Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 163 - Alien Nation

We went into Alien Nation not knowing what to expect. All we knew is that our dad and everyone's dad loves this movie.

And did it deliver!

This was a fantastic movie (well, at least according to Dom) and hits you more in the feels than you expect. What really delivers this movie is Mandy Patinkin, but who would be surprised by that?

We also have a lot of fun with it, mostly at the expense of James Caan. There's some discussion about beavers and just how the Newcomer special region compares to Dolph. Plus, how movies imagine what the slight future looks like. Apparently it includes a fuck-ton of Rambo movies.

So grab some spoiled milk and a slab of beaver, we're diving into Alien Nation!

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Movie info

Premiered: Oct. 7, 1988
Directed by: Graham Baker
Relatively low key career. Directed Omen III which has Sam Neil. BUT, he directed a movie called Born to Ride that stars John Stamos as a biker that the military brings in to help teach a new motorcycle division who don't know anything about riding motorcycles. It also has Joey from Miami Vice.
Written by: Rockne S. O'Bannon
He's got some serious sci-fi chops. Went from this movie to being the creator of the Alien Nation TV show. Then, also created seaQuest DSV, Defiance, and Farscape.
Produced by: Gale Anne Hurd
Quick mention for her. She produced some other serious sci-fi classics including Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss.

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Dom 00:04
Hello and welcome to Go With The Heat . I'm Dominic.

John 00:06
And I'm John.

Melissa 00:07
I'm Melissa.

Dom 00:08
And this is your cultural guide to punch, chop and kick your way through the greatest era of action movies that is of course 1975 to 1995 this one I'm gonna tell you right now, I'm gonna tell you before we even get to our final thoughts, this one hit me harder than I thought it was going to. We were in it for unlikely duo so I was ready to go to Silly Town and this movie no Silly Town even though it's got silly written over it.

Melissa 00:32
No. It gets real serious right off the bat too, no lead into it.

John 00:37
I do want to say that after watching this, I really feel like Bright the Will Smith Netflix movie completely ripped this off, like completely ,just completely ripped it off.All they did was crossed out aliens and wrote in orcs.

Dom 00:54
We are of course speaking of the 1988 Classic Alien Nation, which even though it got comic books, it got a TV show, it got multiple TV movies, I still think they under did the amount of content that they could have made from this storyline that there's still lots of opportunities to make more alien nation stories. Well, it's just now that we're out of the 80s we can make it better.

John 01:21
We have CGI now we can .

Melissa 01:24
We have the power to make it better.

Dom 01:26
Alienation originally premiered on October 7 1988. It is directed by Graham Baker, he's kind of a low key guy , doesn't do much ,directed the Omen 3 which has Sam Neill.

Melissa 01:37

Dom 01:38
He mostly got off on a huge tangent after seeing this. He directed called born to ride with John Stamos as a biker. It's not like a Harley biker that teaches a new military troop who rides horses to ride motorcycles and then eventually goes into battle with them

Melissa 01:59
Like think World War Two or World War One or something can't tell by the by the trailer.

John 02:06
You know what's great is that I completely have gone my whole life just assuming that John Stamos did Full House, and then played with the Beach Boys a little bit and that was it. Like he never did any other things.

Melissa 02:20
No.I looked at his film career. He has been in a bunch of stuff, a bunch of stuff. I mean, I can't even believe how much stuff he's been in. But he was also in a movie with shemar Moore and I'm going to find that movie and I'm going to watch the hell out of it. Because john Stamos and shemar Moore together in a movie. I mean, it does not get more better looking than that.

John 02:40
I don't think I want to know any other john Stamos and Uncle Jesse. I think that's all I want to about John Stamos

Dom 02:48
I can tell you though, for as much as I'm in love with that movie and I and I wanted to see it I quickly changed my mind, because it also stars Joey Hardin, and I'm not watching anything with Joey Hardin in it.

Melissa 03:00
Joey Hardin is in it. he ruins everything.

Dom 03:10
I want to make a quick mention for the producer on this movie to her name's Gale Anne Hurd she produced some of the classic like the ultimate classic sci fi movies, including Terminator aliens in the abyss, a lot of 80s and 90s sci fi Gale Anne Hurd is the one producer behind those movies. And also to add even more sci fi chops to this movie. It is written by rockne s. O'Bannon. And I had a little note on this, but I'm gonna go to John's way because John's super sci fi guy. And if you are super sci fi, you know who rockne s O'Bannon is even if you don't recognize the name.

John 03:49
He started out as a writer for The Twilight Zone. He was also a writer for something a little something called seaquest 2032. Which if you've ever seen SCI lab on Adult Swim, that's what they're making fun of. They're making it bigger than that. So like his writing on the Twilight Zone helped him get this gig for alienation. And he went on wrote a bunch of the TV movie stuff as well. And that helped propel him to one of my favorite all time TV shows Farscape he created and produced farscape, which is a cult sci fi show that instead of trying to use early 2000s graphic, they sought out the Jim Henson experience and they use Jim Henson with basically built them aliens and with movie magic and makeup and Muppet and built the show out of that. And it's one of the funnest shows ever. I've always loved that they went with the Muppets and rather than trying with the fake CGI like everybody else, it was a fantastic show and it also propelled Ben Browder and Claudia black would go from that and get leading roles in Stargate SG1 which was wrong for 30 years, apparently. And then since farscape, there's a farscape comic and there's a bunch of people who want to bring farscape back me included, they stopped making the TV show but they started making the comic book and there's a lot of fans of the comic book now. But beyond all of that he's also behind some of my other favorite canceled show because he hasn't had quite as much look over the last few years. Do you know the show the sci fi show Defiance he was, he produced that he produced a show called V and a show called revolution, which I enjoy which was about pat the electricity disappearing around the planet. He also produced Constantine, which was a part of that DC Universe on wb but that only lasted a season as well. There is rumor that there might be some TV like episodes of farscape coming back,

Dom 05:50
I thought for sure you were gonna mention a Warehouse 13 too.

John 05:53
He only kind of wrote one episode. And he wasn't as much involved with that show. I thought about it, because I did watch a lot of Warehouse 13 too. So Defiance was really good. That was part of that whole sci fi just kept canceling stuff.

Dom 06:09
And that's where the writer and the producer and kind of the people who are behind the camera on this movie. I think that helps with when you finish watching this movie alien nation, you can see that the people behind it had real sci fi they're good at that. They're good at sci fi. That's why this keeps coming back. Even now, even after all this time I sip tea like it's probably pretty under appreciated for what it accomplished in 1988. Even though it's had a bunch of spin off stuff.

John 06:38
I said that it was the Will Smith movie Bright was a ripoff of it. But I mean, there's elements of District 9. You can't say Neill Blomkamp wasn't inspired by alien nation when he made District 9 because it's basically the same idea. Aliens get stuck here. And they're not like the type of aliens you would expect. They're like slave aliens. I mean, it's all an allegory for illegal immigration, but we won't get it.

Melissa 07:03
Yeah, that's exactly what it is. and racism is racist racism all over this movie. It's exactly what it is.

Dom 07:10
Before we get into breaking down this story, since we were talking about Rockne s O'Bannon, now's a great time just to talk about the guest stars that are in this in reality, when you look at the guest stars, you see who's behind the camera and then you see who they picked up on camera on screen. Yeah. That's what you picked. Okay,what do you got john?

John 07:29
First, the big guest star, obviously is James Caan who plays Matthew Sykes. James Caan pretty iconic actors funny he doesn't really consider this he almost talks about it. What like it's kind of I needed the money kind of deal. He was born in the Bronx to Jewish parents. His dad was a kosher butcher. He actually played football from Michigan State he's a black belt in karate and he was a regular on the rodeo circuit for a few years

Melissa 07:58
Wow, sorry but this is really gonna place I did not hit

John 08:04
He s what Chuck Norris dreamed his character Walker Texas Ranger . That's what James Caan is that Yeah, Walker Texas Ranger is about James Caan's life it would be what his time at Hofstra that he would fall in love with acting, he would start out by doing some stage stuff. And then his first real big role would be El Dorado in 66 with john wayne and Robert Duvall. And then he followed that up with the TV movie Brian song where he plays Brian Piccolo Brian Piccolo was the bears running back who died and the TV movie is a lot of the movie that men will admit to crying too, but also another big stepping stone in his career because that got him noticed to get the role as sunny in The Godfather and 78 follow that up with stuff like the gambler thief roller ball, which is just up there. I mean, totally, you know, gambler thief, rollerball, all award winning --

Melissa 09:04
Yeah, that was quite a movie that rollerball.

