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There isn’t a more perfect Christmas movie. We will die on this hill. Not only is Die Hard a Christmas movie, but Die Hard 2 is the HARDER Christmas movie. There’s no way we could skip doing this movie since Die Hard 1 & 2 are probably the greatest action movies ever made.

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Since this is one of our favorite movies we have a ton of fun gushing over the absolute perfection… While also giving it the typical GWTH treatment. We can all agree on a few things:

  • The best part about this movie is that its so ridiculous. So over the top, so amazingly 90’s.
  • Die Hard 1 & 2, Lethal Weapon 1 are absolutely perfect.
  • We can all agree Holly is the worst.

Melissa questions its hardness. John wants to know what Dulles City Airport Police Department also has going on in its precinct (SVU? Serious Crimes Division?). Meanwhile Dom wants the ultimate Christmas crossover – John McClane versus Kevin McCalister in a winner takes all showdown.

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Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Premiered: July 4, 1990
Directed: [Renny Harlin](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renny- Harlin)

  • Cliffhanger, The Long Kiss Goodnight (which we’ll probably do at some point), Deep Blue Sea, and Nightmare on Elm Street 4 (which is one of the best Kruger movies)
  • He’s also been nominated for a Golden Raspberry for worst director 5 times for Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Cutthroat Island, Driven, Exorcist: The Beginning, The Legend of Hercules.
  • Cuttthroat Island is something special. Came out in 95 starring Matthew Modine and Geena Davis. $98M to make, $10M box office…
  • Somehow he keeps getting work!

Written: [Steven E. de Souza](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven- E.- de- Souza) & [Doug Richardson](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug- Richardson)

  • de Souza – Wrote or co-wrote the following:48 hrs., Commando, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, The Running Man, Die Hard, Hudson Hawk, Ricochet, Street Fighter, Judge Dredd
  • Richardson – Money Train, Bad Boys, Live Free or Die Hard…

Produced: Joel Motherf***ing Silver

What I’m saying is that Renny Harlin just had to show up and not fuck anything up. Silver, Richardson, de Souza plus a sequel to Die Hard means just don’t let anyone get seriously hurt and the camera full of film.

Special shoutout to the editor [Stuart Baird](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart- Baird). Dude is a legend. This is the 3rd. movie he’s edited that we’ve talked about on GWTH including Demolition Man and The Last Boyscout. He covers from The Omen and Superman (1978) to Skyfall and directed Executive Decision, US Marshals and Star Trek Nemesis.


  • Right to the movie, at the airport, getting towed like a schmuck
  • Officer represents everything I love about living in the city. You can’t park here, IDGAF who you are.
  • He’s in DC, living in LA, former NY cop picking up his wife.
  • On the news, the Republic of Valverde’s dictatorship now being ousted while a naked man flops his wiener around to the news. Esperanza has been extradited to the US.
  • McClane calls Holly on the plane, which is behind. I feel at one with John McClane, he hates his mother in law too.
  • Holly is sitting next to a potential serial killer with her taser, who tasered her dog as a test.
  • McClane & dick flopping man run into each other.


  • Military crew shows up at church posing as a construction crew while pastor is watching the Esperanza news. They kill him and set up command in the church. They were closing down the church anyway, no one will mind.


  • Reporter is covering Esperanza coming into town, apparently there’s nothing else in the news.
  • The group of militants at the airport prep for their plan. Bad weather coming in, everything is going smoothly.
  • McClane spots a package transfer and an earpiece removal, he knows something is up. McClane tries to tell a cop, but its the same cop that towed him.
  • Reporter working hard, notices Col. Stuart, he shrugs her off as a pinko bitch.
  • McClane follows one into the security baggage area, stumbles on a planning session, asks for ID but shootout starts. I’d like to complain about my bag Delta. Its covered in blood and full of bullet holes. McClane gets one, gets squished, but gets stopped by the airport cop without his ID.


  • They’re escorting the reporter covering Bimbos of the Sky to coach. Thornberg then notices Holly who explains she knocked out two of his teeth.


  • McClane gets his gun and badge back as they take the body out, cops take the body right through the center of the airport. McClane is pissed, wants to see the Captain.


  • Crew has to explain that they did their mission but one died. Stuart shows he’s clearly insane, but don’t fail him


  • Why is the airport office like a NY precinct. How many people get arrested? Do they have a serious crimes division? Airport SVU.
  • Captain doesn’t want to hear McClane’s news, its just someone stealing luggage. This is intense, especially for an airport. Lead in your ass or shit in your brains. We’ve all seen his ass, its not that.
  • McClane grabs some paper and gets prints from the stiff

Esperanza Plane

  • Being escorted by the air force. He convinces his guard to light his cigar


  • Full setup now, powering on and connected to the power grid for the airport.


  • McClane calls Powell. In between eating Twinkies he receives a fax from McClane of the prints. We’ve all seen faxes, you ain’t getting shit from that copy. Powell is concerned for McClane, he’s pissing in someone elses pool.
  • Meanwhile the storm is getting worse, start delaying landings. This is also delaying Holly’s flight.
  • Powell calls McClane back, the stiff has been dead for 2 years.
  • Person helping him at the airport asks if McClane want to get a drink.
  • John: Wanna get a beer, I know the manager over at TGI Fridays.
  • Powell keeps calling McClane partner. More to that.
  • McClane comes up to the tower and shows the controller that the person dead is militant. Tower is unsure what this info means, McClane doesn’t know either but something is bad and something bad is going to happen with Esperanza coming in.
  • All the power and comms go down at the airport, McClane was right. They have to divert all landings, stack em pack em and rack em.
  • FAA hotline lights up, its Stuart. Stuart says he wants FM-1 to land and not met by anyone. He also wants another 747 fully fueled. This scene as a santa statue.
  • While Trudeau, Captain and McClane argue someone else is trying to figure out how to transmit to the planes but they’d have to go to the new annex.
  • Reporter makes her way in, they escort her out. She’s onto whats happening. She says she heard from Stuart, McClane recognizes the voice from the FAA hotline, now knows who called.
  • Police decide to send the SWAT team, but McClane isn’t invited.. They’re going to the annex.
  • McClane goes under the airport, meets Marvin. Trudean calls the planes and explains how bad it is. They change the boards and show all flights delayed.
  • SWAT team goes to annex, McClane is crawling through the vents after Marvin shows him a map. At the annex, shootout, SWAT team gets demolished. Why all the gear and no bulletproof vests?
  • McClane busts in at the last minute, saves the controller. MOre shootout. After shooting one, crushing another and then using the escalator to kill another he rescues the controller. But there was a bomb on the antenna, now no way to reach the planes. It was all bait to get rid of the best airport men.

