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Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 158 - Lone Wolf McQuade

Close up of Chuck Norris as J.J. McQuade. Head only, in cowboy hat, full beard, and very dirty.
We are going to warn you up front we are not a fan of this movie. Along these lines, we say some pretty harsh things about the Chuckster and Turtle Carradine, I mean David Carradine. So if you're gonna get your feelings hurt by us making fun of this movie, we'll see you next week for Miami Connection.

Now with that out of the way, this is a stinker and we have so much fun Dominic stopped breathing for 3 consecutive minutes after Melissa called Kung Fu man a Diplodocus. This movie is so ridiculous its probably the funniest episode of the Go With The Heat podcast ever. You may not agree with our assessment of this movie, there is one thing we can all agree on...

This is 100% a karate movie.

Seriously, don't miss this episode of the podcast. It is laugh out loud hilarious. But go ahead and skip Lone Wolf McQuade. This podcast is a better version.

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Movie info

Premiered: April 15, 1983
Directed: Steve Carver
Did a lot of work with Corman. Edited a bunch of trailers and commercials, directed a handful. Also directed An Eye For An Eye with the Chuckster.
Written: H. Kaye Dyal , B.J. Nelson
Another shruggie.


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Go With The Heat 158 – Lone Wolf McQuade
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