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Go With The Heat 143 - Ricochet

There was absolutely no way we were going to get through the first season of movie podcasts without covering a Denzel movie. Of the greatest action movie stars, Denzel is easily in the top 10. Hell, he might even be in the top 5 and that doesn't include his drama work. So, when we were thinking of a Denzel action movie, we had to go back to this 1991 classic.

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But, is it still a classic? Dominic has lots of questions about the books. Like, why the books? John is suspicious of the moustache. Melissa... Well, lets just say she has some STRONG words for this movie at the end.

This is an all around good time. Good movie (minus the last 10 min.), good show, amazing music. What else do you expect from a movie with Ice-T?

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Intro & transition music provided by:
Cuban Sandwich, Voice Over Under
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Premiered: Oct. 4, 1991
Directed: Russell Mulcahy

  • Directed a ton of music videos in the 80’s including Video Killed the Radio Star, the first music video to play on MTV.
  • Lots of movies but nothing huge. First two Highlanders, Resident Evil: Extinction, Scorpion King 2

Writer: Steven E. de Souza

  • Man is a legend, talked a lot about him last week for Die Hard 2.
  • Reminder: Die Hard’s, 48hrs., Commando, Street Fighter, The Running Man, Judge Dredd…

Produced: Joel Silver


Mary Ellen Trainor plays Gail Wallens, the same news Anchor Gail Wallens in Die Hard. This means Ricochet and Die Hard are in the same universe.

Also, you can currently buy the Ricochet soundtrack on cassette if you want to relive your early 90’s life. It’s only $2.


  • Talk about some intense music. Its like something out of a Hitchcock movie.


  • Denzel, Ice and Kevin Pollack playing a very intense game of basketball.
  • A man that looks similar to Denzel dunks all over Ice T.
  • PJ see’s Ice’s car is stolen, says they can’t hang anymore.
  • PJ is hitting on one of the ladies watching them play basketball, she’s smart and PJ loves her school mascot.
  • Gives her his number
  • PJ is a cop but going to school to be a lawyer.


  • PJ and partner working the festival, talking about the woman. A man is really enjoying himself and the music.
  • At the same time, a deal is going down while Lithgow robs his own people? Said it was an inside job.
  • Cops overhear the shooting when Lithgow takes down the whole gang. He jumps out the window but caught by PJ. Some witty lines from PJ, he’s so sexy, but a woman comes out after taking a shit and gets taken captive.
  • PJ takes off all his clothes to trick Lithgow, pulls a gun out of his butt and shoots him then knocks him out.


  • Chief is not happy, but the DA is happy with the work and the nice publicity.
  • DA promotes him to Detective in the locker room after seeing his secret butt compartment.

Prison hospital

  • Blake is laying in a hospital bed is reliving the moment, Talks to book mobile man, gets very heavy books after thinking about his reason to live, to get revenge on Nick.


  • Just before the prison scene, we see that Nick is now the Assistant DA in LA on the show Busted.
  • Blake gets to his new cell in prison, knocks out a cream cake and takes over the cell. The cream cake had a tub of vaseline in his cell, they let that happen?

Nick’s House

  • Nick has been in the job for 9 months, his partner is still a detective. He’s married to the woman and they now have a baby.


  • Blake fights the cream puff in an American Gladiator/Running Man competition. He must have learned Ayn Rand are best for battles.
  • Blake talks to someone, says he has a plan to get out. Tells his partner to save the picture of Nick.


  • This is a terrible speech to end a courtcase.
  • John: His moustache makes him less trustworthy.
  • His speech works, gets an offer for his future. A man says he should look to grow, but Nick says he can’t get into politics. He’s just gonna go home, spend time with his daughter and sleep with his wife. In fact, this is a celebration, lets do it twice.

Prison & Baptism

  • Blake promises to not fall down anymore, but now has access to the medical room. He’s obsessed with revenge, thousands of photocopies of Nick while also his old partner is being released.
  • Nick has to leave his babies baptism to go check on the community center, but he goes into a room where a huge crack lab is under construction. He’s trying to tell his old friend to stop selling drugs around the community center.
  • Ice T says he’s not gonna listen, Nick pulls out a grenade, tells Ice to do the right thing.
  • Partner tells him he’s taking too much of a risk doing this.


  • Blake is up for parole, has pictures of Nick all over his wall.
  • At his parole, Blake busts out a pen gun then the prisons also doing construction?
  • They take the clothes off the parole board, try to sneak out but the bookmobile guy ruins it. Have to shoot their way out, but escape in the bookmobile.

