Go With The Heat 146 – The Greatest City to Punch, Chop, and Kick
Go With The Heat

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Its here! We’re ready to kickoff season 2 of the movies podcast! We’ve selected our theme and our list of movies and in this episode we’re gonna give you all the details. We had several themes to pick from including video game movies, movies co-starring rappers, all things BILLY BLANKS(!) and a really great one we’re gonna come back to later.

Just for keeping score, here is our full list of movies coming this season:
– No Retreat, No Surrender
– Deadly Bet
– Miami Connection
– Bloodfist
– Bloodsport
– Angel Town
– The Last Dragon
– Lone Wolf McQuade

This season is all about what city is the greatest karate city and we want to hear from you! We want you to follow along with us and tell us which city kicks the most ass. Our money is on Seattle karate…

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Go With The Heat 146 – The Greatest City to Punch, Chop, and Kick
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