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Go With The Heat 152 - Deadly Bet

Listen, I'm going to be totally honest with you. This movie is a stinker. Jeff Wincott is not the next star, no matter what martial arts magazine says it. BUT...

We have a TON of fun with this movie! Its so bad its good. And, to continue the honesty, this podcast episode is the best way to consume Deadly Bet. This is the best version. Also, its basically out of print so this might be the ONLY way to find it.Except on YouTube you amazing bastards!

We love to hate this movie and it has all the hallmarks of a true "trash movie". You'll laugh, you'll cheer, you'll never watch another Wincott movie. But, definitely listen to this podcast.

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Movie info

Premiered: Oct. 31, 1992

Directed by: Richard Munchkin
This dude is all about gambling. He is a professional Blackjack player, appeared on a blackjack game show, wrote a book about gambling, hosts a radio show about gambling, worked in a casino. Oh, also wrote or directed over 20 movies including Ring of Fire one and two starring Don The Dragon Wilson.

Written by: Joseph Mehri, Robert Tiffe
Joseph founded PM Entertainment, produced a ton of movies then left the business in 2003. His wiki suggests he also owned pizzerias in Vegas. Robert made a bunch of direct-to-video stuff. This movie is like a combination of all people hanging out in the parking lot at Universal Studios before their waiter gig at the restaurant that makes them sing.

Are these the guys that got busted for cheating in the movie Casino?


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  • Classic Vegas. Its never gonna be this way again. Literally, they tore all this down. Now new Vegas probably won't be back either. Its just gonna be whore houses and pawn shops by 2022.

  • Couple show up for a classic show. 8/5 this lounge singer sucks. Oh, the couple knows the singer. That wasn't awkward, the whole 3 minutes of the movie that no one said anything and they just starred at each other at the table.

  • Frank (singer) is saying by to his sister, who's movie to Colorado. But he has to go pay back his debt to Rico. 2:1 on his last bet for $1k. He decides $5k on Fletch then goes and talks to the fighter to set up a side bet.

  • So do they just allow bare knuckle fighting in Vegas in the 90's? This fight has a sponsor and everything. Fletch, in those amazing American Cavaricci's plays possum then gets up and destroys the other fighter.

  • After, Rico punches out the loser. He really does have a glass jaw.

  • Rico goes to challenge Angelo to a fight instead of paying Angelo. Angelo is an asshole, tells Isabella to shut up and then she gets put in to the pot too. So instead of any other story happening, Angelo and Rico get into the ring to fight each other, the night before Angelo and Isabella move.

  • Angelo needs a cup. He's like watching a Dad in New Balances defend his BBQ. Maybe 10 min. was a long time to be in the ring. What is that, two UFC rounds? He gets knocked the fuck out. Then, Isabella finds out Angelo used her as collateral. She slaps Angelo then just goes with Rico.

  • All of this is at the Arizona Charlies casino...

  • Angelo talks to Frank, tells him Isabella left him then asks him for a thousand dollars!!!!

  • Isabella is right at home with Rico. She's really into him. Angelo goes to Doris' and she's not there, and catches her cheating on her husband/boyfriend.

  • Luckily Isabella was wearing her bathing suit under her clothes.

  • Rico goes for the gusto. Tells her to just stay the night at his place.

  • Angelo goes to the dragon something to bet on another fight. He knows the pit boss and goes against her pick. He's well known here, which is why moving to Colorado was never going to work. He's addicted to gambling. Couldn't even stop for one night. Then tells the lady that he'll fight against two for $5k. Wins, fights great, maybe he really wanted to lose Isabella.

  • At home, Angelo is drunk smelling his wife/GF clothes like a fucking weirdo. Sleeps all day, gets woken up that night. Friend shows up to take him gambling again. Friend comes in and is like, I heard you lost and Isabella left you and you're out 15k.

  • Angelo then goes to his bookie, underpays him, tips with his bookies money and asks for an extension. Bookie also knows what happened but says nothing.

  • At The Dragon. Angelo is just hanging out watching a fight while listening to the game he's gambling on. To be honest, the fight is better than the game. This fight has nothing to do with the movie, is between to strangers and is the most epic fight of the movie so far. Dude in black absolutely fucking destroys the other guy.

  • Okay next fight. We're just watching highlight reels at this point. Okay in a weird way, these fight scenes in Deadly Bet are better than the fight scenes in all the other movies we've watched.