  • They get to the dropoff location, money and clothes staged. The person that helped him says to meet him in a week for a passport and leave the country, but Blake kills him, shoots his leg and pushes the bookmobile off the cliff to stage his death.

Court House & Church

  • Gail comes to see Nick to tell him about Blake escaping. They ID’d him through the knee wound and teeth.
  • Nick can’t talk he’s got too much charity work to do and meetings with his group for his community center that’s being held at his dad’s church.
  • Meanwhile, Blake is following him and recording his conversations.
  • Nick is perfect, has all the speeches, the backstory and is charming. Says the church, his parents moulded him.

  • Meanwhile Blake cut the power to the Nick house, then convinces the babysitter to let him do the birthday cake, talk to the girls before he even fixes the power.

  • Who the hell is this babysitter? She gets drugged.
  • At the church, Nick gets a letter with 10k in cash in donation. Nick reads the letter outloud, unsigned but its a letter from Blake that puts them over the top. Letter is him swearing revenge.
  • Blake takes Nick’s daughters upstairs.
  • Nick’s partner gets knocked out, a maid finds him dead of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Nick’s House

  • Couple comes home, finds the babysitter drugged. Parents go upstairs but girls okay.

  • Next day, the couple is in bed, Nick gets the call.


  • Nick comes in, is fishy. But the note says he’s sorry for what he did and the kids in Florida plus magazines. Cash is gone

DA Office

  • DA asked a bunch of questions, its already on the front page of the newspaper accusing him of being a child molester.

Nick’s House

  • Nick is drinking with his partner, gets out of the car but then captured by Blake.

Hotel Pool

  • They arm wrestle to see if Blake lets him live. Blake runs through the threats and then they inject him with drugs.

Next Day

  • Wife is scared for Nick, didn’t come home. Partner says he’ll find him.
  • Meanwhile Blake is setting the trap, putting a drugged out Nick in photos with a hooker, stagged that they’re doing drugs and banging. Video the whole thing then dump him on the street. Cleaning crew finds him with the other homeless people.


  • Nick explaining what happened to him, partner is having a hard time believing him. Blake is supposed to be dead.
  • Everyone is having a hard time believing him, even his wife.
  • He vaguely remembers the hotel, partner goes off to investigate.

  • When they get to the hotel, his cockyness gets in the way again. Tries to show the press the empty pool, but its full with a workout class.

Nick’s House

  • Girls are watching the news, tries to explain to his girls to not trust the news, its all fake, the worst.
  • Nick then gets a call from the DA, tells him he’s got the clap.
  • Wife doesn’t believe him, Nick says he fought her with every inch of his body, she says she can think of 7 inches that didn’t fight.
  • Nick gets drunk, talks about how he cuts deals with scumbags. Blake has a wire recording him. Blake wakes up the next day, Nick came into his house and planted a tape. Watches it and its from when Blake was there at the house.
  • Nick runs out to the park, busts down a clown. But meanwhile Blake replaced the tape of him with his porn tape.

DA’s Office

  • DA is calling him out, the cash the drugs the clap. Bring the tape that has Blake but is his sex tape.
  • Then they say the news has it and the news literally plays the sex tape on TV.


  • Nick’s partner figured out the bookstore deal, they go to see the Aryan bookstore. Beat him up but Blakes partner tricks them to chase him then kills his partner then tosses the gun to Nick to frame him.

Nick’s House

  • Nick has a plan, takes the family to Ice’s place. Ice is going to protect them while he goes off on his plan. Ice is safer than the police. Ice also gives Nick gear.


  • Celebratory drink while Blake is watching the news. But Blake is foiled, NIck isn’t arrested but instead threating to jump off the building.


  • Nick is pretending to be crazy, drops a flare and then jumps into the laundry chute, faking his own death.
  • Blake is beside himself, gets a phone call and its Ice T telling him to go to the Tower.
  • They really blow up the building.

The Tower

  • Blake shows up to the tower, see’s his partner tied up. Shoots/kills him.
  • Nick eggs him on, causes him to climb the tower. They wrestle as Nick continues to tease Blake. The gang lets the news through but not the cops.
  • Dom: What was all that book training in prison for if Blake can’t even win a tower climbing contest.
  • The gang helps electrify the tower, stuns Blake then pulls him off the tower and gets impaled.
  • Gang brings his wife and daughters. News says his incontestable proof of his innocence. Nick tells Gail to kiss his ass
  • The end.
Go With The Heat 143 – Ricochet
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