Holly’s Plane

  • They notice a big traffic jam in the air. Not normal.


  • Cleaning up, find a hand radio. But the signal is encrypted.
  • Stuart gets the news, calls the tower and tells them they now have to pay for trying to go around and communicate with people. Captain accidentally tips off Stuart that John McClane is there. Stuart goes on a rant then changes ground level and intentionally crashes a plane. McClane tries to stop it with hand made flares, but doesn’t work. Classic McClane golden heart move. He tried, no one else was willing but somehow he’s still the problem. Reaction shots are great, what did they think was going to happen? Scramble police with sirens out there, do what you can!
  • How have they not called the FBI, CIA, etc. at this point. Why are the airport rent-a-cops still handling this.
  • McClane is distraught, Trudeau says his wifes plane has 90 min. of fuel. Also a special army group is coming.

Holly’s Plane

  • Still arguing with Thornberg
  • Thornberg asks one of his crew to listen into the cockpit.


  • Reporter is covering the crash, she see’s how many planes are circling.
  • Special army group shows up. They’re very intense, McClane doesn’t buy that there’s only one crew. Major Grant served with Stuart, let the pros handle this.
  • Barnes has an idea to use the outer marker beep for voice.
  • Meanwhile Grant is busting balls with his team, except the new guy.
  • Barnes gets through to the planes via the outer marker, tells them whats up. Thornberg hears it too.
  • McClane goes back down to see Marvin, Marvin has a radio that’s unlocked.

Esperanza plane

  • Esperanza escapes, kills the guard and flight crew. Gets control of the plane, no visibility. McClane hears it.

  • Esperanza lands the plane as McClane runs off to meet it. McClane barely makes it through the grate onto the runway.

  • McClane captures Esperanza but only briefly. Gets stuck in the cockpit, has to escape via emergency seat escape.

  • Back at the tower, Major is pissed. Tells McClane to stay out of it. Barnes has an idea he knows where the ops center is.

Holly’s Plane

  • Holly asks if the plane can handle cirlciing and the amount of fuel.
    John: Can’t lie like that anymore, people would pay for the wifi, google it and know exactly how much fuel the plane has a takeoff.


  • Barnes takes McClane to the church, McClane attacks a guard. Barnes calls it in. Major hears it, police and army dispatch.
  • McClane barely wins his fight, uses an icicle to stab through the eye.
  • Army shows up, kicks Carmine out and starts their invasion. McClane feels like he’s cool with the army. Shootout starts, no one dies. Stuarts crew escapes on snowmobiles, the coolest way to escape.
  • Stuarts crew booby traps the equipment. Meanwhile McClane got a snowmobile, gives chase. Militants switch to the red clips, shoot and blow up McClanes snowmobile. McClane is confused why his shots didn’t land. Esperanza and Stuart escape. McClane realizes the guns are full of blanks.
  • At the tower, Stuart calls and wants his plane. Major Grant puts on a show that he’s gonna get Stuart, tells Carmine to get lost and do some busy work.

Holly’s Plane

  • Thornberg finally gets through and will get on the air.


  • Major Grant kills the new kid, movie finally shows that Grant is on the bad guys side.
  • McClane goes back to Marvin.
  • On TV, Thornberg gets through, causes panic at the airport. He really exagerrates and lays it on thick. He thinks he’s gonna get on Cronkite.
  • Meanwhile McClane gets through to Carmine, shows him the gun is full of blanks. How does no cop shoot McClane?

Holly’s Plane

  • Thornberg is droning on and on while panic at Dulles. Holly tasers Thornberg.


  • Carmine now knows the plot but can’t get through because of traffic and crowds. They immediately crash. McClane see’s the reporter, wants a ride.
  • Esperanza, Stuart and crew get in their plane. Why did they need something so big? Crews meet up, they’re already celebrating.
  • McClane uses the reporters helicopter, uses it to jump onto Stuart/Esperanza’s plane. McClane also hears that Holly’s plane has to land, they’re gonna run out of fuel.
  • McClane jams the ailerons?, Forces Major Grant and Stuart to fight him on the wing. McClane beats Grant by pushing him into the engine making a Grant smoothie. Pulls the fuel dump after losing to Stuart.
  • John: He already threw one guy in the engine, I’d probably have just shot him from the door.
  • At the last minute McClane lights the jet fuel on fire which follows the trail and blows up the plane. Yippie Kiy Yay MF.
  • The fire is enough light for landing lights. Planes radio each other, follow the same path, horrific accident on the runway as planes smash into each other on the tarmac.
  • Everyone is okay, except that one plane. Lets never speak of that one again.
  • McClane finds Holly, they leave with Marvin after Carmine gives him a thumbs up and gets rid of his parking ticket. But the car is still in impound.
Go With The Heat 142 – Die Hard 2: Die Harder