  • Third fight with nun-chucks. It just keeps getting better! This is a great crowd too. They really get into the show. What is this, like the karate Medieval Times or something?

  • Angelo's team loses in an epic comeback, then some dude with this hardcore cousins try to rob him. Angelo destroys them, but I still don't like him.

  • Next day Isabella is trying to leave, but goons are blocking. Rico tries to give her money and expects her back for dinner. Asks his goon to drive her around.

  • At Angelo's, bookie shows up for his money. Angelo doesn't have it, but bookie is gonna have him help his partner. Bookie has a great moustache and pony tail.

  • Angelo finds Isabella at the stylist. They argue in the shop, which apparently haven't changed since 1992. Couple argues, Angelo is still an asshole. Bookie bodyguard and Rico bodyguard are eyeing each other.

  • Melissa: Her hair is gonna be so ruined.

  • Angelo makes his pitch, Isablella tells him to get lost. She looks worried and torn, but its okay Rico is a better catch. You're doing good Isabella.

  • At Rico's, she's doing that weird my heels are too tall to walk down stairs walk. She gets her first necklace of the night.

  • Angelo is with the muscle to collect, but Angelo almost gets worked again. Muscle looks like he's thinking about cannolis. Muscle hits the man with a bat, takes his car and leaves.

  • At dinner that night, Angelo and muscle have like 5 min. of just listening to each other eat.

  • At the same time, Rico is destroying more people and wooing Isabella. She's not impressed.

  • Muscle and Angelo go collect some more at the topless horse saloon. Here's a summary.. "ahooah". Angelo eventually wins after getting worked.

  • At Rico's, he's saying I know you don't love me, but you will eventually. She's working Rico as much as he's working her.

  • Angelo meets up with Frank, who looks like he also sells a wicked seasoning salt. The go way back. Angelo owes everyone money and is still a dirtbag. Angelo says he swore he'd never leave unless he's a millionaire. Frank says bullshit, you're never leaving. Frank says go get Isabella and leave, give her what she wants. Angelo says it will never happen, she things I'm a degenerate. Its cause you are!

  • Angelo stumbles to Doris'. Someone do something! After many, many minutes she calls him a degenerate. Now he's hurt.

  • Melissa:He's gonna cry now?

  • Angelo drives up to suicide ridge. Unfortunately in Vegas there's a line. He walks home, maybe?

  • Finally see's himself in the mirror. Have I become a whoring, gambling, asshole drunk? No, its everyone else that's the problem. Wait, thinking about Isabella finally gets him to clean up.

  • He runs, he cleans, he blenders some eggs! Running montage. In this scene, sponsored by Otomix, he overcomes his gambling. The homeless person has great audio through his mixer... On the street.

  • So, why does he deserve another shot?

  • Melissa: He's still the same person, just more fit.

  • After many days of working out, bookie comes calling for his next payment. Bookie calls him the F-- word. Wowza. Angelo gets all dressed up, but has to go out to collect on some more deadasses. Muscle catches up and shoots one, that's too far for Angelo.

  • Angelo packs up someone else's stuff and leaves. OH MY GOD wait, Frank was the same homeless guy singing on the street.

  • He then also stops to tell his bookie he's leaving without paying him. Luckily, Rico is having a tournament that pays out $500k. Bookie will pay him $100k to win the tournament. Bookie can handle the goons if Angelo can win the tournament. 50 fights, 10K entry, Angelo says he'll take $250k and Isabella back.

  • This fight, brought to you by Otomix, Angelo destroys everyone while Rico keeps winning. Angelo's hot pant, brought to you by Otomix, are fantastic.

  • Apparently they don't need a referee. Angelo hasn't done anything to redeem himself up to this point and is hoping to win his girlfriend in a fight. Why would I root for him?

  • Final fight, Angelo vs. Rico. Once again, Angelo is getting destroyed. Angelo sees Isabella and turns the fight around.

  • Melissa: So, tell me why she shouldn't stay with Rico?

  • Outside, the bookie's lone goon gets killed.

  • Angelo wins, goons come in and hold the place up, Rico gets a gun but Isabella saves him with a champagne bottle.

  • They actually move to Colorado. I don't think they're ready for the winter. Isabella has to pull out a gun to stop him from gambling.

  • Oh my god, Jerry Tiffe actually performed that song.

Go With The Heat 152 – Deadly Bet
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