Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 162 - Tango & Cash

Okay, we essentially created this seasons theme just to have an excuse to watch Tango & Cash. It is a bi-annual tradition that must never be broken!

There are two paths you can go down for a good action movie. One, dark and brooding with intricate plot twists that leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. Two, take the express train straight to Silly Town. Tango & Cash bought their one-way ticket in advance to Silly Town. But that is what makes it so amazing!

We spend 70 minutes GUSHING over this movie. Melissa wants to know how Pee-Wee compares to Dolph. Dominic swoons over Robert Z'Dar and Brion James being in the same movie. John gives all the details on why this movie really has everything, including Big Foot the monster truck.

Do not miss this one!

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Movie info

Premiered: Dec. 22, 1989

Directed by: Andrei Konchalovsky
BUUUT, they fired him and replaced with Albert Magnoli. Many interviews later, with Andrei and Brion James, both said that Sly basically took over. Which caused major problems on set with the director and producers. So they fired the director instead of telling Sly to shut up.

Written by: Randy Feldman and Jeffrey Boam
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Lethal Weapon 2 and 3, The Lost Boys, Funny Farm, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. in which he was also co-creator.



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Dom 00:04
Hello, and welcome to Go With the heat. I'm Dominic.

John 00:06
And I'm john.

Melissa 00:07
I'm Melissa.

Dom 00:08
And this is your cultural guide to punch, chop and kick your way through the greatest era of action movies. That is of course, 1975 to 1995 and it has been four months since I've said that, maybe longer -- I somehow, I still remembered it.

Melissa 00:23
I forgot my order. I was like, do I go after John or before John? (inaudible at 00:00:28) Oh, no, wait a minute, I forgot what I was suppose to do.

Dom 00:33
We have been preparing for season three for exactly two weeks. I know there's been a long pause.

Melissa 00:38
Three weeks, there was this song, credit three weeks.

Dom 00:45
I will say that if you didn't listen to our last episode, which is our behind the scenes planning meeting, where I talked about the movies that we chose and why we chose them, what the break was all about and then hundreds and hundreds of other recommendations on things to check out. I highly suggest you go back and give that one a listen. Short version of that is season three is all about unlikely duos. A little bit about a cop, not, escort, someone escort a witness to a trial. We're talking about true partners in trying to solve something and there was absolutely no way we do not start this season on unlikely duos with the ultimate duo. Now I know there's Tubs and Crockett.

Melissa 01:27
I mean, they are the ultimate duo.

Dom 01:31
But let's be honest here the duo that everything is measured against is Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone in the classic Tango and Cash.

John 01:41
What's great about (inaudible at 00:01:42), is that this is literally the only movie that they ever were in together. This is very much Odd Couple because we never really got a second Tango and Cash pairing.

Melissa 01:54
Well, I think that there's rumors that Sylvester tried to get it up again, like but a couple years ago and Kurt Russell shot it down and said absolutely not. So there's that.

John 02:05
I'm sorry, I will correct myself. I do believe, didn't he make an appearance ? Kurt make an appearance in one of the Expendables?

Melissa 02:13
No, he did not.

John 02:14

Melissa 02:14
He did not want to be in that. He refused to be in it. He was asked and he said no, that was not what he wanted to do.

John 02:23
That's right. He was supposed to be Mr. Church, and then they they he said no, and they had to go with (inaudible at 00:02:27), so

Melissa 02:27

Dom 02:29
I have a little bit of information about that. So this movie premiered, and a lot of people referred to this as the final action 80s action movie of the decade. And they'd be right because it premiered on December 22, 1989.

Melissa 02:41
So it was the last one.

Dom 02:43
It's not much room for movies to come out after that one.

John 02:47
It may not be the best, but it was the last.

Dom 02:51
It's directed by Andre (inaudible at 00:02:54).

Melissa 02:55
Let's go. Come on. You can do it.

John 02:58
Oh, yeah. Yeah, don't worry. I'm gonna have a much harder name later, so...

Dom 03:04
He's credited on the movie. His name shows on the credits too, when you watch it, like the lot the person has shown at the end of the movie that you see that it's his film. But, he was fired before he could finish the movie by the Producers. Another guy named Albert Magnoli stepped in, he really only did two scenes one earlier in the movie, which I'm drawing a blank on and the final scene with the suburban, and then the graders and stuff because basically, (inaudible at 00:03:32) Andre.

Melissa 03:33

Dom 03:36
Said he didn't want the movie to be silly. And the Producers kind of wanted the movie to be a little silly, like a parody of an 80s action movie. And he refused to do it, which is why also very clear that the ending is very different from the rest of the movie. It's a different director on there. But I'm gonna throw both those people out because the real Director on this movie and the real reason why Andre left and according to Brian James, who'd said in an interview later is that sly essentially took over, he wrote some of the script, he was doing directing on set, he was adjusting how scenes were being filmed he was

John 04:12
Getting in the way.

Melissa 04:13
He was taken over.

John 04:14
Is that why there are so many puns?

Dom 04:20
Well, maybe on the writing, it's written by Randy Feldman and Jeffrey Boam, Jeffrey Boam wrote the screenplays for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lethal Weapon two and three, The Last Voice.

Melissa 04:33

Dom 04:34

Melissa 04:35

Dom 04:36
And I mean, listen, this is a movie about basis right?

Melissa 04:39

Dom 04:40
Sly and Kurt, Brion James, Robert Z'Dar, this movie's got the faces, and he worked with the ultimate face the Chin. He worked with the none other than my hero, Bruce campbell. He co-created and wrote for The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

John 04:59
Oh, nice.

Dom 05:00
So you put all these things together and we get this classic right but, based on how the production was it's a miracle it got made and that might say some things about why Kurt Russell was like, I'm not working with Sylvester Stallone ever again.

Melissa 05:15
Yeah, cause he took over everything, and I know that but why does Sylvester Stallone gets top billing? He gets top billing in everything. It's him first. They show his name first. Weren't they like, they were very much like.

John 05:28

Melissa 05:29
I mean, come on.

John 05:31
I guess they might have offered the role of Cash to Patrick Swayze. But he turned it down.

Melissa 05:39
Oh, my God.

John 05:40
So they had to go with Kurt Russell. That might (inaudible at 00:05:43).

Melissa 05:43
Why didn't you tell me that?

John 05:45
Got top billing? I don't know.

Melissa 05:47
Oh, my God. All I can do is think about Patrick Swayze being in that role.

John 05:52
Well, it was.

Dom 05:52
Wait a minte, wait a minute. Wait, wait. There's a better version in here where it was Kurt Russell and Patrick Swayze.

Melissa 05:58
Oh, that hair together.

John 06:01
So no, the reason Patrick Swayze couldn't do the movie was because of Road house.

Melissa 06:08
Oh, thank God, okay.

Dom 06:10
Good thing Road house still got made.

Melissa 06:12
Okay. I need my Road house. Like now, I want to go find that and see if there's somewhere I can watch it this weekend.

John 06:20
You could have gotten Sly and Patrick but no Road House, or Kurt and Sly and Road House. So I'm just saying. I think we lucked out.

Melissa 06:32
I think we did. Yes.

Dom 06:33
Listen, if Melissa has got about an hour and 45 minutes of time available, she's going to do one of two things. She's going to watch Road House, or she's going to watch Urban Cowboy.

Melissa 06:42
I mean, it's true. (inaudible at 00:06:44) You know what I haven't watched in like three weeks Urban Cowboy. Gonna watch that right now.

Dom 06:52
(Inaudible at 00: 06:51) 45 minutes worth of time, another episode of NYPD Blue.

Melissa 06:55
NYPD Blue, I have to stop myself every time I'm like, you don't need to watch it anymore. You've seen it enough. But I got like (Inaudible at 00: 07:02) I know what happened already.

Dom 07:05
Alright, well, before we get started, this movie is so packed with especially 80s actors, because really, it's like the end of the 80s. So it's like it's fitting that at the very end of the 80s. There's a compilation of all these people into a single movie. So before we move on, we want to look at the guest stars that are in this movie because it's a big one.

