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We’re finally back and we have an amazing movie to start off the new edition of the podcast. SLIGHTLY IN THE FUTURE is a story about a group of people the writer clearly forgot to rename before he submitted the script. Nothing matters except Don Johnson as a cowboy. He literally soaks up all the sexy in the entire film, even from baby Tom Sizemore and I-have-donut-on-my-face Mickey Rouke.

Dominic is distracted by them Thicc Boys giving chase. Melissa thinks thunder thighs lives in that helicopter just staring at the blinky thing. John, once again, finds a forgotten gem in music and wants us all to go to NeilCarswell.com.

It’s a hell of a ride and a huge WELCOME BACK for the Go With The Heat Podcast.

Movie Info

Movie: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Premiered: Aug. 23, 1991
Director: Simon Wincer
Also credited with directing D.A.R.Y.L.,
Quigley Down Under,
Free Willy – Wikipedia,
Operation Dumbo Drop,
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.
Directed a bunch of TV movies and miniseries plus a few TV episodes. Very accomplished director for an Australian.
Writer: Don Michael Paul
Very mixed history as an actor, writer and director. Director is where he’s done most of the work we’re interested in, including Sniper: Legacy (2014) starring Tom Berenger, Tremors 5: Bloodlines, Kindergarten Cop 2 plus writing and directed the 2018 movie Death Race: Beyond Anarchy. Lots of movies with a colon. Also has a writing credit on Cyborg.

He is currently filming Bulletproof 2…


Mickey Rourke as Harley Davidson
Don Johnson as The Marlboro Man
Chelsea Field as Virginia Slim
Daniel Baldwin as Alexander
Giancarlo Esposito as Jimmy Jiles
Vanessa Williams as Lulu Daniels
Tom Sizemore as Chance Wilder
Robert Ginty as Thom
Tia Carrere as Kimiko
Big John Studd as Jack Daniels
Julius Harris as “The Old Man” Jiles
Eloy Casados as Jose Cuervo
Kelly Hu as Suzi
Branscombe Richmond as Big Indian
Sven-Ole Thorsen as David
Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton as himself


  1. Long Way from Home by Copperhead
  2. The Bigger They Come by Peter Frampton, Steve Marriott
  3. Tower of Love by Roadhouse
  4. I Mess Around by Shooting Gallery
  5. Wild Obsession by L.A. Guns
  6. C’mon by The Screaming Jets
  7. Let’s Work Together by The Kentucky Headhunters
  8. Hardline by Waylon Jennings
  9. Ride with Me by Blackeyed Susan
  10. What Will I Tell My Heart by Vanessa Williams


  1. Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi
  2. Stop the World by The Screaming Jets
  3. Work to Do and The Better Part of Me by Vanessa Williams

Lets get down to brass tacks: This is an adult version of Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • This movie goes back and forth between scifi and a western. Whenever it’s a Marlboro moment it set up like a western. When Harley is the lead its a scifi.
  • Some message about modern versus simple, when things were good and now they’re messed up. Or that things just have always been messed up.
  • They don’t get anything in this movie. No money, no bar, all their friends are dead.
  • The only part that really rubs me the wrong way is Harley Davidson. He’s not what I think of when I think Harley. I think more old dude that kinda looks like Dog The Bounty Hunter who eats at Applebee’s and can’t go back to Chili’s after he had too many beers.


  • Opens with Harley guy at a hotel listening to radio about drugs, packs up and leaves his hooker on the bed. Credits roll as he leaves on his motorcycle through the desert, just heading West on his steel horse.
  • Is this in the future?
  • You put this drug into your eyes called Crystal Dream. This is the most helpful radio DJ ever
  • Holy shit just starts with Bon Jovi and probably their best song.
  • We get it, Mickey Rouke is the Harley guy. He’s very different than what I know of Harley people.
  • Stacked cast, sometime in the future

Gas Station being held up

Harley guy ignores store being held up, fights his way through.

Pool hall/strip club

  • OMG Don Johnson as a cowboy beating a whole tribe of Native Americans at pool.
  • He’s giving them advice from his old man, five lessons while runs the table and finishes with a trick shot.
  • Disappointed he doesn’t have a Jamaican accent.
  • Big Chief pulls a knife on Marlboro, Harley comes to save him. Lets Big Chief and marlboro fight it out

Talking on the billboard (Deep Dive)

  • Harley and Marlboro know each other, haven’t seen each other in two years.
  • Harley is eating beans straight out of the can, shouldn’t it be the other way around.
  • Harley is talking about he feels like he lives for a higher purpose and find some way to get into heaven.
  • Marlboro says he doesn’t want any excuses for how he lived

Next bar

  • As they pull up to another bar, they see a plane landing. ITS THE FUTURE!
  • Talk outside, Harley asks what it’s like to get old. Harley tries to shoot Marlboro’s motorcycle as it breaks down, misses. Marlboro shows him how to shoot. Kinda hard to miss at this range.
  • The bar has a plane sticking out of it and when Harley goes and talks to his friend he has a newspaper above him that says a plane crashed into the bar.
  • Harley is fascinated with the singer performing, Marlboro tells him to stay away while dialing a pay phone that gives them access to a deaf Mexican in a secret room.
  • Stop, watch an arm wrestling match but one sees Harley who after winning wants to kill Harley.
  • John: When this turn into Over the Top?
  • Fight breaks out between Harley and Jack, the owner, eventually ending with Harley saying his wife only loves Jack, no one else.
  • After they talk about how the bar is closing, they need $2.5 million. Jack leaves after his wife pulls his leash. They settle on robbing a bank.

