Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 155 - You Should Watch It: Never Too Young To Die

In just about every episode of GWTH this season we've mentioned one movie. An amazing movie with John Stamos as a high schooler who suddenly learns gymkata. With John being on vacation, Melissa and Dom see this opportunity to finally discuss Never Too Young To Die. A delightfully ridiculous movie that you should definitely watch.

With a great cast, an over-the-top story and oddly specific music, you absolutely need to check this episode out and then immediately go watch this movie. This is a perfect summer movie. So get out the White Claws and turn up your headphones.

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Movie info

Premiered: June 13, 1986
Directed by: Gil Bettman (no wiki)
Written by: Steven Paul
He also Produced this movie. Produced and continues to produce a lot of movies. Everything from Baby Geniuses, Bratz: The Movie to Rambo Last Blood and Ghost Rider.




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Go With The Heat 155 – You Should Watch It: Never Too Young To Die
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