John 07:24
We got Sly Stallone plays Lieutenant Ray Tango and obviously we've talked about him a bunch in our Rocky two podcast. I did a pretty deep dive on him. He's Rambo, all The Expendables movies lately like he's still rocking and rolling. I don't feel like I need to introduce Sly to people anymore, instead I think I will take this time to say that sometime around May 2000, he announced Demolition Man 2, and I have not heard a peep since, what is going on with that? I want my Demolition Man 2, I know Wesley Snipes is ready.

Melissa 08:03
Wesley is like, I'll be in it.

John 08:06
I'm just saying I want my Demo Man 2 movie.

Dom 08:09
Hey, just for the record Demolition Man and Tango and Cash are very similar movies, because of the puns and the layout and Action with some silliness, a little bit of futurism, anyways, just an observation. Now it's been confirmed we are getting our Expendables 4 but still no word on Demolition Man 2. So... (Inaudible at 00: 08:31) gonna be an Expendables.

Melissa 08:33
No idea.

John 08:33
I have no idea, I have no idea You know they're gonna somehow get Steven Seagal and they're gonna smuggle him in from Russia somehow.

Melissa 08:46
He's gonna wear the biggest Kimono they've ever created. It's speical made, Okay?

Dom 08:53
(Inaudible at 00: 08:53) dynamite by the way. (Inaudible at 00: 08:54).

John 08:57
So obviously our other big star is Kurt Russell, who plays Lieutenant Gabriel Cash. And I already told you the spoiler that they wanted Patrick Swayze. I mean, there's tons about Kurt Russell that I could talk to you about. His dad Bing plays the van driver in this very movie. He also owned a minor league baseball team and there's a documentary they just released shortly about the shenanigans that went on with that. And if you know anything about minor league baseball, it is the goofiest of all the sports. There were plenty of shenanigans. As far as Kurt Russell goes, he was a child actor and he was actually in a number of Westerns. You know, when he was like 9, 10 years old, he was in The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, I don't know I'm sure my dad watches it. He was like, at 11 years old, he was given a 10 year contract by Walt Disney himself and he voice movies, acted in a lot of those old Disney Channel, old Disney stuff and then 1979 he played Elvis Presley and he married the actress who played Priscilla. Her name was Season Hubley. So taking his work home with him, so they would eventually get divorced. He would make Escape from New York and Escape from LA which is Snake Plissken, his greatest character. Somewhere between the Escape from New York and escaping LA, he would make bunch of movies with Goldie Hawn and he would marry her, or I don't know if they ever actually officially got married.

Melissa 10:33
Yeah, they're not married. They're still together, but they're not married.

John 10:36
He is an avid gun enthusiast, a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, a hunter and an FAA licensed private pilot.

Dom 10:44
So (Inaudible at 00: 10:44) crazy, I don't know if you have no sound there about that but he's the person that supposedly reported the Phoenix lights.

Melissa 10:51

Dom 10:51
He was flying his plane over Arizona and he saw the Phoenix lights and reported it, it's like the most one of the most famous UFOs.

Melissa 10:58
(Inaudible at 00: 10:58).

Dom 11:00
There's like a radio signal on my (Inaudible at 00:11:01) like hey, I just saw this over here. He's trying to explain so like, you (Inaudible at 00: 11:06).

Melissa 11:06
Did he shoot his guns or what?

John 11:08
He owns like 72 acres in like Boulder Colorado or something. So

Dom 11:13
Anyways, (Inaudible at 00:11:14).

John 11:15
I wouldn't be surprised if he's some kind of like an end of the world hoarder, has tons of guns and a buried container in his backyard, but...

Dom 11:24
Maybe what would you do with all that money like buy shit and bury it?

Melissa 11:29
Well, at least you didn't buy a piece of land by Mar-a-Lago. So, there's that.

Dom 11:34
The only disappointing thing about Kurt Russell is I feel for Gen Z, but young millennials and Gen Z is that the only way they know Kurt Russell is as Santa Claus.

Melissa 11:44

Dom 11:45
Ego yeah, but otherwise, like they just know him as Santa Claus and that's such a shame. Bird On A Wire, Captain Ron, Overboard ? Overboard. Yeah, come on. Come on people.

John 11:55
Our next guest stars, Carrie Hatcher. She plays Catherine the sister. She played Lois Lane in ABC's Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman from 93 to 97. She was also Susan Mayor on Desperate Housewives from O-four to 2012. So 2 pretty long running roles. And she's also a former 49ers cheerleader. So there's that.

Dom 12:18
Is she from the Bay Area?

John 12:19
Yeah, she's originally from Palo Alto.

Dom 12:21
Oh wow.

John 12:22
And that brings me to jack Palance. Guys, I'm just gonna say he is a candidate for most interesting man in the world. I swear they need to make a movie about him. So he plays Yves Perret in the movie. He was born Volodymyr Palahniuk, like Chuck Palahniuk like the author. He changed his name to Jack Palance. Now get this his dad was a Miner and his dad died of Black Lung. He was working in the Mines too when he was first in high school, but he got out of there with a football scholarship from the University of North Carolina. He did eventually drop out of the University of North Carolina and start boxing under the name Jack Brazo. He would win his first 15 fights, 12 by knockout, but would finally lose in a four round decision to future heavyweight Joe Baksi ,in December 1940, then World War Two would break out and he would serve in the Air Force as a Bomber Pilot, he would get wounded like that. And he received the Purple Heart after being wounded in contact and a good Conduct Medal and a World War two Victory Medal. He had to have a bunch of plastic surgery and so after he got out of the army and healed from his injuries, he resumed college at Stanford pursued a journalism degree. He was a sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, this was before he got the acting bug. He would start off as a stage actor debuting in 1947, The Big Two, he would follow up as the understudy to Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski and the Broadway classic Streetcar Named Desire. He would eventually build a long acting career, most known as playing the villain with his notable stare that he got from all the Plastic Surgery. So he basically played the bad guy on a bunch of Westerns in the 40s and 50s. And then he transitioned that to being like bond villains and stuff like that. He was even Curly in City Slickers.

Melissa 14:26
And that's all (Inaudible at 00: 14:27).

John 14:29
So yeah, I'm saying like, clearly he's a candidate for most interesting man in the world. I mean, God like any of that, it's just a little bit of that is like book worthy.

Dom 14:40
Now I feel bad for wanting to say later that he really nailed it in on this movie.

Melissa 14:46
But can you imagine having plastic surgery back then, like what it was entailed back then now like, Listen, we got some like, some glue and rubber.

Dom 14:55

Melissa 14:56
(Inaudible at 00: 14:57) and hope it sticks.

John 14:59
So then, that brings us to the honorable mentions of our guest stars, we have Brian James and James Hong, who I just wanted to mention because they're in Blade Runner and Blade Runner is awesome. And there's all kinds of correlations between this movie and Blade Runner.

Dom 15:15
Listen, I love Brian James. He has been in so many movies that we love and it's like bit parts go to see him quite a few minutes. He's in it. He's rarely ever like a main feature. But he appears in the most random movies like that one that we watched with.

Melissa 15:33
Laser Force or Yeah, like it was the future and it was Michael Dudikoff with him.

John 15:40
You know, it's funny. I watched.

Dom 15:43
Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow. I watched Broken Arrow earlier. I think he's in that I think he's one of the bad guys, I think he's one of the henchmen in that Yeah, just randomly put that on. Yeah.

Melissa 15:54
(Inaudible at 00: 15:54) Never a good guy.

Dom 15:55
He was in (Inaudible at 00: 15:56).

Melissa 15:56
(Inaudible at 00: 15:58).

John 16:00
He's just a go to henchman in movies. Gotta mention Robert Z'Dar, Samurai Cop and Maniac Cop, depending on which way you go. I feel like some people are Samurai Cop, some people are like are Maniac Cop. I lean Maniac cop. I know Dom, I know you're a Samurai Cop.

Dom 16:17

Melissa 16:18
Samurai cop all the way.

Dom 16:19
Yeah, Maniac Cop's good and for what it's worth Maniac Cop's got Bruce Campbell in it. I love me Bruce Campbell.

Melissa 16:25
A young Bruce Campbell.

Dom 16:26
Yes, Samurai Cop.

Melissa 16:28
Samurai Cop's got so much.

