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Go With The Heat 140 - Our Heart Belongs to Rocky

We've been waiting for what feels like FOREVER to talk about Rocky. It really is a holiday franchise, of all 8 movies, 6 of them came out between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last week with Showdown in Little Tokyo was our funniest episode ever and this week is our most serious.

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It doesn't mean we don't have a lot of fun! We just love Rocky so much, we can't imagine a world without him or Mick or Apollo or even Paulie.

It is one of the most iconic franchises of all of film and a serious favorite of everyone on this podcast. For this special recording of the GWTH podcast, instead of one movie, we’re going to talk about all of Rocky… But mostly Rocky III.

We have a theme we’re going to be discussing as we go through the films and its not about boxing. But about Rocky the man, the journey he goes on and how he evolves over time. Of course you can’t talk about Rocky without “never give up.” I also want to add its about not letting the world tell you who you’re supposed to be.

This episode is coming out on the week of Thanksgiving here in the US, which is a great time to get comfortable and binge SEVERAL movies. Well, we’ve got 8 great ones for you to watch this weekend.

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Directed by: John Avildsen

  • You may also know him from some little known movies such as Karate Kid, Karate Kid Part II, Lean on Me and Inferno which stars JCVD, Danny Trejo and Pat Morita
  • Won the Academy Award for Best Director for Rocky.

Written by: Sylvester Stallone
Premiered: Nov. 21, 1976

Rocky II

Directed by: Sylvester Stallone
Written by: Sylvester Stallone
Premiered: June 15, 1979

Rocky III

Directed by: Sylvester Stallone
Written by: Sylvester Stallone
Premiered: May 28, 1982

Rocky IV

Directed by: Sylvester Stallone
Written by: Sylvester Stallone
Premiered: Nov. 27, 1985

Rocky V

Directed by: John Avildsen
Written by: Sylvester Stallone
Premiered: Nov. 16, 1990

Rocky Balboa

Directed by: Sylvester Stallone
Written by: Sylvester Stallone
Premiered: Dec. 20, 2006


Directed by: Ryan Coogler
Written by: Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington
Premiered: Nov. 19, 2015

Creed II

Directed by: Steven Caple Jr.
Written by: Sylvester Stallone, Juel Taylor, Sascha Penn and Cheo Hodari Coker
Premiered: Nov. 14, 2018


Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa
Talia Shire as Adrian Balboa
Burt Young as Paulie Pennino
Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed
Burgess Meredith as Mickey Goldmill
Tony Burton as Duke Evers
Mr. T as Clubber Lang
Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips

Rocky III


  • Rocky theme along with highlights from how the previous movie ended, Rocky getting absolutely destroyed but holding on some how.
  • The world was better when everyone loved boxing.
  • Fades to Eye of the Tiger to fireworks of clips of him destroying various fighters, he’s big time now.
  • Meanwhile Clubber Lang is watching Rocky destroy everyone, mad no one is paying attention to his ridiculous outfit.
  • Fading in Clubber beating people too while Rock does AMEX commercials. ROCK IS GETTING SOFT
  • Mick is watching nervously from the crowd as Clubber dominates people


  • Paulie is watching the news from a booth, Clubber wants Rocky while Rocky is going to do a charity fight.
  • Paulie leaves drunk, mad he’s not famous but is living pretty big for someone who does nothing.
  • Paulie stumbles down the street to an arcade, finds a Rocky pinball machine and spikes a bottle into it.
  • Paulie is jealous of Rocky, living in his shadow. Rocky has to bail him out.
  • Rocky is evolving, moving out of the ghetto, becoming a real man but he can’t escape his past or the people he knew in Philly. No matter what he’s still Rocky from Philly.

Balboa Mansion

  • They’re singing to each other. I guess its suppose to be they’re really in love

Charity fight

  • Mickey is the best. Dinosaurs can do a variety of damage
  • At the beginning there’s an announcer with an amazing mustache
  • When Hogan was first in movies, why did they always make him the opposite of his WWF character
  • Rocky gets destroyed by Thunderlips, but Mickey isn’t doing well. Its a classic WWF setup, before WWF was huge. Paulie gets into it “I don’t sweat you!”
  • Mickey’s heart isn’t doing well. Seeing his money train and the chance of getting injured…
  • They fight to a draw, Thunderlips comes over, explains its all an act.

