Go With The Heat 148 – Bloodfist
Go With The Heat

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This movie came out of left field. None of us had ever seen it before, but we are WELL ACQUAINTED with Don “The Dragon” Wilson. So, somehow all EIGHT of these movies fell just outside our radar. You know what? We were missing an amazing movie!

First things first, this movie has the **most controversial** mango in the history of mangoes. What kind of magician can peel a mango like that? And do it while running? Plus its poisoned! Between mangoes and the least flexible woman to dance on a rooftop, no matter what Jake says, we at least get a lot of montages of running up a volcano.

We have a lot of fun with this movie and it has us intrigued to watch the second. Three through 8? Maybe not.

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Movie Info

Premiered: Sept. 22, 1989
Directed by: Terence H. Winkless
Written by: Robert King



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Go With The Heat 148 – Bloodfist
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