Dom 16:31
Samurai Cop 2 got Tommy in it. Like you gotta like he whole series.

Melissa 16:34

John 16:35
So and it turns out Robert Z'Dar is extremely talented. He was also a singer, keyboardist and guitar player. Now if they say keyboardist and guitar player that means he played a keytar, no way. He played keytar and sing in the band ina Chicago based band called Nova Express. We will find that footage because apparently they open for Jefferson Airplane and the Who's so there's got to be footage of him on the keytar out there. He was also a jingle writer for a while, he was a Chicago cop and a brief stint as a Chippendales dancer.

Melissa 17:09
Oh my god find the footage of that.

John 17:13
And then, there's...

Dom 17:16
Listen, the same thing as Brian James, I love Robert Z'Dar.

Melissa 17:19

Dom 17:20
He's another one of those people, appears in a ton of movies. As soon as you see him, you're like, pointing at the screen like, that's midface.

Melissa 17:29
He's been in a bunch of movies with Joe Estevez too. So you know it's a good team on that one. You know when those two are in a movie, they're bringing you some solid acting.

Dom 17:38
The worst part of both of these guys, so I love Brian James or love Robert Z'Dar, because they clearly love to make the same kind of movies that we love to watch. Both of them have died. Very sad.

Melissa 17:49
Very sad. Yeah.

John 17:50
Well then that brings us to Michael Jeter who also isn't with us. He plays Skinner. He was also in the Green Mile and Waterworld, but most of you guys will know him as Mr. Noodle on Elmo's world and Sesame Street.

Melissa 18:05
His brother Mr. noodle. He's Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle?

John 18:09
Yeah, it took me a minute to figure that out. Like what the hell are they talking about?

Melissa 18:15
Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle and Mr. Noodle has a Poodle named Schnoodle. I just watched Elmo's world today, So... (Inaudible at 00: 18:25) my favorite part about Sesame Street is that he clearly, he's passed away, and it clearly was filmed a long time ago, but they do not, they still include it in some way in the newer episodes, they still put Mr. Noodle in there, so and then now it's moved on and there's Miss Noodle his sister and they have made it of different ethnicities and (Inaudible at 00: 18:50) and so it's nice.

John 18:54
So they took over the house and

Melissa 18:56

Dom 19:01
Everyone's goal in life is to be Gallagher's brother. Okay, so I think we got enough prep work ahead of us. I'm ready to talk about Tango and Cash. I'm ready.

Melissa 19:13
I've been ready for years.

Dom 19:15
Let's break this one down. When we open up, we're gonna get both a setup for Tango and Cash. They're independent. So Tango first and then Cash because you know sly he's the big star. Not that Kurt Russell guy. Whoever he is.

John 19:31
He knows that a movie is gonna be good when it starts mid car chase.

Melissa 19:35
True. Yeah, high speed chase right off the bat.

Dom 19:38
What I love about the open is that it really is, it's the end of the 80s and we're at the end of 80s action movies. And so they put every trope of 80s action movies in the first two opening scenes. Because with, Tango is a big chase he's in a Convertible.

Melissa 19:51
He's wearing suspenders.

John 19:53

Dom 19:55
Nerdy Sly was never gonna fly by the way. No.

Melissa 19:57
no, no, no.

Dom 19:59
He pulls away ahead (Inaudible at 00:20:00) little teeny guy (Inaudible at 00: 20:01).

John 20:06
Well why is the guy stopped? Why didn't he just plow right through (Inaudible at 00: 20:10) a movie over my coats (Inaudible at 00: 20:13) Damn it.

Dom 20:16
Then of course, the highway patrol don't believe him and they say you wasted their time, I'm gonna have your badge pal and then he shoots the container and a bunch of coke comes pouring out.

Melissa 20:27
We can all agree those guys really worked for the higher patrol though, with those bullets like that. And we all know CHP is known for being jerks. So...

John 20:36
I was gonna say like, how do you feel if you're like a share for or CHP and you're always portrayed as kind of being a D bag in movies?

Melissa 20:44
I think you feel like that's what you are. That's what they are.

John 20:48
Accurate. Yeah.

Melissa 20:49
If you've ever had an interaction with them, that's what they are. Not chips. Okay, Yeah, not John Baker. No, (Inaudible at 00: 20:57) no, no, no, no, no, that's a different story. (Inaudible at 00: 21:01).

John 21:04
All I know is Rambo's a pussy.

Dom 21:08
Trades that they give that line and then also that Palance or Perret drives by.

Melissa 21:13

Dom 21:13
(Inaudible at 00: 21:13) drive on. It's such a memorable, one of the classic openings for these kinds of movies, because then the next one is Russell going home and he's like blue collar guy, right? jeans and a T shirt.

Melissa 21:26
(Inaudible at 00: 21:26) lives in the ghetto.

Dom 21:27
cowboy boots. He's got a nice car, it's got a garage, but then he lives in this shithole apartment with the clean.

Melissa 21:32
Yeah, and all the kids are like, hey, Cash, Cash, Cash, he just closes the door on there faces.

John 21:38
What gets me is that when he immediately when he walks in, there's this assassination attempt and he's already wearing a bulletproof like he just walks around every day with a bulletproof vest on, gun in his boot, like always ready. Like does he get assessed? Do assassination attempts happen like every Tuesday for him?

Melissa 21:54
I do appreciate that they don't even pretend to be like he's going to die. Like because that would be like another thing trope would be like oh my God, is he gonna die? Like in the very beginning of the movie like we know he's not gonna die. He goes through the whole movie. (Inaudible at 00: 22:06).

John 22:13
I don't know. Have you seen executive decision?

Dom 22:18
But yeah, (Inaudible at 00: 22:18) through the mirror. They wrestle, they go out in the street. Yes, they commandeer a car from someone who gets really pissed. It's like the pissed off civilian, can't even believe he took my car even though there's clearly like a shoot out?

Melissa 22:30
Yeah. Going on.

Dom 22:31
Police chase going on right now and you're pissed off about the shape that that your car is in. It's like, it's just everything, every trope as fast as you can. It's very first seven minutes of the movie.

John 22:41
And then after he catches them, they like continue the trope all the way into the station, where it's like, oh, he's the cool cop, but he breaks all the rules. Whereas Tango's this button up board, CEO tight and then he goes into a bathroom slash break room, I guess.

Melissa 23:02
Yeah, I don't understand that either. Like the bathroom slash break room slash where they keep prisoners? What?

John 23:08
And why is there a random chair in there?

Melissa 23:10
I have no idea.

John 23:12
like just a random folding chair.

Dom 23:15
(Inaudible at 00: 23:15) Like why is there a chair? is it a locker room? Do they keep chair in there?

Melissa 23:19
It must be like a locker room slash bathroom.

Dom 23:21
It's It's everything. This is exactly what you would find at ronald reagan International Airport. They got a SWAT team in there, (Inaudible at 00: 23:31) a CSI department.

John 23:34
Well, turns out this guy might have his own business, taken a leak, Cash just throws him to the ground and sits on his neck.

Dom 23:42

Melissa 23:43
(Inaudible at 00: 23:44) everywhere.

John 23:46
No, hasn't he heard of Miranda rights or anything? So that guy...

Dom 23:50
and that's what it is about this the open from we meet the two characters basically gets straight to the point. (Inaudible at 00: 23:56) buttoned up and wear a suit and want (Inaudible at 00: 23:59) in a banker. They say he doesn't fit in. He's like, he gets a call from his accounant, stockbroker in the office. And then there's Cash who's like eating pizza before it gets thrown away.

Melissa 24:11
And he's like, he's like loading his guns as he's walking, like pointing it at people. (Inaudible at 00: 24:16).

John 24:18
Which that's the the beginning of the setup, him noticing his sight is off on his gun.

Melissa 24:25

Dom 24:25
So, and we, and we meet Katherine too, who's there to talk to her brother about where she does her cage dancing.

Melissa 24:32
No, no. She wants to go on, she's supposed to go to Vegas.

Dom 24:35
That's right.

Melissa 24:36
On a trip, and he's like, No, I don't think you should go.

John 24:39
do strippers travel ? Like do they tour?