Balboa Mansion

  • Rocky spending time with Rocky Jr. in their custom Model T. Mickey, Rocky and Adrian leave for the statue unveiling


  • Rocky is surprised to see the statue, lost for words.
  • Rocky tells the crowd that he’s retiring. What is this, a Too $hort final album?
  • Clubber calls him out, calls him a sucker and puppet.
  • Rocky changes his mind really fast, but Mickey says he can fight Clubber without him.
  • Clubber convinces Rocky by saying he’s gonna lay his wife down by the fire

Balboa Mansion

  • Mick/Rock talk. Mickey tells Rocky Clubber will kill him in 3 rounds. Tells Rocky all his opponents where hand picked, not anyone who’s too dangerous. Rocky isn’t a great fighter.
  • Good shot of Rocky sitting on the sofa after hearing the news, a poster of his Creed win behind him.
  • Mickey tells Rock he’s soft, can’t take on the challenge.
  • Mickey tells him he got civilized, doesn’t have the Eye of the Tiger.
  • Rocky convinces him to train him once more.


  • Public exhibition of his training, more like a circus.
  • Mickey is pissed, why are there so many people here. Rocky says lets go out big. But its a sideshow, he’s barely working, always distracted by the bubbles.
  • Meanwhile Clubber is training hard, Rocky IV style
  • In the end, Mickey tells him he’s proud of him.


  • Rocky is a polished media darling, Clubber is a caged animal
  • Clubber/Rocky exchange words before the fight, Mickey has heart trouble again and can’t come out to his corner.
  • Rocky is distracted, Apollo is in the booth and is uncomfortable with Clubber.
  • Rocky is freaking out in the ring, can’t stop him. Meanwhile Mickey isn’t doing well
  • Dead meat scene at the start of the fight
  • Apollo is shocked, Rocky gets knocked out. As he gets counted out Mickey is dying. He refuses to go to the hospital.
  • Backstage, Rocky talks to Mickey. Mickey wanted to be there for Rocky, knew it might kill him but he needed to be there for Rocky. Couldn’t go to the hospital because he wouldn’t be there for Rocky.
  • Mickey says they did good, Rocky lies to him and says he won. Mickey dies.
  • I may not be your father boy, but I’m your daddy
  • This is critical for our theme. Mickey gave Rock a chance when no one else would. Mickey had no one else, they needed each other. That scene in the gym where Mick says he’s proud of him. He was there to take care of Rocky and did it picking out his opponents too.


  • Only Rocky and his family came to the funeral, Mickey had no one else.
  • After Rocky goes back to the old neighborhood, back to Mickey’s grave site
  • Then goes to his statue, YOU LIED TO ME STATUE
  • Rocky realizes he did get soft
  • Rock ends up at his old gym, Apollo talks to him. Apollo says he’s too young to retire, bored and wants to train Rocky to beat Clubber. Apollo says he got real depressed after he lost, he can help Rocky through this


  • Watching Clubber on TV saying he’s gonna destroy Rocky. Hard words from a hard man.
  • Experts doubt he can come back at the ripe old age of...34

New Gym

  • Apollo’s original gym in LA. Its busy, old and tiny.
  • Fighters don’t like seeing Rocky, Apollo tells them Rock is a real warrior.
  • Paulie says he’s got a reputation, he doesn’t like “these people”, later says he can’t train to jungle junk music, can’t train him like a “colored fighter”
  • Rocky is training hard, but just not getting it.
  • Apollo is convinced he’s gotta get fast, get to Clubber early but them take him past 8 rounds and he’ll run out of steam.
  • Rocky isn’t in the right mind, Adrian can tell.
  • There is no tomorrow.


  • Running on the beach. Something still isn’t right with Rocky. He can’t concentrate, stops running. Apollo thinks he’s over.
  • Adrian goes to talk to Rock. Rocky goes off on Mickey, says Mickey ruined everything convincing Rocky he’s good when he’s really a loser.
  • The truth comes out, now that he’s got money and a family he’s afraid to lose what he’s got. For the first time he’s afraid.
  • Adrian convinces him to stop using Mickey as an excuse and to stop feeling bad for himself and just do his best.

Training montage

  • Listen, this is the greatest montage in the history of montages.
  • Apollo running: A fine tuned machine. Graceful, smooth
  • Rocky running: Sudden diarrhea at the mall
  • Rocky finally gets good, beats him in a race


  • Odds are long against Rocky.
  • Rocky finally gets his moment to be the man he is, not what the world thinks he is. People didn’t think Rocky could compete with fighters like Clubber. He gets to be what he wants to be, not what the world tells him he is.
  • Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway.
  • Rocky goes down a few times, says its strategy. Typical Rocky fight, get knocked to 83 times, still win.
  • Its rope a dope and King Hippo strategy
  • Short fight. Like 3 rounds.


  • Apollo and Rocky fight secretly
Go With The Heat 140 – Our Heart Belongs to Rocky
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