Dom 09:07
Just shout out to rollerball, the 70s version. Listen, this wasn't very good. We have a better version. That's got LL Cool J

Melissa 09:15
And Chris Pine. No. Chris Klein,

Dom 09:18
Chris Klein.

Melissa 09:20
Yes, Rebecca Romijn Stamos.

Dom 09:22
Rebecca Romijn and It does end up being the better version.

Melissa 09:31
It was like seriously deep that movie.

John 09:34
He would actually take a break from acting for a number of years after his sister died of leukemia get kind of into a dark depression, a lot of drinking a lot of drugs and he would have kind of a late comeback in the late 80s where he would show up and Dick Tracy and then misery and then as it lately he is probably most predominantly known in the 2000s for playing Big Ed Deline on Las Vegas. Listen What I'm talking about there yep,

Melissa 10:01
Yep. So don't even think about that until right now, yeah, that is him. Yeah. Never Ending we deserve.

John 10:08
It never did.

Melissa 10:09
We never get the ending we all needed for that show.

John 10:12
You hear us NBC.

Melissa 10:13
Yeah, we're still way back. We're still waiting.

John 10:15
We're still waiting. Tom Selleck did he die? It was a wedding cliffhanger episode

Melissa 10:27
Cant end the season on that kind of crap.

John 10:31
So the last thing I want to throw out there is James Caan son Scott Caan, pretty accomplished actor himself. He was in gone in 60 seconds, Varsity Blues, the ocean's 11 movies and then he's been a reoccurring role in Hawaii Five-O. So that brings us to our next guest star Mandy Patinkin. He plays Sam Francisco by the way the the character's name was originally supposed to be George Jetson, but Hanna Barbera said no.

Dom 10:58

John 10:59
That's why that's why he calls him George in the movie. It's kind of an F-you to Hannah saying Oh, yeah, we're gonna call George anyway.

Melissa 11:08
Yes, oh have named like that.

John 11:10
Mandy Patinkin He a good friend of Kelsey Grammer, he actually helped him get the role on cheers His first big role was The Princess Bride in which he played Inigo Montoya.

Melissa 11:21
You didn't know that guy. That guy was priceless when he realized that that was.

Dom 11:28
Yeah, that's the same guy.

John 11:33
You should have.

Melissa 11:34
Its him.

Dom 11:35
listened to the real manufacturer can died and they put a body.

Melissa 11:41
Yeah, he's also been another things that you've seen. But yeah, thatthat's him.

John 11:45
So after Princess Bride, he would do a bunch of other kind of side roles, and then he would do this movie and then immediately after this movie, he would do Dick Tracy with James Caan, he would play the character 88 keys. After that he would do mostly guesswork before finding some traction on TVs. Chicago hope he would play Dr. Jeffrey Geiger for 60 episodes,

Melissa 12:10
I watched Chicago hope. And then any kind of medical thing you know, I've watched.

John 12:14
He would be Rube Sofer. on Dead like me for 29 episodes. And then Jason Gideon on Criminal Minds for 47 episodes that I know him most, you know, it's funny left Criminal Minds because he didn't think it would be as gory as it was. And they wanted to do lighter projects.

Melissa 12:31
I watched an interview with him where he went into depth and detail like why he didn't like doing it. And he said like, he didn't like being part of a show that he felt like they glorified children being murdered and women being tortured. And he was like, I don't want to be a part of that. So I just I tried to get out of it as fast as I could. going on.

John 12:47
So he wanted to do lighter projects. So obviously he moved on and did 96 episodes of homeland.

Melissa 12:55
That's right, that's him too.

John 12:57
Thats so Bernstein bernsen. That brings us to Terrence Stamp. Terran stamp, please. William Harcourt. It's weird. Sometimes I'll read people's BIOS and it's like, they were a sex symbol in the 60s. And we're in all kinds of movies in this movie in that movie, and I'm like, I've never heard of these movies and they dated all kinds of supermodels like this supermodel and this supermodel like I don't know any of these supermodels like oh, they're British. Oh. He was born in 1938. In canal road Bo parents had to move shortly after because of German bombers during World War Two he would grow up to be an English trained actor from Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London found a lot of early success in the 1960s he was kind of a sex symbol during the swing London scene like I said he dated a bunch of supermodels and stuff actually took in like Kong took a hiatus after a bad breakup and ended up living in India for a number of years with guru before returning the acting one of his bigger roles wanting return was General Zod in Superman. And Superman 2, and then that's when he started doing more movies that I recognize The Adjustment Bureau and Get Smart, The Art of the Steal. That brings us to Kevyn Major Howard who played Rafterman in Full Metal Jacket and Hawkins in Sudden Impact as well as Stomper in Deathwish 2. I wanted to give him a nod. He's been in some of the movies we like to watch. And then I also wanted to give a nod to Peter Jason who plays Federer. Chappie was in movies like 48 hours ,They live ,Heartbreak Ridge and Escape from LA

Dom 14:04
Oh, okay. Okay, this is weird nexus of like, 40% of the things that I watch either on TV or movies, there's a person in there that spent time on Deadwood.

Melissa 14:48
Yeah, like a convergence or something

Dom 14:52
To everything else in my life.

Melissa 14:54
Somebody else who was in Deadwood last night, right? Yeah, no, it was like, watch that army of the day. Movie

Dom 15:00

John 15:01
Oh gotcha. Oh, I want to see that oh yeah right up to the George Romero

Dom 15:10
I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has the like and not spoil it but like set their expectations and be like oh I'm I'm going into it waiting to be disappointed so if you have seen it emails go to heated gmail.com I'd love to talk about that movie. I have lots of opinions about it. Here's controversial opinion number one about army of the dead Dave Bautista. Oh bad.

Melissa 15:32
Yeah, yeah, he was good. Yeah he was good in it , i thought he was good.

John 15:35
All right. Well, there's we go.

Dom 15:36

John 15:40
Army of the Dead possibly better than Bright probably not better than District 9

Dom 15:47
Sounds about right.

Melissa 15:52
It's definitely better than Bright. And I've never seen that I don't need to see no. so

John 15:58
Will Smith you thief.

Dom 16:02
On that bombshell, let's go break it on Alien Nation We have talked about movies that are similar to this the movie was made in 1988. But this takes place in 1991 it's

John 16:21
In the future.

Dom 16:22
That you could see it down down at the end of the road. That's way before you feel like just you stop by to hit me.

John 16:29
You know what's amazing? We are only three years into the future but they have made three other Rambo movies because we're up to Rambo six.

Dom 16:41
Yes, so the two things I want to talk about when it comes to being slightly into the future is Rambo six that immediately said how did they make so many Rambo so fast? How did they do that? The second thing is that ronald reagan is still president.

Melissa 17:07
Yeah, what ?

Dom 17:07
And just a reminder, he served two terms.

Melissa 17:09

Dom 17:10
And then George Herbert Walker Bush becomes President 1988 to 1999 to 2000.

Melissa 17:16
So he like comes back again ?

Dom 17:19
How does Reagan serve a third term?

Melissa 17:20
Well, when aliens show up on your on your planet, everything goes out the window on terms

John 17:25
The rules done apply.

Melissa 17:27
Yeah rules dont apply .We need him to be president forever because we have aliens on our planet. Now. I don't know. I didn't even think about that.

Dom 17:33
I just couldn't get over the Reagan thing. Did you see Reagan in the beginning and then he comes back up again later and I'm like, why is making president?

Melissa 17:39
Because they were they were very lazy about this. And it was not in the future. It was actually filmed in 1988 we don't want to predict anything so let's just put us just film it like it didn't happen. And

Dom 17:52
That's true because the Reagan speech that they use we talked about the audience is some other really famous case that we all recognize

Melissa 17:58
So lazy. they should have made like some random guy president that's better. maybe I'm not the only one that thinks this but like when they use actual presidents in movies, because then you're like this is really far fetched. Like I know, when Obama gave that speech, okay, and it wasn't for when aliens landed.

Dom 18:17

Melissa 18:17
I know when Bill Clinton gave that speech and it was not for whatever like they're going to blow something up or walk so fast so dumb,

John 18:25
Especially when it's supposed to be the future because it's like this is supposed to be someone who's supposed to be elected later like not just like like hey, we just dug up some random presidential footage from this year he was in Berlin hey, yeah, get that footage

Melissa 18:41
It's lazy it's very lazy

John 18:44
Now I'm starting to wonder if they just covered up like Rambo two with a number six That is blasphemy.