Melissa 24:42
Well, she's not a stripper. Let's get this straight. She's not a stripper. She's not a stripper. She's a dancer. She's like a like an artistic dancer. But that's what they're they're saying she's not a stripper. She knows no one expect money in her underwear. They're, strippers don't have like, extravagant light shows, glitter bombs. Oh, I mean (Inaudible at 00: 25:02).

Dom 25:02
I don't know, what kind of strip clubs you've been to, I've been to some fancy ones. (Inaudible at 00: 25:06).

John 25:10
Hey! it starts out dancing in the leotard and then it ends dancing by the airport.

Melissa 25:16
Yeah. But she never, for the record, she doesn't take her clothes all the way off. She's just in like a bikini and the other.

John 25:21
We only see the one we only see the one performance.

Melissa 25:25
No, we see 2 performances, the person before her, rides up on a motorcycle wearing a bathing suit.

Dom 25:33
What they get out of, or what Cash gets out is that the person who is trying to assassinate him was sent by Quan. And we know that Quan and some other guy I don't think they ever say his name, the other guy.

Melissa 25:45
(Inaudible at 00: 25:46) or something.

Dom 25:47
They're working with, Perret. Now, listen, Perret has the serious hookups, because we're gonna see later that, he's able to get into prison. But where does he get all these tapes of the bus that Tango and Cash (Inaudible at 00: 25:58).

Melissa 25:59
(Inaudible at 00: 26:00) like crooked or something?

Dom 26:01
(Inaudible at 00: 26:00) It's the 80s they got like this huge, like, suitcase size camera with them when they're busted.

Melissa 26:07
I have no idea.

John 26:09
It's like the greatest meeting too, because they're like in the evil gun factory. And they're all sitting around and the boss man's like losing it, just ranting about some plan. And I love, like Quan's like, you know, couldn't we just kill him. Like, wouldn't that be quicker and easier? And those seemed to be very good points.

Melissa 26:27

John 26:27
quicker and easier.

Dom 26:30
I love that he's got those two rats just for illustrating points.

Melissa 26:33
Yeah, but he keeps him in a box.

John 26:35
but how much did the maze bar top costs ? Like he put some serious thought into this.

Dom 26:42
He finished the maze, he just put them in there. We didn't even see what they did.

John 26:45
He designed the room around a bar top maze , he designed the room around these rats. Okay. So I'm not sure if he's the one that should be making the decisions around there. So but of course, in (Inaudible at 00: 26:59) bad guy's style, he is going to get rid of them in the most elaborate way possible, utilizing way more money and connections than it would ever take to just hire five guys to just drive and pop them.

Dom 27:12
Yeah, that's what cause this plan starts off complicated. And then it gets even more complicated, right? He convinces Quan and the other guy, they're gonna set all this up so that Tango and Cash are gonna go to prison. They know the gang, he will be able to do whatever they want, because hang on Cash will be off the street. But then once they get into prison, this other elaborate plan to kill them while they're in prison.

Melissa 27:34
So why not just kill them on on the street then? But no, he said he won't kill them because he didn't want to turn them into martyrs.

Dom 27:40
That's right. So yeah, he needed to defame them first and then then, kill them.

Melissa 27:45
Yeah, cause if you'd like if we, if we kill them when they're now when they're at the top of their game, they'll just turn into heroes and martyrs and we don't need that they'll never work when they will be able to do whatever we want.

Dom 27:55
(Inaudible at 00: 27:55).

John 27:59
It just feels like an episode of Inspector Gadget. That's all I'm saying.

Melissa 28:05
(Inaudible at 00: 28:06).

Dom 28:08
We know now they're gonna set up Tango and Cash to get arrested. We also know that the assailant that Cash survives was sent by Quan, he says he doesn't have any other information.

Melissa 28:19
It could have been a little bit hard but maybe there could have been a little bit more like, elaborate with them picking who they , of course, it comes from the Asian guy, Asian guy, who's coming (Inaudible at 00: 28:29) I mean, (Inaudible at 00: 28:35) come on, outside of the box a little bit.

Dom 28:38
So Tango and Cash both learn at the same time that there's some deal going down on Front Street, they learn independently, and then not knowing that each other are also going to go to Vegas. Apparently, their precincts don't have jurisdictions. They're just allowed to work wherever they want to.

Melissa 28:54
Well because they're Tango and Cash, they dont follow all the rules, just some of the rules.

John 28:59
show up at 123 Fake Street, not a setup, not a setup. They go in they bump into each other he's got, Cash's got that ridiculous, gigantic site on his gun that's like bigger than the gun they sit there and they argue and they throw some puns and insults at each other. And then they get arrested and the cops that arrest them and their reaction makes me think that like they've always been a little suspicious to these guys, because they're like hero cops and they arrest them and I knew it. I knew you guys were dirty. No one must have liked them at all.

Melissa 29:38
Well I'm sure that was like internal affairs, right? Because they knew they were like we finally got you guys ,felt like okay, so you've been following us around. But this just happened like two days ago. I am very confused.

Dom 29:50
The more that we talk about it, the more that I'm realizing how much of a parody it is of other 80s action movies. So I'm gonna give you an example. This is clearly Lethal Weapon.

Melissa 29:59
I was gonna say.

Dom 30:00

Melissa 30:00
because he's totally ripped down to the hairs, like wild and crazy. You know, he doesn't have like a wife or anything. He's off the deep end.

Dom 30:08
They might even drive the same car. The other crossover is that Cash clearly has the time cop gun.

Melissa 30:14
Oh, yeah.

John 30:15
Oh, yeah ! I didn't even notice that.

Melissa 30:17
Bro is like, what he hell . It was the end of the decade. We're gonna make a movie about the decade.

John 30:24

Melissa 30:24
You can't have that gun? Not aloud. Can he do the splits? Then nope, can't have it.

Dom 30:33
Over two counters. When is, when the water is being electrified underneath them.

Melissa 30:38
Sorry, can't have it.

Dom 30:41
Okay, so now they're officially busted. They're setup, his gun was there. There's a recording of them talking to the person who's now dead in the room. They're bone.

Melissa 30:51
Yeah, they're screwed. There's nothing they can do out of this.

John 30:54
The science guy when he testifies too he's even like, I used the science thingy thermometer, and it proves that it was in fact a legitimate recording. Nobody check.

Melissa 31:10
Mr. Noodle, I can't believe you.

Dom 31:13
I love that it also involves the person who tried to assassinate Cash as a credible witness. He's like, Yeah, he was way rough on me.

Melissa 31:22
Like what ? did you ry to assassinate him ? Yeah, but I mean come on, he hurt my neck a lot, okay. I was trying to speak English.

John 31:34
They end up convincing them to plea for an 18 month sentence at a country club prison.

Melissa 31:40
They don't put cops in the general population.

Dom 31:44
And we see this exchange where Tango was trying to be like, the better than thou. I'm here to protect everyone, including another cop. So let me speak. We're gonna take the plea. I didn't do what my lawyer wanted me to do, which is like rat you out to save myself to say that it was all your idea. Let's just both go to jail. We'll be on the same page. And that's what I love about Cash is that he's like, What do I care? Let's just do this thing. Yeah. Why do we have to be all prim and proper about it?

John 32:13
Obviously, they get thrown in jail, but not the Country Club jail. They end up losing them somewhere around Mississippi ish.

Melissa 32:23
I thought it was like Arizona.

John 32:25
I love that they just randomly show up in some prison and they're like, get in there.

Melissa 32:31
Like who are you?

John 32:32
I don't know who they are either. I am sure, you're supposed to be here. Thanks Dean, for driving them.

Dom 32:40
That jail is completely out of control to that prison. Everything's on fire. Trash is raining down from the sky.

Melissa 32:47
Not very clean. No, like, who is in charge of it? Where's the Ward? I want to speak to the Ward. I do want to circle back on Tango speech to Gibson court where it's suppose to be like Thank you for giving us leniency. And he says, I don't want this to be a bad mark on the police department. All cops are good. Cops. Really ? Not that one that flipped on you. I totally set you up and place that gun, huh? Or maybe not you two that are now going to jail. Now in the prison scene, my favorite part about that is I want to ask Tango every time like are you tired of being wrong? Yeah, you're always wrong. But you've never admit or never say you're sorry for being wrong.

