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Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 157 - Angel Town

After an unexpected vacation, we're back with a movie we have been chomping at the bit to watch. To be honest, it was everything we hoped it would be. It was like watching an action movie dubbed by Tommy Wiseau and we have zero complaints.

We have a lot to love about Angel Town, including Jacque absolutely destroying fools. Its also the first movie where the main character is 100% optional. We only have one question...

What happened in Hong Kong?

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Movie info

Premiered: Feb. 23, 1990
Directed: Eric Karson
We have a type and we can't fight it. We find these movies not knowing that they're connected! He also directed The Octogon (ninjas...) and Black Eagle (JCVD). He also produced Lionheart and acted in it.
Written: S. Warren


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Go With The Heat 157 – Angel Town
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