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Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 136 - We're Baaaack!

Little history

This episode will come out on Sept. 23. On Sept. 24 we published GWTH no. 112 which was a retrospective on the Sonny Burnett arc. The episode before was Bad Timing and we were just about ready to go a bi-weekly schedule because Melissa was about to pop. Back then I used to lay out a blanket on the chair with extra pads, configure the recording area to try to be the most comfortable. Did that all the way up until we published our final episode because you pretty much recorded every episode after that with Valentina in your arms. The last Miami Vice based GWTH came out on 03/25, so its been about six months since we last published an episode.

The glorious era of 1975 - 1995

  • A time when you were toast on the streets unless you knew karate or gymnastics
  • Motorcycle gangs roamed the earth, looking for any excuse to get mixed up into a Donnybrook.
  • This really was a special era. It was different because you could be a big name actor and be in a very low budget, off the rails movie. It might even make money.
  • Background on movie night. We started in 2013, full bore in 2014. It really started becacuse we wanted to show Jenna movies which she almost never watches.
  • It quickly changed because we realized how many amazing movies there are.
  • What’s different is that we love these movies. There’s lots of people who make podcasts about bad movies. They make it just to take a big ol’ dump on them. Just ranting about “how did this thing get made”. But we love the weird. We love the karate scenes. We love that JCVD always has a backstory that requires him to say that he was originally born in France and that explains his weird accent
  • Melissa… Explain you love of American Ninja.
  • John… Explain why dogs are the best sidekicks, even better than kid partners
  • Dom… Explain why the skill of gymnastics and the kill of karate is the reason why that pommel horse is in that alley.
  • The reason why these movies are great is because they are willing to try new things but also not take themselves so seriously

The plan

  • We’re gonna change this into a movie podcast, comes out bi-weekly
  • This will allow us to be more flexible with what movies we pick
  • We want to keep the Vice connection. So we’re gonna either A) Pick a movie that has a Vice star/guest star in it or B) Fits the theme of Miami Vice
  • We didn’t feel that another TV show would fit. Vice was so great, we want to add to the GWTH show rather than take it to a totally new area. I know this is new, but there’s gonna be a lot of familiar faces in these movies
  • We also want to pick things that are deep cast, music is a centerpiece and we love for both its story plus being able to have some fun.
  • We already have a movie slate picked out to start

The first episode will come out on 10/14 and we’ll be breaking down Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, one of the first movies after Vice for DJ


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Go With The Heat 136 – We’re Baaaack!