Dom 33:31
Just realize, too, that he went (Inaudible at 00: 33:34) making this movie. He's like, no, the prison scene wasn't right. I want to make a different prison movie with Jason Statham. With a prison that's buried deep underground. Oh, police officers. And I can set up and sit down to and I have to like escape it.

John 33:52
Oh, have you seen two and three?

Melissa 33:55
(Inaudible at 00: 33:56) I've seen 2, not three. I've seen 2.

John 33:58
I saw 3. They just gave up.

Dom 34:03
Robots are roaming the prison.

John 34:05
Yeah, yeah. So So back to this prison we get my favorite part is the lovely shower scene where they're both kind of complaining and talking. And then there's a few times where I think they're they're doing what are the kids calling it these days docking? So but they've definitely grown closer. They're time.

Melissa 34:28
They're sharing the soap. It's all.

John 34:31
Oh, yeah.

Dom 34:31
(Inaudible at 00: 33:32) One of them gets called peewee. So which is which is what seals the scene.

Melissa 34:39
And we all know which one that was.

John 34:42
which goes back to my theory about the docking.

Melissa 34:45
Let's say he's no Dolph Lundgren.

Dom 34:51
No one was impressed by it from a third of a mile away through a little tiny window.

Melissa 35:00
The biggest one I have ever seen.

Dom 35:04
So after the shower scene which the guards are really nice to them, let them have the shower all to themselves.

Melissa 35:09
Yeah, like, what was that about like apparently, he's like I think they're gonna put us in general population mister, they don't put cops in general population.

Dom 35:17
but they get right down to business they got put in their cells in the middle of that night they then get kidnapped and brought down to the prison basement.

Melissa 35:25
Electrical Ward where they electrocute you, yeah it's like the basement where they also have big drums of oil.

John 35:33
And apparently the entire prison came out for this ,like everyone came out to root for them so and this is total 80s bad guy style. This is like Bond villain level I'm going to show up for no apparent reason to tell you my master plan. When you don't even know I exist, for no reason to other other than to basically say I'm the bad guy ha ha ha ha my master plan works.

Dom 36:03
Luckily, there's at least one decent cop in or like the the assistant Warden in there because he's able to come save them while they're being electrocuted. Which is again another.

Melissa 36:14
Like, it's another action trope.

Dom 36:16
Lethal Weapon. Yea, exactly. They electrocuted the hell (Inaudible at 00: 36:19).

John 36:22
He really did. That's why he's so weird. Stuff happen behind the music. I really feel for Matt the assistant Warden, like he must not have any power because this prison shits all over the place. People just doing whatever they want, and he kind of looks like the guy from office space that's always looking for a stapler. He's so quick to have have a plan for them to break out too. I've been thinking about this for a long time guys, you need to break out of this place.

Dom 36:52
You have been here for exactly 12 hours. I've been thinking about this for three weeks.

John 36:57
Yeah, take me with you guys.

Dom 37:01
This was my escape plan. But now that you're here all three of us can go.

John 37:05

Melissa 37:07
But he don't make it though.

John 37:09

Dom 37:09
It's a good plan and that's not to say is that Cash immediately trusts him because he knows him but Tango's out but then comes back around on him, because he knows that like there's got to be something wrong here. I suspect, this is going to go as well as what Cash is saying.

Melissa 37:23
He basically gets up to help Cash and make sure Cash doesn't die.

Dom 37:27
This is for me the best part of the movie because this prison breakout scene is great. They go through all those hallways, it's raining and then they have to zip line across the powerlines over the wall.

Melissa 37:38
What about the big drain? they had to go through the big drain, was spinning.

Dom 37:42
Yeah, yeah. What is the ventilation system in prison? Are they like pumping oxygen to Mars?

John 37:50
That's what I was wondering, like, Where are these types of giant fans in these buildings? I have been inside out of a bunch of different types of buildings. I have never seen a ventilation system like this. It's like they're like I said like they're pressurizing the whole subway. But one of the things too, that I love about the prison escape scene is like the end of a level where you have to like, fight the boss guy because he ends up having to fight the big chin guy in order to get a jump into the zip lining down. Which by the way, I'm not exactly sure if that works for high voltage lines. But yeah, we'll go with it.

Melissa 38:27
Don't try it at home is what we're saying.

John 38:30
Yeah, yeah, I'm just saying, I'm pretty sure you'll get shocked anyway.

Dom 38:34
Yeah. So you're right. It's like a video game level change because he's got to fight Z'Dar next to the electrical lines. And the only way he could win is by throwing him into them, not because he's stronger or faster.

Melissa 38:44
No because you can never beat Z'Dar.

Dom 38:45
He would get his ass kicked. One thing he should do is just win by momentum.

John 38:49
kind of reminds me of the first level of Double Dragon. (Inaudible at 00: 38:52).

Dom 38:52
So they land outside. Cash says, Listen, I really do owe you one. Tango says cool. You can find me at the club. Alright, see ya.

Melissa 39:00
Look for Katherine.

John 39:02
Jump back to the bad guys and they're kind of having that meeting that you never want to have with your boss where your boss screwed up and you're like boss, your plans not kinda working out. And it just makes me wonder like, do these guys ever just stop and think maybe I'm just bad at being a criminal. Maybe I should just stop getting into real estate or something.

Dom 39:23
If the prison scene is my favorite scene, the biggest question I have is who the fuck is this weapons guy? That Cash knows?

John 39:31

Dom 39:31
We don't know his name until like the last 15 minutes of the movie, we know that he's Owen. Who does he work for? What does he do? Why does he do these things? We have zero clue.

Melissa 39:38
Oh, I think he works for the police department. That's what he's doing, that he works for the police department and he's building like prototypes for the police. But whatever. Like he's a contractor for the police department. He's building prototypes for the police to eventually use his weapons or whatever.

John 39:54
Is the LAPD's budget so big that they actually have like a cue guy that just does gadgets?

Melissa 39:59
I mean, I don't know.

John 40:00
Is it really that big at this point?

Melissa 40:02
You think about like all the all the cities now that have like tanks and crap that they they pull out. I think LA probably has a huge budget for that kind of stuff. (Inaudible at 00: 40:11).

John 40:12
And to be fair I mean that like the the RV from hell that they drive at the end is like a souped up Dodge Ram.

Melissa 40:19
Exactly, yeah. And they put some cool lighs on it.

John 40:23
yeah okay I see what you mean.

Dom 40:24
So now they're each gonna go their separate ways to get the people that they said in court that they were going to basically kill when they were in court like we're gonna get that guy but they don't kill them but you know that.

Melissa 40:33
You can't kill Mr. Noodle.

Dom 40:37
Cash goes to see Mr. Noodle the sound guy. Okay, what's up? How did you do it? He confesses he confesses and he also says we'll show you how I get it.

Melissa 40:45
With my 16 boomboxes taped together. And lots of lights too.

John 40:48
Yeah. I love, I love the whole giant computer wall. He folds very fast tells them that some grouchy guy that lives in the trash can hired them.

Dom 41:00
And then at the FBI guy house where Tango goes people's way pass too, listen, I did I (Inaudible at 00: 41:06) that gun. You want half the money? I'll give you half. Right now I'll go confess.

Melissa 41:11
Cause he's the FBI ,you know they have no no guts, no glory.

John 41:15
I love that. I love that the bad guys knew he was gonna squeal so they automatically just stuck a bomb on his car. He knows he's gonna give up so we'll just blow his car up.

Melissa 41:25
He's such a squealer.

John 41:28

Dom 41:29
So now Cash is going to go try and find Tango so he's going to go to a Cleopatra's and this is the cringy scene right so we see Teri Hatcher or Katherine dance so that's alright. We see them like connect, he goes backstage, it's all everything is going fine. And then there's the plan to escape all the cops over there.

John 41:50
I will say this. The scene is pretty stupid because they show up like all the cops show up and then like he does the they try and throw you off with the Oh, what size is that jacket? which clearly it must have been too small since she ends up wearing the jacket. That plan was never gonna work.