Bank Robbery (Deep Dive)

  • These weirdos are actually gonna do it. They have a very intricate plan of lazy sewer workers while Marlboro climbs around on the top of the brinks truck.
  • The Brinks workers get a lot of info out of the gang,
  • Suddenly the bad guys from the matrix show up, Jack saves them at the last minute and they escape

Airplane recycling field

They find out they didn’t steal money but pure Crystal Dream.

Trust Bank

Protection giving Tom Sizemore an update, say they were amateurs but Tom says no way. Wants them killed


Marlboro is trying to relax, Honey comes up and says take me home. Harley says he had a good woman once, still feels for her deep down. Harley borrows his motorcycle.


  • Marlboro, or at least someone that looks somewhat similar, does a wheelie and flips the cop off to lead him on a chase in which he gets caught.
  • Ends with them boning.
  • Virginia says she’s getting married, loves it but doesn’t like it. Says she can’t wait for him any more. Says she loves him, Robert.
  • Next morning Harley is there cooking with Coca Cola…


  • Harley and Virginia go to breakfast after he burns the toast. Asks about Dream while donut on his face and passes the bill to her. She says it’s super addictive.
  • Back at her place she leaves and he steals her fiance’s motorcycle.


  • Duo go into the bank to cut a deal to sell the drugs?
  • Make a deal to get $2.5 million delivered to the airplane graveyard


  • John: Actually flying in on a helicopter to a drug deal is pretty baller
  • Deal happens, everything is fine.

Bar (Deep dive)

  • Everyone looks happy except Jose, he has no fucking clue whats happening.
  • Pops is happy to keep his bar, everyone feels good except Marlboro. Something is wrong.
  • Bank muscle comes in while everyone is hiding but pops. Pops tries to say they just left, muscle starts shooting, kills pops then literally the entire gang only Marlboro and Harley escape.


  • They try to hide while the muscle search for them. Hide in an airplane, eventually muscle gives up.
  • The dog saw everything


  • They stay in the luggage compartment and end up in Vegas. Marlboro is mad at Harley for getting their friends killed. Harley says he didn’t make anyone do anything.
  • After Marlboro leaves we see the dollar coin is glowing with a tracker.
  • Marlboro calls Virginia, she wants to know what he’s done. He says he just wanted to hear her voice. While on the phone he sees the muscles come in.

Deep dive

  • Video/screenshot moment of Baldwin with his special trench coat for his thunder thighs
  • They run to the roof while some thicc boys chase.
  • Jump off the roof into a pool


  • Them boys escaped on the rail
  • Harley says they’re done, lets run and stay away. Marlboro says we have to go back and avenge our friends, do the right thing


  • Marlboro goes back to Virginia, tells her she was the only good thing in his life, says goodbye.
  • Harley shows up too, she stops him but then runs away.


  • Men discussing why he wears these old boots. Marlboro says his dad gave them to him before his first professional rodeo.
  • Harley says he never wanted to shoot at anyone, but it’s time to become a man.
  • Put the coin back together to trigger the men who are already in a helicopter…

Air field (Deep dive)

  • They follow the blinky back to the airfield. Luckily they sleep in the helicopter.
  • Melissa: They were just randomly looking, flying all over the SW
  • Shootout starts, Harley is still a terrible shot. Luckily Harley is a disgraced police officer
  • Marlboro kills two, then gets hit by Thicc Baldwin. Harley still can’t hit anything.
  • In the final moment, Harley is supposed to shoot Thicc Boy, but shoots Marlboro instead. Then is finally able to shoot him and then they both unload on him.

Bank (Deep Dive)

  • Duo going to see banker dude. Sizemore is supposedly speaking Japanese. We all know Sizemore cannot speak a second language. He’s just yelling gibberish in the camera.
  • They have a fair deal for Chase, giving him the drugs back for the deed on the bar.
  • Chase says no, kill me or leave. Harley says kill him, Marlboro says he can’t do it. They waste so much time the guards come in. But at the last minute the guy flying the helicopter comes down and shoots the place up.
  • Chase says fuck your old man, Marlboro picks up the gun but still can’t shoot him. They wrestle instead, Chase falls out the window after Marlboro’s boot falls apart and chase dies.


  • They say goodbye to each other while Marlboro is getting ready to ride a bull with his new boots.
  • Harley picks up a woman that looks like the one from the picture, rides off into the sunset.


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