Dom 18:52
I just love the movies with our sets slightly into the future and then the people try to imagine what the slightly

Melissa 18:59
Into the future would be.

Dom 19:00
Future looks like to Rambo movies, huh? What's up with Yeah, that's

Melissa 19:08
Yeah because it cant be like flying cars or you know, because well, that's too crazy because we are not even anywhere near that. Or like Jetson decide like where they they eat their food in a pill thats wow ,thats crazy. Seashells to wipe your butt? Maybe we can do that. That might be a thing we might need that .

John 19:29
And what gets me to is it's like immediately in the opening scene they make a point to show you the Rambo six . See we're in the future guys, but then they make no effort throughout the rest of the movie to make anything, not even a paper with the wrong date on it. Like literally driving like a 1985 Buick Park Avenue.

Melissa 19:50
Yeah, nothing isn't I was gonna say that right now. Nothing is in the future other than like the Rambo six, and whatever. Nothing. None of the cars none of the clothses, they dont have phones in their car. They don't have anything that screams like, Oh, this is futuristic. It's all like no, this was made 1998, all these cars were built in 1988.

Dom 20:09
You could tell in the stock footage that they use when the aliens come they're showing the news. It's all these country yokels out in the desert, getting out of their cars looking at the alien spaceship

John 20:22
For three years, they've had an alien spaceship and nothing, no new breakthroughs. No fancy, futuristic technology. Like Come on.

Melissa 20:29

John 20:29
Ray guns.

Melissa 20:30
Yeah, do they let the aliens create anything? The aliens create spaceship, can't they create a spaceship and fly away?

John 20:37
Well, they are illegal aliens.

Dom 20:40
We immediately get down to business with the racism. Because we go to the bar, keep talking about how the aliens are strong. They're smart. They're hard working. We find out later in the movie that they were bred for manual labor. Some of the race that made these aliens for manual labor, they come to earth and they get put in the exact same scenario, they're just allowed to have some more autonomy than what they've had in in other places. But they still live the demeaning life because the people at the bar are throwing stuff at the bartender and talking down to him. So they're all just working these low pay menial jobs. And then the hard work the backbreaking labor, as you find out later that they spend most of time and most of them work in that methane plant because they don't get hurt from it.

Melissa 21:21
But I don't understand. Like they said a lot about them how like they're really strong and they're they're bred for like manual labor. But then when they're interviewing people when they're talking about the aliens, in the news, one of the people was saying well, they're so smart. They learn everything so fast. What is my kid supposed to do? He can't compete with that in school that they learn so fast their brain are not like a human brains like okay, but what is it? Are they are they dumb labor? Are they really smart?

John 21:48
It's weird. It's like no other issue we've ever talked about where people blame them for taking their jobs.

Melissa 21:53

John 21:54
And being here illegally, but they usually get stuck with all the crap jobs.

Melissa 22:00
I mean.

John 22:00
But they're a bunch of criminals obviously.We immediately see him committing a crime. Bunch of damn illegal aliens. Wait a minute.

Dom 22:09
In Slag town, that's where you're going with we meet tog and Sykes for the first time they drive around talking about the slags

Melissa 22:17
I'm not so comfortable with using that term, i'm sorry.

John 22:20
That's a very insensitive term.

Melissa 22:23
Its a vile term.

Dom 22:24
Alright. Okay. newcomers.

Melissa 22:25
Thank you.

Dom 22:27
We're Driving through slack town.

Melissa 22:32
We all know what that stands for.

Dom 22:35

Melissa 22:35
We all know what that is supposed to mean.

Dom 22:37
Some other word that starts with an s.

Melissa 22:39
So let's just not

Dom 22:42
There's drunks on the street, hookers. The best part about the drunk thing is that they get drunk on the spoiled milk. And that's

John 22:49

Dom 22:50
That's the clever part included.

Melissa 22:52
Thats clever.

John 22:54
Yeah. Not just that, but their whole diet, the spoiled milk and then eating the raw Beaver.

Melissa 23:00
Thats fine .How is that sustainable? How many Beavers are there?

John 23:05
I don't know. I've eaten a few beavers in my time.

Dom 23:14
The best part about this is driving around town complaining about the newcomers.

Melissa 23:19
Well, just one of them is complaining. And then Sykes is telling tugg I don't talk to my daughter. I'm not gonna go to her wedding. I've been divorced. Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Sykes. Yes, newcomers are the problem. You, dirtbag, not a problem. He's a dirtbag , he didnt talk to his daughter. She's getting married on Sunday. She's all she wants him to be there and talk like you got to go. We're going to go me and my wife. We're going to go we and he's like, I can't believe you're going to go because all because his ex wife husband is paying for the wedding. Oh, because you're a deadbeat and you can't pay for it.

Dom 23:53
Who is he Charles Bronson?

John 23:55
Sounds like your typical study in tubs.

Melissa 24:01
You better not be trying to say that Sonny is

John 24:07
just a little like Sykes. I'm not I mean?

Melissa 24:11

Dom 24:12
Tugg and Sykes stumble on a robbery, what looks like a robbery that's happening at this mini Mart. So they go to very slowly break it up. By the way.

Melissa 24:21
Well they're doing a lot of surveillance. They don't know if they what they should do. They're trying to get a called backup already. So they're just kind of waiting. That's why they're going so slow. So they're like behind a car watching from far away through the convenience store window trying to be tucked away.

John 24:34
And it turns into a shootout and what's hilarious about this shootout is that his partner is hiding behind a pole like a cartoon, and yet somehow not being hit. And yet somehow he's able to escape and get behind a car. That partner kind of moves in the way for him and that's when he gets hit he should have stayed behind the pole. He was doing pretty good back there.

Melissa 24:57
I couldn't figure out the one that will do anything about that, I know it sounds bad, but I know that it's supposed to be like a sad scene because he's gonna you know, he's getting he's getting shot at and he's getting get shot. But when he started to fire through that car like the first couple of shots, why didn't he just run? Why did he continue to go behind it? Like it was like some kind of.

Dom 25:13
Lay flat or something.

Melissa 25:15
Or something else.

John 25:16
I'm getting my ass back to that pole.

Melissa 25:23
I know it's not supposed to be funny, it's supposed to be a serious moment.

Dom 25:27
It's not that serious because, A, I could talk it about they shoot through the car and he doesn't try to escape and then B Sykes comes over. He's like, oh, shucks,

John 25:36
Oh shucks. Like no emotion.

Melissa 25:40

John 25:42
Then Sykes starts to try and run down the perpetrators. And I swear to God, he is having a hell of a time running in those heels.

Melissa 25:51
I have noticed that that's just the way that James Caan runs you ever noticed any other things?

John 25:57
Does he wear cowboy boots or something ? Looks like he's wearing high heals

Melissa 26:05
They know what it is. He runs on his heels. So it's like his heel goes down first and his toes are pointed up.

John 26:14
The slowest foot chase in movie history occurs

Melissa 26:18
He's not even trying

Dom 26:19
We do see two things here though is that A, the newcomers have different weapons wherever they got those bullets from be able to shoot all the way through a car.

Melissa 26:27
It was like an outright call it like an elephant bullet or something there. Yeah,

Dom 26:30
They have this drug which, obviously the rest of the movie is about the shrug that they use. And it's not just about making them feel good. It's like PCP and steroids and coke all rolled into one. It

Melissa 26:40
Makes them like invincible. I can't be taken down.

John 26:43
Yeah, they call it bath salts.

Dom 26:50
After Sykes finally takes down the other newcomer after the newcomer takes the drug, the police come they pul4l up like right then to and they're like, Oh, yeah, it happens. Sometimes these newcomers are very hard to take down. Okay. Have a good day.

Melissa 27:04
No, remember,he gets he takes out one but then another one attacks him from behind? Oh, yes. So he's like fighting for his life. He's fighting for his life. And then that one, he never really sees him from behind. He's strangling him lifting off the ground like squeezing him after he took down the newcomer who took all the drugs. And then the police start coming. So the alien hears the sirens. So he basically leaves James Caan out of breath and like, knocked out almost. And then he comes to and then when it comes to the person who's helping him up is a newcomer, but in a police uniform.