Dom 42:05
Okay, but But hold on. Hold on a second. I did have a couple things that I forgot to mention that I want to I have to mention them here now. One in the prison scene when they're being tortured, Billy blanks is in that scene somewhere.

Melissa 42:20
Yes ! He's in there, he's one of the prisoners.

John 42:22
Oh, yeah. Yeah, he's one of the thugs. Billy Blanks is in every movie we do.

Melissa 42:27
Yes, too.

Dom 42:29
Too, the person they says what size is your jacket? That is Shabba Doo.

Melissa 42:33
Yep. (Inaudible at 00: 42:34).

Dom 42:35
(Inaudible at 00: 42:35).

John 42:36

Melissa 42:37

John 42:37
I was gonna I was gonna say that , my argument with her being a stripper is still I'm still gonna argue that because she gets the jump sticks and has clearly no ability to drum.

Melissa 42:48
No, oh no, no. Yea. She's terrible at drumming.

John 42:50
And no one says anything , and no one says anything so like they're clearly not there to listen to her music.

Dom 42:58
And then the last part is that that cop got distracted by Katherine on stage when they're trying to leave, he's like hey, how about a three way?

Melissa 43:06
Yeah, what?

Dom 43:07
Who are these guys ? (Inaudible at 00: 43:09) Why were they immediately willing to turn over Tango and Cash killer the rest of the police department isn't worth two beings.

John 43:17
Yes, we go back to Katherine's house. Obviously Kurt Russell's gonna try and bone her because I mean, why not? Just a stripper (Inaudible at 00: 43:26).

Dom 43:27
Who is he Brian Urlacher ?

Melissa 43:29
Also, he thinks it's Tango's like girlfriend he's like so how do you, how much do you and Tango spend together ? how much time do you guys spend together? So you know this that Oh, okay. Yeah.

Dom 43:39
So listen, Okay, hold on, though hold on. If he thinks that she's Tango's, girlfriend, Why is he letting her give him a massage?

John 43:47
Because he's gonna bone her.

Melissa 43:48
Because he's against it. He likes to go against Tango.

John 43:52
He's gonna show Kiwi who's boss, that's what he's gonna do.

Melissa 43:58
Also, please explain to me where if you had a friend but a reluctant friend, right? (Inaudible at 00: 44:04) they're not really friends. They just kind of like have are just stuck together. And he had a stripper girlfriend and she was going to give you a massage. You're telling me you turn it down? On a merit that they might may be dating.

Dom 44:16
Not at his house, anywhere else.

Melissa 44:18
That's her problem.

Dom 44:19
Yeah, but still.

John 44:19
Hey Melissa, Melissa, if you worked as a waitress and some guy came up and said, Hey, are you Melissa, would you invite them back to your house and give him a massage?

Melissa 44:29
No, she knows who he is. Because she, okay, because her brother was on trial with him.

John 44:30
How? Oh yeah, that is a good point. That is a good point.

Melissa 44:37
She asked him, how is Tango? and you know,if he's okay ? don't worry, you know, whatever. We're supposed to meet up again and she's like, okay, I'll help you. That's why she helped him (Inaudible at 00: 44:46).

John 44:48
How does he not know that she's his sister then?

Melissa 44:51
(Inaudible at 00: 44:51). He said, just meet me at this club and ask for Katherine. So he just assumes that Katherine is his girlfriend.

John 44:58
So the entire time they'd never interacted at all?

Melissa 45:01
Her and.. No, she wasn't there. They didn't show her the sister at the trial. But either way, it was all.

John 45:06
Alright alright alright.

Melissa 45:07
through the whole thing where she was like, hey, how's my brother doing? No, She didn't say I have a brother. She goes how's Tango doing? And he's like, Don't worry, he's okay. He's gonna meet up with we're gonna meet up later, we went our separate ways. And she's like, Okay, well, we have to get you out of here. I'm going to help you and now we're going to get out and then that hold that scene. And then they talk about He's like, so do you see Tango that much? Any that much or whatever. And she's like, oh, and when I can, you know, and then he's like, trying to piece it together thinking like they're dating.

John 45:31
So let's get back to Tango sneaking into his sister's apartment and watching her have sex.

Melissa 45:38
Yea, what the hell?

John 45:40
That seems a little creepy to me.

Melissa 45:41
Like creepy. He should have announced he was there right away, like not only sees her on the couch, knock on the door. Why is he like waiting to see if they're gonna have sex?

John 45:49
Because like, wouldn't have been wouldn't have been worse if she was actually having sex with him at that point. Like, he's just standing in the living room just watching from the doorway.

Melissa 45:59
Yeah. And then yes, of course. Then there's someone there who jumps across the couch to save her and Cash.

John 46:05
And then it's a it's the great sum up scene where it's like, it's the boss. Oh, yeah. And I have proof that gets us off the hook. Owen, here's the lead.

Dom 46:16
We know who this requiem guy is. Here's his address. You should go see him. And by the way, we have this tape now that'll get us off, it'll prove our innocence. Are you ready to go murder a small town?

John 46:29
Yes, alright, good. I will leave and you will not see me for the rest of the movie.

Melissa 46:36
And also we're you trying to bone my sister?

Dom 46:39
So now they're off to see Red Queen. And they do the good cop or the bad cop badder cop routine with a grenade taped to his space, which is actually a really great scene. I think they had the sense of being spoofed like in a bunch of other movies after that you're like a reference to that ends with them dropping the dud down his pants, but they are able to (Inaudible at 00: 47:01) who Perret is, and they don't even know who the hell he is. So..

Melissa 47:05
They're like who is that?

John 47:07
What's funny is that they're hanging them over the building and that doesn't work. And then they do the grenade thing and that does work through the rest of the movie. Anytime that they're not actually we're actively working the investigation. All they're talking about is Kurt Russell bumping uglies with Tango's sister. That's every conversation outside of what they're doing. So like,

Dom 47:28
It actually ends up being the final conversation of the movie.

John 47:30

Melissa 47:31
Oh, yeah, that's true.

Dom 47:32
That's the only thing that they talk about for the rest of the movie.

John 47:35
Yeah, so we go and they're still talking about it. We go they get the RV from hell from the LAPD tech exchange, whatever they've got going on down there. So they just let them borrow it like Yeah, go ahead. You know, it's only a few million dollars invested into this, Dodge Dakota. Can't you see we glued a Gatling gun to it?

Dom 47:59
Okay, so they're all set up. Now. They know who the person is. They know what he's up to. They know what they need to bring with them. They get their weapon of choice. And now they're going to subtly sneak around. Now put it inside. No, wait, I'm sorry. Try that thing straight through the front door. Get in a shoot out with grading equipment. A Caterpillar was all up in this movie. They were ready to go.

John 48:26
The ending of this movie is one of the reasons why I love these type of movies. Because it is balsa walls. Hey, guys, we're gonna start with a monster truck fight. We're gonna start with the monster truck fight. Not that's gonna happen, or that's the big that's the big No, we're gonna start with the monster truck fight. We're gonna blow some stuff up. Those tractors that they're destroying. They're like 100 grand a piece, they're not easy to drive. And then of course, like this is all gonna take place at the perfect evil bad guy lair of the abandoned airport that every town seems to have. And then like you said, then then they're gonna massacre a small town with automatic weapons, until getting to the final boss fights, which is just like the greatest way to end every movie and then everything blows up.

Dom 49:15
Yes. And when even when they get inside, we still got time for karate. They gotta have a karate fight now with our Tango does and then Cash fights Red Queen, and then they're still the Palance mirror or the Perret mirror shot that they have to get to. So it even ends with a hall of mirrors in the whole building. Who is doing construction of this place? The rise phase? the mirror phase? It's all wired to blow, how is there permits for this?

John 49:45
Why is there a hall of mirrors in an airport to begin with? Did the Joker design this?

Melissa 49:53
It's a funhouse.

Dom 49:55
Why did you get permits to wire the whole thing up with explosives?

John 49:59
What the hell, is this the Denver Airport?

Dom 50:05
You know what I'm talking about. (Inaudible at 00: 50:07) those dude, those graders are fast. They're able to keep up with that RV from hell. And like pinch it together. Have you ever been on a job site? Those things go like 13 miles an hour.

