Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 156 - Classic Rerun: Blood and Roses

Hey pals, we had a very busy two weeks. Between our normal schedule, John on vacation, moving and then having some dental work, the next thing we knew we were out of time. So instead, we sat down and put our heads together to find a classic episode of the podcast. Something from the archives that is one of our favorites.

I guess you can say we had pasta on the brain. In this classic rerun of the show we go all the way back to episode number 99, originally released in June of 2018. We love this episode of Miami Vice and has brought back some fun memories.

Remember kids, if he owns a pasta factory your possibilities are endless!

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Episode Information

Miami Vice - Season 04 Ep. 19 - Blood and Roses
Premiered April 1, 1988
Writer: Dick Wolf
Director: George Mendeluk (one more coming)

Guest Stars

Stanley Tucci as Frank Mosca
Michael Wincott as Wilson Cook
Meg Foster as Alice Carson
Frank Stallone as Billy


Sweetest Smile by Black

Dangerous Game by Tommy Shaw

Winners & Losers by Iggy Pop



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Go With The Heat 156 – Classic Rerun: Blood and Roses
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