Dom 27:38
Yes. Yeah, you're right. Sorry. I kind of glossed over that.

John 27:41
Yeah. And so that's when you first see him, like, reacts, angry toward him, because he's associating with his partner's death. And so it seemed very weird to me that a couple scenes later that he would want to volunteer to be that same alien cops partner, because of course, the very next day, that patrol cop gets promoted to detective third grade.

Dom 28:04
He's going to use the newcomer cop so that he can get into and speak with other newcomers. Right. That's his plan all along

Melissa 28:13

John 28:14
And he tells Sam Francisco from the very beginning. That's what he's using. I'm just using you.

Melissa 28:19
Yeah. Because

John 28:20
Dont talk to me, don't do anything to me. I'm just using you.

Melissa 28:22
Yeah. Because Francisco is like, thank you so much, because no one will work with him, because he's a newcomer, and everyone's really racist and prejudice against newcomers. And they don't want them there already. And it's this pet program of the mayor to have him be promoted. It's great for community outreach, and stuff like that. But Sam Francisco thinks that he's doing it to be nice. And like he's reaching out until he's like, he gets some doughnuts and coffee and stuff, and then come to find out, he's like, No, I don't really want to work with you. I'm just using you to get what I want. So don't we're not going to be friends. And by the way, I'm not going to call you Sam Francisco because that's a ridiculous name. So I'm going to call you George

John 28:57
George Jetson second hand.

Dom 29:01
Side note on that. And I don't know if this was the intention of the writer and director. But that's a common thing for minority groups, where you have a very ethnic name that very hard for English speakers to say

John 29:15

Dom 29:16
And then they say, Well, I'm not going to call you that's too hard for me to say. And they make up some other name to call them

Melissa 29:21
I mean, that's what they did the people coming over right, Ellis Island, they were like, you're never gonna be able to use that name. So many, but you're also right, like at work.

Dom 29:27

Melissa 29:28
Like My name is

John 29:29

Melissa 29:29
You know, like something very ethic and I'm not gonna call you that. That's too crazy. I can't even pronounce that. You're you're gonna be Sam from now on. My dad's name is Alfonso. And he never went by that. Because when he went school, there was not very many. He's Hispanic. And there was not very many Hispanics in school. He was one of like two or three in his high school. So instead of being different, he always went by Al because he didn't want to be

Dom 29:50
Well, that's the example that I'm talking about is that there would be other people who say my name is Alfonso though. I don't like Alphonse so that's a very ethnic name, I'm sure to call you Al.

Melissa 29:58

Dom 29:58
Well, my name is actually Alfonso.

Melissa 30:00
His name was never Alphonso after that it was always just Al he wouldn't you know, it's not something he would do like no people didn't he worked with him for 20 years and he knows name with Alfonso.

John 30:09
Well,little do you guys know, but in my native tongue Sykes means shithead

Melissa 30:16
And they all all the aliens know it.

Dom 30:19
Maybe patinkin does a really good job at this point in the movie. You feel like he's your dad you got this, Sam. Yeah, he's he's got the doughnuts in the coffee. He's not that good of a shot, but you know, he's gonna get better. He means well, he can make the joke. Right? I'm a shithead. Meanwhile, Sykes is so wrapped up in give me the biggest gun. You got this Magnum 44 with a scope on it?

Melissa 30:41

John 30:41
By the way, the future looked very much like 1988 not like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, which the near future was so cool because everyone just lived at the airport.

Melissa 30:54
and had black trench coats it was like bulletproof. There was nothing bulletproof. And by the way, they still had winchell's donuts and in the future.

Dom 31:04
Okay, so Sykes and Francisco are supposed to be working a different case they're supposed to be working the not the mini Mart case for.

Melissa 31:14
the Jubilee case. Yeah, it's which is another newcomer that was murdered. They found him dead.

Dom 31:20

Melissa 31:20
And they think they don't know they thought maybe it was like a robbery or like a like he was robbed on the street.

Dom 31:26
But instead sykes says we should investigate this mini Mart murder. We should go to the morgue and go see the bodies go talk to them and find out what they know what the doctors know

Melissa 31:36
Because there's a connection between the two.

Dom 31:38
And I think they're going to be connected and Francisco is looking at Sykes.

Melissa 31:42
But those are not our case.

Dom 31:43
That's not the case. But of course Sykes wins in this moment they go down to the morgue more people in the morgue being unnecessarily short and racist against the newcomers. newcomer asstistant Francisco go straight to the newcomer. Yeah, whatever. I'm gonna talk to this guy.

Melissa 32:01
Yeah. And they start talking about like, what kind of levels did he have him and him and the two newcomers are speaking in their native language and he's telling him like give me the test results don't tell anybody else what the test results show just give it to me or whatever this this level thing is. But the irony of it Is that the guy who works for the morgue not treating them like they're human or not treating like their people right? He's like, Isn't it crazy when you open them up? They look like this and I say cuz they're not people but not treating them very humanely what the hell!

John 32:31
You hang around and watch we cut one open like it's pretty cool.

Melissa 32:34
Yeah. And maybe if you work at the morgue, you're like, desensitized to that. But it was very much racist because he's like, Oh, you know, they're kind of crazy because they have all this weird organs that go this way and that they can do this and this with their body and stuff. It's like okay, but they're still like dead there.

John 32:49
What what I thought was funny is that it's filmed in a very cop show like that. They go to the morgue looking at the files and just be blatantly racist in front of his assistant and just talking about cutting them open and calling them slags.

Dom 33:02
And just Sykes is the one that's gonna go down to the methane plant, because we know that hubley and somehow now this mini Mart murder the people who committed the murder,

Melissa 33:13
One of the robbers would also work there to one of the robbers he actually showed.

Dom 33:17
You could tell by the boots.

Melissa 33:18

Dom 33:19
They paint their boots when they work in there, Sykes is gonna go down to the refinery to go talk to the people down there. And then Sam Francisco is going to go talk to the widow.

Melissa 33:28
The one that witnessed the murder at the mini Mart.

Dom 33:30
Sykes goes down, talk to the methane plant because hubley worked there and then also by chance one of the murderers also worked there and everyone liked hubley the manager recognizes one of the other people in the photo But hey, no one's called in sick or anything once showed up to work we have nothing to report here. And then after Sykes leaves behaves like a cartoon villain.

Melissa 33:54
Well Sykes is like gonna go into this one area where it's like the two double doors and he's like, No, no, no, no, no, you can't go in there. The fumes and they're the only ones these slags are the only ones that can do this job. You can't go in there it'll kill you. You have to wear like a suit and you're not off limits. You can't go in there then he acts really suspicious after Sykes leave as in like I'm going to go in there right now without being there we still want you to see it.

Dom 34:20
Real Fast Francisco talks to the widow she was recognizing the people in the photo says her son might then the next day we get a glimpse at Francisco's house with his wife and his kid he's living the American Dream single family house and his wife is there with their kids they're playing in the front yard and you can tell Sykes is very jealous of it.

Melissa 34:39
Cause he's not a dirtbag like Sykes .turns out when you're not a dirtbag you get a nice wife and a kid who loves you who wants to say hi and also when he comes home Sam Francisco so excited to see his family like that's my family wave. Not like you dirtbag.

John 34:56
So they stop off for a quick bite of Beaver and milk.

Dom 35:01
Well, real fast before that.

Melissa 35:03
Before the beaver and milk.

Dom 35:05
What they decided to do a second ago see Harcourt because he's an associate of humilis harcourts getting an award from the mayor.

Melissa 35:11
I mean, I think this is poor timing to go get him but okay.

Dom 35:15
Him and his partner Rudyard Kipling are too busy to be able to answer any questions come by my office Sykes and Francisco leave Harcourt turns to Kipling and says you need to go murder this dude we need to get this done.

Melissa 35:32
Have you talked to Stabler or what is the name Stadler? Adler? Have you convinced Stadler to go along? And Kipling's like no, I can't get him to you won't do it. He's like, Well, you know what you need to do to get the name

John 35:45
He's out for more Beaver.

Melissa 35:49

Dom 35:49
And then Sykes and Francisco decided to double down on a section a beaver together?

Melissa 35:55

Dom 36:00
Then they're gonna go to the bar and go talk to the son of the widow Sykes has this brilliant plan. He's just gonna run in there.

Melissa 36:07
It's a newcomer bar, clearly.