John 50:16
Yeah. And they are not that easy to drive. They're manual transmissions. They're a pain in the ass. There's a reason you can't drive for more than 10 miles an hour.

Dom 50:26
That's the reason why they crash into each other inside of the building. They just can't steer it.

John 50:31
Just small nugget. The actual one like at least one of the monster trucks is actually Big foot without without its all of its decorations.

Dom 50:42
(Inaudible at 00: 50:42) everybody.

John 50:45

Dom 50:46
The only thing's missing it's like a fucking alpha appearance or some shit.

John 50:49

Melissa 50:50
He was there. (Inaudible at 00: 50:51) He was in the prison scene.

John 50:54
And then they do the whole mirrors trick. And then after everything explodes, and they magically run the safety, it ends with happily ever after

Dom 51:03
This ending is so batshit crazy that you ignore like how crazy it is just because it's so fun.

John 51:09
Yeah. And then at the very ending, you get the front page of hero cops reinstated. And guys, let me just tell you something fun. Fun fact, technically breaking out of prison is a crime. even now, even now they're other crimes would have been ,may have been absolved. They may have proven themselves not guilty for those other crimes. The fact that they broke out of prison is still a crime, and they would have to go back to prison for that.

Dom 51:34
All those weapons, all those people that they killed. Can they prove in court that all those people were fighting against them? Were they just innocent construction people on site that day?

Melissa 51:42
Yeah, there's no way they would reinstate them. Even if they were found like it was that they did figure out they were set up, they would never be able to go back to be cops. No one would ever trust them. (Inaudible at 00: 51:52)

John 51:51
No, no. What's worse is that the only people that can corroborate their story is all dead, everyone is dead.

Melissa 52:01
Because they killed them.

John 52:02
Because they killed everybody. They just killed everybody. So I said maybe the science guy, but you can't trust him. He already admitted he faked his work.

Dom 52:11
So that's Tango and Cash. It's a lot of fun. Despite its flaws, it's still a lot of fun, you still get sucked into it really easily. It's still a great pairing of Sly and Kurt Russell, that I would have watched and that era a bunch of times, which it feels like it was a missed opportunity because of how difficult it was to work with sly back then.

Melissa 52:37
You act like it's better now.

Dom 52:40
But it's still so much fun. It takes from so many other movies that even though it's like there's lots of parts to the laugh out loud, bad. It's still so much fun that every year, it's like, hey, you want to watch Tango and Cash

Melissa 52:53
Every year?

John 52:54

Dom 52:54

Melissa 52:54
I think we watch it every six months.

John 52:57
Well, and I think for me, too, is that, you know, both guys are stand alone action heroes in so many movies. It's one of the rare times that they actually did pair up with anybody. I just I always love watching this movie like it, like I said, the ending of this movie is the reason why I love these movies. Like every bit of it, the we're just gonna go big or go home, I want a truck with a Gatling gun mounted to the side and monsters trucks. And one of those big things on construction sites, the ones with the giant wheel, I want those too, and we're just gonna blow shit up. It doesn't have to make any sense.

Dom 53:34
Exactly and that's the same thing with the story. So instead of trying to link things together and have it be like match up perfectly, you have two choices, right? You can take it and you can be like we're going to be very serious and and be very, dot our i's and cross our t's and make this story, so it makes total sense is believable or let's go to silly town.

Melissa 53:53

Dom 53:53
Let's put up huge scope on his gun. Let's give him a boot gun. Put him in jail, make him zip line out of it.

John 54:01
Yeah, they could jump, they can make it to those electrical lines, let them jump.

Dom 54:06
Oh, before you get too deep into our final thoughts, go take a look at the music that there was in this movie. Another one of those ones because it's 80s. It's probably a good spread of generic background music and then also some secret good 80s music that's in there too. So let's go take a look. Alright,John, in the music for this movie. It's one of those ones that you're so locked in the story. It's kind of hard to pay attention to what the background music is. So I'm very intrigued and what you got this week.

John 54:34
We have a good mix of different stuff. I completely understand what you're saying, it felt like every scene, because of the corny kind of background music, I felt like every scene was kind of a soundtrack of a guy in a key tar with drum machine. So like you didn't really notice any difference between that and the music and here's why we got best of what I got by Bad English which is written by John Waite, Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon. Basically Bad English is a glam metal supergroup, that existed from 87 to 91 that is primarily, almost exclusively made up former Journey members after they disband, so it's basically Journey called Bad English.

Melissa 55:16
It's Journey 2.

John 55:18
Journey 2. They're most known for one hit, " When I see you smile ", which if you've listened to it sounds very much like a Journey song or a Bad English song, depending on how you view it. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1989, they would eventually break up and later join Journey again. So...

Melissa 55:39
Journey two and a half.

John 55:40
That brings us to, " Let the day begin" by The Call. The Call was actually a legit band for a little bit in the 80s. The song is written by Michael Been, b e e n. Michael Been was, started this band in Santa Cruz, California 1980 with Scott Musick, m u s i c k . I don't know, Been Musick might have been a better name than The Call. I don't know. I mean, it's not like it was in their name. And Tom Ferrier, Jim Goodwin was also there in a 9th studio album, and actually at one point achieved regular rotation on MTV. This song was their number one hit and reached Mainstream Rock charts, all the way to number one, and was actually the official campaign song for Al Gore, which has probably ruined their career. We also have "Don't go" by the band Yazoo, which is written by Vince Clarke. And so they're an English synth-pop duo from Basildon, wherever the hell that is. That sounds like some made up place in Narnia. Before Basildon, the band Yazoo and Sonic features former Depeche Mode member Vince Clark and some chick he was banging name Alison Moyet.

Melissa 57:02
Well, that's (Inaudible at 00: 57:03) perspective.

John 57:05
They made two albums together from in a span of about 18 months and albums were called "Upstairs at Eric's" and "You and me both", they topped the UK charts. When they broke up Clarke went created a band called Erasure, while Moyet went on to have a solo career, good for her. So our next song is "Poison" by the one, the only, Alice Cooper. So Alice Cooper's real name is Vincent Furnier. He's a singer, songwriter with a career spanning of 50 years and is known as the "Godfather of Shock Rock". Alice Cooper is actually the original name of the band and actually goes all the way back to 1964. His original band, Vincent's original band was called "The Earwigs" and then he started, him Glen Buxton on guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass, and then later adding Michael Bruce and Neal Smith on drums. The band Alice Cooper, and the band Alice Cooper existed from the late 60s to about 73, they reached commercial success and then broke up in about 75 when Furnier would adopt the name as both his legal and stage name and he would go on to just have a massive career and Alice Cooper is one of those guys, that when you hear his songs, he's one of those when you hear his collection, you're like, Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, that song too, then you forget about how many hits he actually has ; stuff like "School's out" and "Feed my Frankenstein" and "I am 18" and I will say this, I saw Alice Cooper in concert. And this is in his later years. So this is in the 2000 and is probably still one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life, the way he ties his music to an entire like stage show with costume changes and everything and how he gets , how he involves everything and like his daughter and a few other people are all involved in it. It's just incredible. It is it is definitely a show worth going to and one of the few shows that I sat in the seats and enjoyed the whole way through definitely would recommend he's like 72 now, so...

Dom 59:10
I did not know it too that his band would name was Alice Cooper and then later he changed his name to it.

John 59:18
Yeah, that brings us to the song "It's no crime" by Kenneth 'Babyfac'e Edmonds. Yeah, guys, that Babyface.

Melissa 59:26
Babyface ?

Dom 59:27

John 59:28
Babyface, Babyface

Dom 59:28
This movie iterally has everything: Bad English. Alice Cooper, Babyface, Sly, Bryon Jones, Robert Z'Dar, Billy Blanks, like, Bigfoot. Like this movie literally has everything.

John 59:42
Yeah, yeah. And so Babyface obviously a massive singer, songwriter and record producer. He has written and produced 26 number one r&b hits. I mean, (Inaudible at 00: 59:53) eat your heart out. And he's won 12 Grammys and ranked number 20 on the top 50 greatest producers list. Guys, can you believe Babyface is 62 years old?

