Go With The Heat 147 – No Retreat, No Surrender
Go With The Heat

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After all the planning and hype, we’re finally here to our first movie of season 2 of the reformatted podcast. There was absolutely no way we weren’t gonna start with Seattle karate, which as you know is the best karate.

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No Retreat, No Surrender is one of our favorite movies of ALL TIME. It follows a familiar format with a main character ready to prove to the world he in fact does kick ass and a villain that makes nearly no sense. This movie is full of so many great moments, from JCVD’s rosy cheeks to the greatest training montage ever (okay, so only second to the beach montage scene in Rocky III). Its fun, its positive, its totally confusing why he’s training so hard!

We obviously have a lot of fun with this movie, while also gushing over the ghost of Bruce Lee making an appearance. There’s Seattle karate, and then everything else.

Podcast, but in YouTube form!

Movie Information

No Retreat, No Surrender
Premiered: May 2, 1986
Writer: Keith W. Strandberg
Director: Corey Yuen
A VERY accomplished actor, director, action director, action choreographer and more. Worked with nearly all the best in the action industry, including several Jet Li movies and action sequencing in The Expendables.

Guest Stars

  • Kurt McKinney
    Appeared in stuff here and there, including Alf and Blue Bloods. Mostly known for his soap opera roles on Guiding Light and General Hospital.
  • J. W. Fails
  • Ron Pohnel
  • Kathie Sileno
  • Peter “Sugarfoot” Cunningham A for-real, amazing kickboxer
  • Kent Lipham
  • Jean-Claude van Damme
    What can I say about the man? He’s a legend. Go follow his Instagram.


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Go With The Heat 147 – No Retreat, No Surrender