Dom 36:10
He's gonna yell a bunch of racist stuff at the newcomers, accuse the wrong person

Melissa 36:15
of being the person they want to talk to.

Dom 36:17
then have the gall to tell Francisco to shut up. He's got this under control.

Melissa 36:22
Yes. So he got in there. He starts yelling the guy's name. I can't remember his name. I don't remember the son's name. He starts yelling it out. And then he's like, I think he's at the end of the bar. George. Sam Francisco's, like, I think he's at the end of the bar. He goes down there. He's like, I think you have the wrong person, the person over here. He's like, the son stands up, and he's gigantic. And so he starts breaking him and basically telling him , you're going to talk to us no matter what. And then when he said he's not going to be decides to kick him in the groin, the song in the groin, only to discover that that doesn't work on newcomers, and then .

John 36:57
He also finds out that his mother mates out of season.

Melissa 37:01
Yeah, that's right. Like, what did he say your mother mates out of season? Sam Fransisco does not want to say that.

John 37:11
She mates in the fall, who does? That's the curious thing. Because later in the movie, he gets hit on by one of the aliens. And she really wants to get down with him. And I keep thinking, I wonder what it's like, I wonder where it goes.

Dom 37:30
If the males don't have like the same anatomy,

Melissa 37:33
But Okay, let's be honest. So she had the same anatomy as a regular woman , she had breasts

Dom 37:37
Yeah that's interesting thing about the newcomers in this movie. Luckily, newcomers can wear the same clothes, they could just go to Kmart.

Melissa 37:46
And remember,we forgot a key scene where they go to get the dead guy stuff. And inside of the condom, remember? Oh, yeah, it's not one of the newcomers. It must be somebody else's condom.

Dom 37:56
Those are the guy that was the driver.

Melissa 37:57
Yeah. And so they go get the stuff and just goes like, what is it? And it's like, explaining to him what it is and he goes and it bits? So they have a penis and it's gigantic.

John 38:08
Yes so that's all I'm saying. Where does it come out? Does it come out from under their armpit? Because that's what he tells him the punch him later he tells

Melissa 38:19
Yea he said under the arm , like oh my god they have two double penises under their arm.

John 38:24
Double penises .We have double penises. Slightly interested in humans.

Melissa 38:33
Sorry. I just think it's funny that I was the only one that remember that part that had a huge penis , i was like they got a huge penis They're like he pulls it out. He's like, I still don't kid he puts his whole hand inside of it and he was like naa, this will never fit me . remember cause the Secretary is a human and she's very interested in what's going on.

John 38:55
We find out more about the newcomers too because we get the scene with them. They've got Stadler, I believe

Dom 39:03
I'm looking at it now, it's straighter,

Melissa 39:05

John 39:07
straighter.they took them to the beach, which sounds nice.

Dom 39:11
It sounds nice until we find out that the same as hydrochloric acid on us is water to them.

Melissa 39:18
Salt water,specifically, not just regular water, salt water,

Dom 39:22
which is a curious case to live in LA. Kansas, Kansas is the place

John 39:29
Utah feel safer.

Melissa 39:32
So they can't go near it like at all they start to bubble.

John 39:37
I know he looks like a piece of cabbage that's been boiling too long.

Dom 39:41
Sykes and Francisco go to the club. That's where we have the scene with a

Melissa 39:45
like lounge singer,

Dom 39:47
Cassandra. They tried to talk to Strader he's gone. They found out from the son. That treater owns this club across town. You should go talk to him there.

Melissa 39:56
but they also found out from the sun that Strader and Hubley and his dad were all in some kind of business deal together with somebody else but he doesn't know who the other person is, I think or something

Dom 40:07
Strader is not there. Cassandra is paid but I get paid to do stuff. So you want to do some stuff,

Melissa 40:14
but she didn't want to get paid. She was just like, hey, let's do it.

John 40:18
she just wanted to bone a human

Melissa 40:20
Yeah, that's money. He was very interested in it. I gotta go though. I'm investigating this

Dom 40:26
Sykes says, Listen, I don't have time for this right now , right now..

John 40:34
I my be back

Dom 40:38
then we have the great this is a great scene. It's so loving and touching. And

John 40:43
They become best pals best friend forever.

Dom 40:45
I want to be best friends with Sam Francisco.

Melissa 40:47
Yeah hes such a nice guy .

Dom 40:49
He's drinking the milk. Sykes is drinking vodka, I think is what it's what he's got that getting drunk together tell them stories. They're telling jokes.

John 40:58
Like our dad.

Dom 41:01
Francisco gets gets drunk!

John 41:05
They get so hammered and everything that the next day this dude stops and breaks into the car and he starts hooking up this churro it's more of a series of churros

Melissa 41:18
Then they're gonna blow up. But yes,

John 41:20
yeah.But then Sam wakes up because he must smell the churro because it's delicious. And he scares them off I think that's whats going on.

Melissa 41:28
Because he was so wasted. He was so sour milkwasted . That he couldn't drive home and his wife's gonna be pissed he said to she's actually not a dirtbag. So he goes home to his wife normally

John 41:41
just see too many lumps.

Melissa 41:43
He's gonna be in the beaver house tonight. He's not sleeping with his wife tonight.

Dom 41:49
And that bonding moment, this bonding moment that they have with a boiled a bomb being planted on his car translates to when they have to go to the beach and Sam is not happy with having to go to the beach.

John 42:02
Just one more thing about the bomb to my favorite part of that scene is he comes walking in the house all hung over and he just hands it to him. I hear hold this frickin bomb.

Dom 42:14
Sykes goes down to the beach sees other two guys who are actually doing the investigation on tuggs murder is the ones who are supposed to be the only even though sykes outside Sam Francisco and what's that made any headway on it? He goes down to talk to them. The body's melted obviously because it was put into acid.

Melissa 42:29
They're making all kinds of jokes.

Dom 42:30
They spray painted on sykes car. In the interim when he went down to go look at the body they decided that then they were going to spray paint on his car

Melissa 42:39
something like slag lover or something. I remember what it was.

John 42:43
Oh, yeah. And they don't normally carry around pain. So someone had to drive to the store buy spray paint and come back.

Melissa 42:51
Yeah, I guess the main thing is that these guys are just douchebags. Yeah, they're jerks. Like and they're not even good at, hey, I'm kind of a gruff cop and I'm good at my job kind of jerk. Now they're just jerks. They don't know their job, and they're not good at anything. So

John 43:04
we finally start to see a little bit of James Caan becoming best friends forever with Sam because he decides to stand up for him and smashes one of the guys head up onto a steering wheel

Melissa 43:17
HR is gonna hear about that one.

Dom 43:20
Yeah, he defend Sam. Even when Sam isn't there.

Melissa 43:23
Yeah, they're making fun of Sam because they're like, look at him. be such a baby. He won't even like come down here to look at the water. He's like, why would you? It's like acid to him. He would he could die. Of course you're not gonna come near it. And then they're like, Oh, yeah, like just making fun of him and like, oh, you're falling in love with him? Hi, like he is.

John 43:41
Yeah, they shared sour milk together, so and then they're off to the morgue where it always creeps me out when you see morticians eating while they're in the morgue. I know. Yeah. I mean, they're so rude. They just didn't interrupt them. They didn't even let him finish eating this Beaver. It's the future guys. beavers the new cow.

Dom 44:03
Francisco hear's some news won't tell it to Sykes they get in the elevator syke corners him what is going on. So we find out that there's this truck that their race it was used on their race when they were forced labor for whoever was the created them. And it's this drug is highly addictive drug that makes them feel good. And the harder they work, the more they would get, which is obviously the cycle.

Melissa 44:26

Dom 44:26
because then they're super addicted to it. And they'll just keep showing up because they want that drug. They'll keep working harder. And then the owners will hold that over them to be able to force them to do whatever they want. It's a dark chapter. They want to eliminate that on Earth. That drug is not going to exist anymore on earth. And that's why Sam Francisco is so torn over he can't beside himself. You can't believe that someone's actually got it here their race is so addicted to it. It's got to go they can't have it around.

Melissa 44:55
Well, it's like it apparently it's also deadly to them because he said he's best friend. got addicted to it like when they were slaves together, his best friend got addicted to it and he like I don't know if he died or what I don't know what

John 45:06
I totally get what they're going for is their whole race was held hostage by this addiction. But later in the movie, we are informed that the chemical is actually not illegal in the country basically boils down the laundry detergent. So they're basically taking tide pods

Melissa 45:23
Tide pods?