Dom 1:00:05
That's it?

John 1:00:05

Dom 1:00:05
I actually would have thought he was way older than that. That means literally the name holds true. Like when he was making himself big music. He was literally a baby.

Melissa 1:00:14
Yeah, he was a baby.

John 1:00:15
Yes. So that brings us to our last song of the night. " Harlem Nocturne" by Darttown Strutters. The song "Harlem Nocturne" was originally written by Earl Hagen. We'll get to that in a minute. DarttownStrutters, the band, I could not find anything. I found a vague Facebook that might have something to do with them or not. The only thing I could find for Dartsdown Strutters is that there is a 1975 blaxploitation movie called Darttown Strutters that apparently has been referenced by Quentin Tarantino, as some of his inspiration, obviously, that has nothing to do with the song in the 80s movie. So I have no idea what happened to the band, if they are associated with that Facebook, and they're still touring. And if anyone knows, let me know. But Earl Hagen was an American composer for movies and TV, who came up with themes for stuff like the Dick Van Dyke Show, and I spy and the ModSquad show. He co-wrote and whistled, the Fishing Hole melody of the main theme for The Andy Griffith Show.

Dom 1:01:28
I mean, I know it's a famous whistle. But, it's still a whistle.

John 1:01:34
Yes, yes, this song he wrote as an instrumental as a tribute to Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges, and it was used as a theme for TVs Mickey's Spillane's Mike hammer, and eventually renamed the new Mike Hammer, because eventually, we just got rid of Mikey Mickey's Spillane and just made it a new Mike Hammer. So, so that's the origin of Harlem Nocturnal, but if you find out about Darktown Strutters, and if they are in fact associated with the 1975 blaxploitation movie, please let us know.

Dom 1:02:14
Yes, email us, (Inaudible at 01: 02:15) Please tell us. Tell us

Melissa 1:02:18
We need to know.

John 1:02:20
And that is your music guys.

Dom 1:02:22
Can't believe this movie.

Melissa 1:02:23
I know.

Dom 1:02:24
I can't believe this movie

Melissa 1:02:25
It has everything.

Dom 1:02:26
Yeah, it really is everything.

Melissa 1:02:27
It's like a who's who of all the cliches in action movies of that era too.

Dom 1:02:33
Alright. Well, let's go give our final thoughts on this movie, our first movie of season three. Alright, Melissa, as the person who's probably seen this movie the most, and also paid attention the entire time. Oh, sorry. What is your final thoughts on this?

Melissa 1:02:52
Well, I mean, this whole this whole theme was my idea. The unlikely duo and it came from this movie. It was born from Tango and Cash because, Tango is button up and uptight and he wear suspenders and little round glasses.

Dom 1:03:09
Listen, we've learned though that if you're an action star that as you age your glasses get smaller.

Melissa 1:03:14
They get smaller. Yeah. And then there's Cash, he's wild, he's got a giant mullet and he wears tight pants and like his pants kind of high up though.

Dom 1:03:25
Maybe if Swayze wasn't originally thought (Inaudible at 01: 03:27) pants up higher.

Melissa 1:03:29
Yea , but I mean, we've talked about it a bunch about this movie. The ending been phenomenal. The whole entire movie is a who's who of action like most people would call them like the B stars of movies but they're not B stars to us they are the stars. You know, having Robert Z'Dar being in this movie right off the bat in the very first scene is a great is a great sign for this movie. Also, like John said, it starts out with a chasing for no reason. A convertible chasing a man suspenders with a tiny gun, what could get better, and it does, it just continues to get better. I have no complaints about this movie. And I think it's the perfect movie to set off this season of the podcast because we're gonna have some really great ones that go way off. So we're gonna start with the classic. This is the classic.

Dom 1:04:15
You know,I must agree. This movie is so fun. and that's why I continue to come back to it. Yeah, okay, maybe it is a parody of other 80s action movies. But if that's the case, then basically every movie I saw was made since then has been a parody about himself, right?

Melissa 1:04:32
I mean, yeah.

Dom 1:04:34
It's just so much fun. It's got it's so deep. There's so much going on. Stories are disconnected, but it's okay, because everything is just so much fun. You're so excited to see whatever is gonna come next. Like there's chase scenes, the cops go into this jail scene. And then also like the big prison break out and it's got everything to me it literally has everything and that's why I've got so many people in it too. It perfectly encapsulates what it is to love action movies from the 80s. And we talked about this all the time, modern action movies often go a stray because they're boring. The stories are cookie cutter. But what they always miss is that there's got to be some thing that's different, some reason why your movie is different and it can't just be like he grew up in Hong Kong, like that can't be your will your your twist, but you got to go to silly town in order for it to be interesting that way you do something new. That does not always necessarily mean, it has to connect to the story. It's just got to be insilly town. Put a giant scope on the gun. Why not? Like,

Melissa 1:05:35
Put a gun in your boot?

Dom 1:05:38
When they (Inaudible at 01: 05:39) club, make the main character dressed up as a woman, like, let's just go to silly town. Let's do it. Let's just go there. That's what makes them more interesting. We get away from this cookie cutter stuff. And I love Scott Atkins. But that's the type of movie that I'm talking about is that it's just everything's by the numbers. And that's what makes this movie great. When we do go by the numbers, it's so over the top, and then we go astray from it sometimes. That's what makes it so much fun. John ? what are your final thoughts?

John 1:06:04
That was gonna be my point is that, it's always more fun when it's over the top. And I'm a big comic book fan. And that's a big thing with comic books, when you read comic books is everything's to the max. And everything's extreme and everything's over the top. And that's what I love about these action movies is everything is big explosions, and over the top action, that's what I really love about this movie. No apologies. We're just going to put the pedal to the metal and we're just going to blow stuff up and fun action. And then like you said, the in between, we're gonna go to silly town, we're gonna have fun with it. We're not going to take ourselves too seriously, because we know that it's just a bunch of action and we're just gonna get there absolutely love it. This has always been one of my all time favorites, and then learning about Jack Palance, learning about Volodymyr Palahniuk, the most interesting man in the world and I swear almost need to do a movie about that guy's life like that's incredible from the minds of like West Virginia, to playing football to boxing heavyweights to flying a bomber to writing for The Chronicle. And oh, man.

Dom 1:07:07
And that's gonna do it for us this weekend. Go with the heat. We hope you enjoyed this episode. We would love to hear from you. Email us gowiththeheat@gmail.com. Hit us on Facebook, hit us on Twitter, hit us on Instagram, you can go to that website, gowiththeheat.com. You can find all the ways to contact us. You can also go there and see all the ways you can give us money. It's super easy. You go there and find all kinds of ways to give us money. If you didn't listen to our pre-season kickoff. We use that money to make this podcast a little bit more accessible to people. In particular, people who are hard to hearing or deaf. That way we can make sure we make very good captions and subtitles and transcripts that go along with the show. So I encourage you to go back and give that a listen. There are chapters now in this podcast, you know that? there's chapters in this podcast, you can open up your podcast player, you swipe direction, I don't know what it is your app, I don't have all the apps on my phone.

John 1:07:59
Any extra funds will be used to start a campaign to find out when Demolition Man two is coming out. We're gonna get to the bottom of this guys.

Melissa 1:08:10
You gonna write a letter to Sylvester?

Dom 1:08:13
Be sure to check out the website gowiththeheat.com. Like I said, we would love to hear from you, let us know what you think about this movie. Let us know what you think about this theme. Let us know what you think about action stars' glasses getting smaller as they age, do their eyes get smaller? their heads shrink? like what happens ? How comes they got this smaller glasses. If you would like to help support us and you don't have any money, we understand, things are tight. It's been a tough year and a half or so, just share this show with a friend or go leave us a review, go to your podcast.

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Or send us gold, a lots of tape stones, some old jewelry,

Melissa 1:08:47

John 1:08:47
Anything you have. Your gold teeth that fell out, we'll take those, we don't care, we aren't picky, like silver cats, we like those too. Does your car have a catalytic converter ?Those things are valuable.

Melissa 1:09:05
Just mail the whole car.

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John 1:09:46
Bye pals.

Go With The Heat 162 – Tango & Cash
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