. Example: Extended story about how Tubbs finds Tubbs Jr. Or how about Izzy’s dog racing and maybe how he and Noogie almost make it but end up taking odd jobs together after.


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Go With The Heat 135 – The Finale
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