John 45:24
Yeah, so like, I mean, they stopped the drug from hitting the streets. But guys, guess what, they're gonna be in pod form soup.

Melissa 45:33
It is the future

John 45:35
the future is gonna get worse.

Dom 45:40
Yeah, it's not a controlled substance because no one knows about it.

Melissa 45:44
Oh, yeah. Because it doesn't do anything to human. So whatever it is, humans could probably take it and they wouldn't it wouldn't affect them like it does the aliens.

Dom 45:50
So of course, now Sykes and SF, they need help George, they need help. They need someone who can use a computer. So they go find a woman that can look up things in the computer for them how things have changed, right? Is 1981 or slightly into the future men still unable to use the computer?

Melissa 46:09
Of course they got to go to the secretary. Or Miami Vice Kay.

John 46:18
Like they had to go get Trudy Yeah. So

Melissa 46:23
the funny part is, is what they're telling her to enter in, it's just names like, Okay, try this one. She's like, okay, I moved over, you could just like type in the name yourself.

John 46:34
But there's a keyboard, you know, put in Steve. Match.

Dom 46:40
They're able to conclude that Strader, hubley and the third person which I'm drawing a blank on his name, Porter, they're all in cahoots. We find out from their investigation. And then we also find out that in quarantine, they were all in the same bunk. Because obviously, when you come from space, you need to be quarantined that way you wont get space, germs all over the place, which apparently we can pull that off, but not keeping people home from COVID but

Melissa 47:06
I mean, this is the future.

John 47:10
At no point during the investigation, where like, I wonder if these people were roommates at any point, you know?

Melissa 47:16
Yeah, because Sam Francisco talks about how he was in with the

Dom 47:21
Porters son.

Melissa 47:22
So then they figure out that they were all in the same bunk and there was a fourth person because there's four people in the bunk and who was the fourth person? Harcourt I don't know where Kipling was, but

John 47:34
pretty far into the movie at this point. We haven't had a car chase guys. I'm starting to think it's not actually a cop movie.

Melissa 47:43
I mean, it's not like Tango and cash where starts out with one

Dom 47:46
they go down to the refinery. Next step, what's going on down at the refinery? Hey, see the man the manager is walking out.

Melissa 47:53
Well, with a sandwich

Dom 47:54
Sees him, oh snap I better run into the drug room. The place I don't want them to investigate I better run in there with no mask on

Melissa 48:02
also where it's like supposed to be poisonous, but it's not.

John 48:06
Well, and Sam basically grabs him while he's running in and basically opens the door with his face.

Melissa 48:11
Yeah, sounds a little bit feisty.

John 48:13
Yeah, he goes all rage George goes nuts

Dom 48:17
He goes in there smashes everything just off the rails nuts

Melissa 48:22
tell me that the stuff that they were using to make this drug did not look like the little guys in Fraggle Rock when they were building them remember the city really build them and they like the most like glass pieces that look like I'm like, yeah. Little guys called not to look it up. Hold on. I'm gonna look it up while we talk.

Dom 48:45
Then they want to know Okay, where's the drugs? Because now that I see what you're making, I know what's happening. Where do they take the stash that they made and then manager says they took it earlier that day to a club called in encounters which is Strader's bar. So that's where they are going to go next to go break up this deal with hardcore

Melissa 49:05
Fraggle Rock, the doozers,

Dom 49:07
there we go the doozers

Melissa 49:08
The doozers he build those little cities

Dom 49:10
so we're off to encounters and pretty much the last scene of the movie so it's all going to take place in this area. First, we see that hardcore is going to do this deal. He's gonna sell the drug to these other people, they're actually able to manufacture it. He was booked with a person who was a chemist that knew how to make it apparently they don't need much because that quantity was more than enough for what the buyer was looking for.

John 49:33
If it is mostly laundry detergent, you can pretty much buy that anywhere.

Dom 49:39
Francisco walks in says he's got the bomb that was supposed to be planted on his car uses Harcourt a murder test when hardcore tries to say you can't arrest me for drugs. This isn't a controlled substance like Yeah, but I can arrest you for murdering all these other people.

Melissa 49:52
And so and then he says, You murdered whatever strader. I can get that guy

Dom 49:57

Melissa 49:57
and then that's when Cassandra goes crazy.

John 50:01
you kill tuggs and strader

Melissa 50:05
she goes crazy and tries to like pull out a gun or something and if I want you to strip all nine doesn't mean she just stupidly ruins everything.

Dom 50:14
sf gets punched in the newcomer nads goes down

Melissa 50:27
even worse when you

Dom 50:28
raise the armpits

John 50:30
go back to your small balls hurt when they imagine if they were giant

Melissa 50:37
None said anything thing about balls, okay That was never a thing.

John 50:42
So you see it's just a big dong, no berries.

Dom 50:49
Now that we've talked about this, so like what could be in their armpits? gigantic dicks to the armpits. When he gets hit in his armpits and he goes down. It makes more sense.

John 51:03
Right, the egg sack.

Dom 51:08
makes so much more sense if you just go down

Melissa 51:11
in a pile.

John 51:15
their stomachs hurt all three of them.

Dom 51:19
Sykes sames sf from Kipling's got that gigantic gun. He started he punches Kipling in the Big Dick too. After Kipling kills a cop, by the way, did they chase after Harcourt which is heading down towards the ocean. Obviously Francisco is getting a little nervous here. Yeah, the car chases heading down to the ocean. The car wrecks that he has to pull Francisco out he moves him out of the way he's hurt real bad. Kipling stuck in the car. Looks like he's gonna make it up into the car explodes. Syke follows Harcourt down harcourts at a dead end, he can't jump in the water to be able to escape. So he's stuck. He's just gonna ride out.

Melissa 52:02
Yeah, so he just takes the drug

John 52:04
just takes all of the tide pods, ODS and dyes. And that's the end of the movie. They go back to the Buick Park Avenue, and they're all just kind of hanging out every thing you know,

Melissa 52:15
they're making jokes and like talking about how he said told a funny joke, and they're like, oh, I've heard that one too. It's like stop me if you heard it and like like I heard it thought. Funny.

John 52:26
So then he happens to mention that he took all of the tide pods it turns out these guys don't od they turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Melissa 52:37
Or they turn into a cannibal internal organs

John 52:43
holy flower monster.

Dom 52:46
He's like a mix between the predator and Frankenstein. Right?

John 52:49
I kind of got predator meets vampire vibe. He's kind of got a kind of a Nosferatu kind of pale.

Melissa 52:57
I would say it's more like a zombie. The way he eats them is like gross and, disgusting and like a vampire would just eat your blood. This guy rips their stomachs open and eats like every part of their body.

John 53:09
Yeah, so apparently if you od on this stuff beavers no longer enough.

Melissa 53:13

John 53:15
Obviously they have to go and find and kill the giant cauliflower monster James Caan still runs like he's wearing high heels.

Melissa 53:24
Don't put those toes down. Just keep running on those heals the search. So they've got Sam is on one side of the police car. Sykes is on the other side of the police car. And then the police cop, whose name we don't know because he's not going to live long enough to care. I think it seems like Sullivan because they're like Sullivan, Sullivan!

John 53:43
So he sees him so he guns it with the car and completely leaves them in the dust and then they when they get up there. He's all dead. It's like what what are you doing Sullivan?

Dom 53:56
He'll be all dead

John 53:59
You're in the car because you're you're not helpful. lIke they dont want you to die You're just supposed to drive behind them with the light. Yes.

Melissa 54:09
You know James Caan can't run that fast.

Dom 54:13
You know, sometimes you got gout just flares up for a couple days. Of course Sykes is the one that finds Harcourt let him have a battle. Try shooting him. He's just a bullet magnet won't go down. Harcourt it is then Sykes runs. He knows he's not gonna survive. Harcourt catches him but whoa sneaky bugger, runs and jumps onto a boat and then jumps from the boat to a dinghy? Yes, the boats going out into the water. So now hardcourt stuck.

Melissa 54:45
I think he thinks at first like, Oh, he's not gonna follow me. And so then it's like, well, he's following me.

Dom 54:52
For once Sykes has a brilliant plan. They can sit in the dinghy and that just tackles him into the water but yeah, Lucy no

John 55:00
So Sykes got him in the water I mean Sykes. Now, so he's got him in the water and it's burning him but it's like the monster he turned into is still like too tough still fighting with him even though the guy is melting in his arm so which is gonna be weird. It's heavy like I like hugging like a giant melting ice cream.

