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WARNING: This is a VERY NSFW episode. Also, its hilarious.

In case you didn’t know it, 1991 was a great year for fun movies. This movie may not be the best action movie of the decade, but it sure is a lot of fun and that’s the entire reason we love these movies. In Showdown in Little Tokyo, Kenner and Johnny have to bring down a twisted gangster bent on controlling the drug trade in Los Angeles by making… Actually a really impressive amount of meth.

We have so much fun with this movie including the unbelievable twist that happens when Johnny mentions Kenner’s um… Special purpose. In our most NSFW episode ever its also our funniest. We implore you to find someplace away from children and sensitive co-workers to enjoy a thorough GWTH breakdown of Dolph Lundgren’s massive dong.

Premiered: Aug. 23, 1991
Directed: Mark L. Lester

  • Commando, Class of 1984, Armed and Dangerous (John Candy 1986) couple of good movies
  • But more importantly he’s got Truck Stop Women, Gold of the Amazon Women, Roller Boogie, and Poseidon Rex
  • He has a list of great movies that fit right in our wheel house, a lot of them direct to SyFy channel movies

Writer: Stephen Glantz & Caliope Brattlestreet



The Pointer Sisters – Slow Hand
Natalie (Walter Kander Conn also produced I Wish by Skee Low) – The Woman in Me
KK Wilde – Round and Round


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## Movie notes


  • Title is like a flag, over someone with a bunch of tattoos, very Yakuza
  • Also a lot of flexing. Like, is this a turn on. Oh wait he has a sword now
  • Gotta talk about seeing this dude’s shaved pubes

Street, LA

  • MMA fight, bare knuckles. Meanwhile Dolph is sneaking up in his leather jacket on the roof
  • A gang shows up, very cool looking but Dolph swings in and says Tanaka is under arrest. Tanaka laughs, has his fighters attack. Dolph shakes them off
  • Gang opens fire, steals a briefcase, shoots their way out. Dolph tries to stop them on the street, has to jump over the car
  • Dom: Dolph plays above the rim


  • Dolph is eating and a 50 yo woman says she’s too much for him
  • Gang comes in, tries to muscle the lady for protection money. Did no one change their clothes
  • Dolph says he won’t be happy without his breakfast, then a shootout/donnybrook happens.
  • Johnny comes in, thinks Dolph is the bad guy, they fight but gang starts shooting up the restaurant. Gang gets away all but one.


  • They’re interrogating the person, see that he’s Yakuza. Dolph has a flashback about a Yakuza killing his parents
  • The person they captured kills himself, lots of dead pan terrible humor between Dolph and Brandon

Demo lot

  • See them killing the gang member being crushed inside a car

Pool Party

  • Full party, see Tanaka’s girl Angel smoking crack.
  • She looks like she smokes crack in real life, offers to do him in front of the whole room.
  • He stops her, forces her to smoke a rock while doing some knife play and then decapitates her
  • John: Hawaii shirt guy is very serious

Crime Scene

  • Find Angels body, she was so high on meth she would have died anyway.
  • Other officer is concerned about this meth hitting the street, very popular in Japan


  • While driving, we see lots of great writing and acting from Johnny. This movie is the first time I’ve seen Dolph isn’t the worst actor in a movie
  • Brandon puts some people down, they walk into the club and see naked women sumo wrestling, people eating sushi off a naked woman and Minako singing
  • Talk to Minako, she says she saw Angel last night but she left.
  • Gang comes in, brawl, Kenner and Johnny clean up but main guard pulls a gun and takes them down to Yoshida
  • Kenner recognizes him as the person that killed his parents, pulls a gun Yoshida recognizes him. Johnny tries to diffuse by saying he’s a cop.
  • Dolph shaking, decides not to shoot Yoshida, they leave saying they can’t kill two cops because too many people saw them
  • They leave, WTF was the point of this scene.


  • Dolph finally explains himself, saying it was Yoshida that killed his parents
  • I’m with Kenner, Johnny is pathetic, he can’t hold a candle to Seattle karate

Yoshida Compound

  • Kenner and Johnny watch all the people come in, including bikers and a low rider
  • Inside Yoshida is showing off his really impressive amount of crack production. Yoshida tells a bunch of gangs that the future is now. Not all see it that way so he cuts off one of their hands. Agrees to take his deal.
  • For some reason Kenner comes in too late, Yoshida leaves


  • Yoshida goes to see Minako, gives her a gift but she’s not interested. But he drags her back to his place, shows her the tape of Angel getting killed, saying it will happen to her unless she cooperates
  • Next day Yoshida leaves telling them to make her stay, leaves
  • Outside Johnny see’s Minako setting things up, Kenner recognizes it as ritual suicide, breaks in and shoots his way through killing many to save her
  • He just muscles his way out, carrying the lady, flipping a car over by hand and driving out

Yoshida Gang HQ

  • General has to come tell Yoshida he fucked up then cuts off his own finger
  • Yoshida says that’s not enough, kills him. Says he wants the head of Kenner
  • Can we walk about his pants. They’re at Pat Boone height.


  • Kenner leaves Minako with a shotgun while Kenner/Johnny go to the public bath. They find Yoshida who’s taking a bath in his underwear.
  • Lots of bath diapers and moob slapping later, Kenner beats a Sumo by stabbing him underwater
  • John: Grab his titty
  • Dom: OMG keep your mouth closed, there’s so much semen in that water.
  • Kenner/Johnny take off before the cops show up.

Safe House

  • Its not much, just 3 rooms and 3 futons.
  • Dom: This must be where he comes to do his Karate Kid 2 fanfic. Cause Karate Kid 2 is the best Karate Kid
  • Minako comes out and says Kenner is a rare man, they nude bath together. But apparently not do sexy time. Later she comes to his room and he takes her to poundtown
  • 4/10, do not recommend. He was not that into it.
  • Meanwhile guards start storming the place. Before the action starts, Johnny says “You have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen”
  • What do you say to that?
  • Seriously we gotta talk about Johnny and his thing for Kenner. He said he saw him undress, complimented his dick.
  • Gang takes them hostage and burns down the house


  • Johnny/Kenner get electrocuted to talk? Kenner electrocutes one of the guards and they get away. Yoshida hears and drives off
  • The whole time Kenner is in his short shorts and military boots
  • Before they can get away, a forklift puts the car in the crusher and traps them in. Yoshida then takes Minako to watch the car get put the shredder.
  • Duo escape, decide to wait to attack with the gang thinking they’re dead

Preparation Montage


  • Yoshida is telling his people and the other gangs its time to go. Meanwhile Kenner/Johnny break in after stealing a truck.
  • Kenner/Johnny drive though the wall, shootout as Yoshida takes Minako.
  • Split up, Johnny takes on lead general. Some fighting and chasing later, Johnny kicks him into a meth container then drops a lighter into it and it explodes
  • Kenner catches up with Yoshida who has a gasoline trail to Minako. Shootout, Kenner/Minako barely escape.
  • Yoshida runs while Johnny/Minako escape. Kenner catches him at the Japanese parade, leaving them to settle via samurai sword battle
  • Kenner starts losing, drops his sword, all this while the entire parade watches.
  • Kenner kills him and attaches him to a spinning wheel covered in fireworks which then explodes
  • The three leave, while all the people bow to them
  • The end
Go With The Heat 139 – Showdown in Little Toyko
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