Dom 55:18
I imagined it was like if he was fighting, like a meatloaf or corned beef. corned beef is probably more apt like this guy be like something, some kind of salt, salty and brainy.

Melissa 55:28
Oh gross

Dom 55:29
Juicy comes off in flakes like shrimps.

John 55:33
Ultimately, he dissolves like a Boolean cube starts to drown. And it turns out those police helicopters do not have life jackets or any kind of rope or anything.

Melissa 55:46

John 55:46
they're very unprepared. And so all Sam George can do is wrap his hand with

Melissa 55:54
an oven mitt he found on the helicopter .

John 55:56

Melissa 55:57
yeah, it's gonna look like it was like a shirt or something.

John 56:00
helicopter pilots wearing a scarf, which I guess is good.

Melissa 56:03

John 56:03

Melissa 56:03
Jaunty for LA

John 56:03
says he's gonna go home because he laughed. We thought that scarf, it came in handy today. He's got to reach into the water and burn his hand to save Syke .

Dom 56:16
I have a question about that scene. So and I know it's like a big deal. And Francisco's gonna stick his hand in the water. I have a question about that scene in salt water. It's like sulfuric acid to the new commerce. So question is if you're hovering over a pool of sulfuric acid would the drops and mist of the water from the helicopter also burn you.

John 56:38
That was my thought too.

Melissa 56:39
Yeah he should have been burned all over not just his hand

Dom 56:42
should have been burning them like crazy, right? Because if you for us, for example, if we were to be near a pool of hydrochloric acid, and there was a big fan blowing mist in the air. Yes, right.

Melissa 56:53
Yes. Is spraying him in the face, right?

John 56:55
So just so George should probably be probably dead. So we're gonna look back to that

Dom 57:00
look like a cauliflower monster.

John 57:03
We're gonna look past that because it's important for us so that George is here for next week's episode in which we go to Sykes wedding. But there's a murder and there's a whole nother case to solve. I swear.

Dom 57:17
We'll see what's gonna happen is is that Sykes is gonna get amnesia.

Melissa 57:21
Oh, get out of here.

Dom 57:24
Sykes is gonna buy bikes. .

Melissa 57:26
Get out of here but the most important thing is sykes didnt give no crap about tugg.

John 57:35
I got you doing it now.

Melissa 57:37
tell ya

Dom 57:38
no he stopped caring about tugg.

Melissa 57:40
I mean, the minute he found out about was like, well tugg dead. I gotta I gotta move.

John 57:46
He didn't even go to tugg's funeral. We never saw that funeral.

Dom 57:50
the wedding was on Saturday?

Melissa 57:52
It was sunday.

Dom 57:53
Three days, four days.

Melissa 57:54
Yeah tahats what im saying So all that time and he didn't even mourn his friend who he's known since before his daughter was born.

Dom 58:01
Yes but it's okay because Sam Francisco took his place at the wedding. So it's okay. He still did it for him.

John 58:09
Now here in Santa, he's got a new best friend. His best friend is now Sam, who he likes to call George and they're gonna be best Friends forever.

Melissa 58:16
It'll all end because Sykes will have an affair with with Francisco's wife.

Dom 58:20
he's gonna be really disappointed.

Melissa 58:25
You only have one and it's small.

Dom 58:29
Just love the recurring joke. Since we started doing the movies podcast its all about big dicks.

Melissa 58:38
We're still waiting to come on.

Dom 58:41
How do you rank against Sam Francisco? I want to know like hey where's the rank in here ? This alienation I have more thoughts. I have lots of thoughts about this movie. I know we poked fun at a breakdown but I have some deeper thoughts about alienation. This movie hits hard

Melissa 59:00
is it the beavers?

Dom 59:07
it's what the big dicks do with the beaver gets me really concerned.

John 59:13
That's that episode to the ones full of inuendo.

Dom 59:18
this movie is really good. It's really good. And I wasn't prepared for that I was prepared for cheesy 80 sci fi right and this movie ended up being really deep so I'm gonna say more than that, but

Melissa 59:30
I think we're gonna have a different opinion.

Dom 59:36
Well, before we get there let's go break down the music. Sorry,

Melissa 59:40
I can't even think of music that's in this like that, having a hard time,

John 59:43
Well just wait cuz it's gonna get better.

Dom 59:49
Alright, john, as Melissa said, this music in this movie. I was so locked into the story wasnt really paying attention to to what was happening with the music. What do you got for us this week.

John 59:58
So it is actually got some really good music in it to the point where it was hard to kind of pinpoint one thing to focus on because it was such a star studded music lineup. And to make it worse, there were some really big songs that were covered by other really big bands. So we're gonna do this is kind of a quick hitter. We're not gonna focus on any one specific one for too long. Throw some quick stuff out about each one. That way we don't spend too much time talking about any one specific band, which I know surprising because like you didn't even realize it was music but let me start it off.

Dom 1:00:35
Im remembering now. That's right. There's all these scenes where it's got these big

Melissa 1:00:40

Dom 1:00:40
but they're cover songs

John 1:00:42
so it starts out with you really got a hold on me by Smokey Robinson born William Smokey Robinson Jr. He's an r&b Motown legend and the former front man for the miracles and something quick about him is his favorite uncle Claude actually gave them the nickname smokey. He used to take them to cowboy movies when he was a kid and him and his uncle came up with cowboy names. His name was smokey Joe. He told people his name was smokey Joe until about 12, which he dropped the Joe and just became Smokey Robinson. Our next song is surfin Safari by the Beach Boys.These boys are made up by Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson, who are all brothers, their cousin Mike love and their friend Al Jardine . They're 19 66/11 studio album pet sound is largely considered to be among the most influential albums in music history. And they're one of the most commercially successful bands in history selling over 100 million records. So what gets me with the Beach Boys all the time is that I remember the surfin stuff from the Beach Boys. You don't think about their whole collection Pet Sounds that album, it's always listed on like top 10 Greatest Albums of All Time. They did some really experimental stuff there. And so the Beach Boys really were the Americas Beatles.

Dom 1:02:07
Yeah, that's true, I guess I never thought about it that way because they did do a bunch of experimental stuff.

John 1:02:13
Yeah. So like after they had the like poppy hits. They did a bunch of experimental stuff throughout their later years, which they all got strung out on either drugs or alcohol. So I mean, they're pretty much the Beatles. Our next song is (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay , written by Otis Redding, but performed by Michael bull actually wrote it was actually released on Michael Bolton's 87 album The Hunger but nobody gives a shit about Michael Bolton, so Otis wrote the song with guitarist Steve Cropper, while vacationing on a houseboat in Sausalito, California is Waldo point. They recorded it twice, but it was still considered to be unfinished when Otis died in the plane crash. After his death, Cropper talked him into adding seagulls and the wave sounds post death, because that's what Otis wanted for the song. And it's largely contested, who actually does the whistling part, but Cropper insists that it was Redding who did the whistling part, there's one of the covers the other cover sympathy for the devil, written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of Rolling Stones, and that was performed by Jane's Addiction.

Dom 1:03:23

John 1:03:23
And that's actually when they go to the club scene before the lounge singer starts hitting on him. She's up on stage to sympathy for the devil by Jane's Addiction.

Dom 1:03:33
So wait two things, two things about this one, it was kind of a weird song, but that scene and I get where they're trying to come from. It's kind of weird song. But to Jane's Addiction was around in 1988?

Melissa 1:03:47
Oh, yeah.

Dom 1:03:49
More that They've been around a long time.

John 1:03:52
Jane's Addiction actually broke up in 91 original so like they were like the first of the alternative grunge bands. They're made up of Perry Ferro, Stephen Perkins, Dave Navarro and Eric Avery, who was replaced by Chris Chaney. They were formed in the late 80s when Pharaoh was original band broke up him and Perkins left and formed Jane's Addiction. The name Jane's Addiction comes from their house mate and self proclaimed muse. Jane Bainter, who they lived with the original suggestion was Jane's heroin experience, but they thought that was a little too on the nose. So they made a little bit more vague with Jane's Addiction. So what happened with Jane's Addiction is that they released like three albums really quick, and then they broke up because Ferro and I believe it was Ferro and Perkins were deep in the drugs, whereas Avery and Navarro weren't. And they were like, guys, like, we don't want to do this. We don't want to we don't want to be around you guys anymore. So everyone split up and started doing side projects, Dave Navarro joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers in like 1993, Ferro and Perkins would go on to start Porno for Pyros which is just a great great band so but that moves us to our next song Scary Monsters by the great David Bowie. So you guys see why I couldn't just focus on one person Otis Redding, David Bowie

Dom 1:05:13
From music forever.

John 1:05:15
I thought so. So the only thing I will tell you is that he's born David Robert Jones, which is also the name of the bad guy in the first couple seasons of Fringe, which I thought was great.

Melissa 1:05:25
Oh yeah.

John 1:05:27
He also had 11 number one albums also sold 100 million worldwide and starred as jareth the villainous Goblin king in the coke film Labyrinth in 1986. He also was in the cult film The man who fell from Earth in 1976, in which he admits that he did way too much cocaine and didn't really know what was going on. That brings us to our last band and song indestructible by the Four Tops. They were a vocal quartet from Detroit when Motown exploded during the 60s they were founded as the four aims actually remained a group guys for four decades from 1953 to 1997. They toured and performed and continue to make music

Dom 1:06:14
Damn, I didnt even notice it was that late in the 90s.

John 1:06:17
Yeah, and what's even more incredible, or I guess, I guess one chance of fate is that in December 1988, they were supposed to fly home on Pan Am Flight 103. That flight is also known as a disaster called the Lockerbie bombing. Which they were supposed to return on that flight, but they had a performance on the tops of pop show, and overslept. Well, that flight ended up a terrorist bomb ended up detonating and crashing in Scotland. So

Dom 1:06:46

John 1:06:46
They ended up escaping one because tops of pops kept them out late night so

Dom 1:06:51

John 1:06:52
Crazy. So there's your music. There's your quick hitters, obviously. I mean, Tops of pops David Bowie. Jane's Addiction, Otis Redding, Smokey Robinson. I mean, pick your poison. I could have talked about any one of them. But there that gives you a little bit about everybody except Michael Bolton who can fuck off.

Dom 1:07:11
Gramps that I'm so glad we're on the same page. All right, I totally forgot all the music because of it does fit with the movie because of everyone's names, too. So it's supposed to be like pop culture.

Melissa 1:07:26

Dom 1:07:26
infused with in there, which is interesting because this will take place in the future. Anyways. Let's go give our final thoughts on this movie because it sounds like we're not all gonna be on the same page. Let's look at my final thoughts. Okay, well before Melissa gets a chance to be able to speak I'm gonna chime in here with my final thoughts that have been kind of hinted on throughout the whole random I really did like this movie. I had seen it but as a kid someone things can be common. Anyone who's listening to this 100% your dad also loved this movie.

Melissa 1:08:01
My dad.

Dom 1:08:02
Everyone's dad loves this movie. Saw it that way kid. Watch it now. Well, the sweet teeth this hits on a lot of socio economic race. stuff that was happening is still happening especially in LA lets do a really good job of saying things without saying them. It's not really hidden. Still at the surface. It walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

Melissa 1:08:25

Dom 1:08:26
But you come to the conclusion if it's a duck, that's basically what happens here. Right? I think they do a really good job and I think what seals it though, is mandy Patinkin. He does a really good job and it's weird with aliens because they're so human like that that It's hard to to think of them as being non human. Because they wear the same clothes the same shape they eat same roughly the same food right they're basically humans but Mandy Patinkin does a really good job. And he really makes this movie because everything else is gone meh but Mandy Patinkin, it really makes us and that's why I'm hooked on it. His way the job of passing along and making you feel like what where he's coming from James Caan does a good job because he's supposed to be an asshole, and he does a good job of being an asshole.

Melissa 1:09:13
I think we should figure out why he's not an apple.

Dom 1:09:20
So I think the two together it works. The duo works out. And that's why they become friends again, it just moves too fast. There's some there's some story problems. mandy Patinkin is the one that really makes this and I really liked this movie, and I really liked him. And I really like the story that its telling . So Melissa, what are your thoughts on this?

Melissa 1:09:35
I agree that that one of them is fantastic at his role, and James Caan, I'm sorry. I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't think James Caan is anything that he's the same character every time he plays something. Tell me how he's different from playing that role as to being the dad and elf . The dad and Elf he's a huge dirt who treays his family like crap and they hate him and then they don't want to be with Him until until like they finally Christmas magic happens and then he realizes what a jerk he's been so like, Yeah, he's good at that. He's good at that role of being a jerk. My problem with the movie is that it's not silly. There's no silliness. It's an alien movie. There's not enough like crazy alien stuff. They just kind of look like snake. Like they have funny shaped heads and they're swatted. Okay, gotcha. It's not gonna be silly. It's gonna be serious. It's serious, but they don't take a stand on anything. It's a movie where they don't have a point. Great. You are showing us what it's like for racism. But there's no like, Hey, we should really be not doing this. There's no point is there only like a big like, moral statement made about how like being racist against whoever This is supposed to be about fill in the blank for whoever you think it's about, about why it's bad. And no one ever learned the lesson except for Sykes . He changes his mind. And they become friends. And this is about friendship. I will say that it is a good movie about friendship. And

Dom 1:10:54
but you're right, there isn't some other bigger

Melissa 1:10:57

Dom 1:10:57
cultural change. Only Sykes is the one that changes his mind,

Melissa 1:11:00
Yes Sykes is the one, they are so at the end of the movie, the best the most pivotal thing at the end of the movie is that where are where is Sam Francisco or Sam Francisco and your family sitting there sitting all the way at the back of when

Dom 1:11:14
And no ones near them either.

Melissa 1:11:15
no one's near them? No one's near them, because no one wants to sit next to them. They're still just a bunch of racist jerkwads during the whole movie. So yes, I mean, I get it. If it was, I would be okay. If it was like, Hey, you know what, we're gonna be really silly. They're gonna bust out of these big eggs and like, you know, talking about like, I don't like I'm not a sci-fi person I'll admit that right now. But but there's not. So there's not even any funny things.

John 1:11:41
Can I read you a quote from James Caan about the movie? So when asked about alienation in 1988, during an interview with the AV club, this is his response. James Caan said, Why the fuck Why would you bring that up? Yeah, well, I don't know. I don't know. I don't have too many. I mean, I love Mandy Patinkin . Mandy was a riot but I don't know, it was a lot of silly stuff creatively. And we had this English director, who I wasn't really that fond of. I mean, nice guy. But it was just one of those things where you know, you don't quit you just get through it. It certainly wasn't one of I wouldn't write it down as one of my favorite movies, but it was pretty popular.

Melissa 1:12:23
I mean, I think that really does like sums up the whole movie . I think the team about the way I'm talking about the movie.

John 1:12:36
I'm listening to your responses. I'm thinking about that quote. That was the same quote that basically James Caan said to the , it's just a movie.

Melissa 1:12:50
did it have 100% had a lot of potential to be a groundbreaking movie about racism, and and all of that. But did it do any of that? No. Was it funny? No. Was it veiny? No, except for Dicks in their armpits and that they eat beavers.

Dom 1:13:07
you know, I guess I have to come to the conclusion that now that I've been a dad for so long, it's got to be in the dad zone.

Melissa 1:13:14
Maybe thats why you like it.

Dom 1:13:16
Its a dad movie. so anyways, john, what are your final thoughts on this movie?

John 1:13:20
Okay, so as a big sci fi guy, I will say that I love this movie, because of what came from this movie, obviously, farscape and some of the other stuff and other people that bounce through also all the alienation spin off stuff. What I'll say is that a lot of times, it seems like we pick these random movies. And one thing that I really enjoy is that there's a lot more influence behind all of these movies, even if it's just stuff that's as silly as this person ended up getting this role in this other movie. Like I was saying earlier, you can see parts of alien nation and like a bunch of other sci fi movies. I specifically pointed out District 9 because it has the same kind of setup where the aliens kind of showed up, they're stuck here. It's actually a pretty big movie. And as far as science fiction goes, because it gets pulled from a lot and then like I was giving crap about that Will Smith Bright loop, which is basically him having to take on the first Ork partner and being a bastard to them the whole movie, which is essentially what this movie is basically about, and then you subtract, you just change drugs to magic wand and that's great it's still getting ripped off today. It's still influencing sci fi projects today. It's such a good movie compared to a lot of the sci fi we could have chosen from 1988. So definitely, I would definitely put alienation above Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man being that they're, even though their posts set slightly in the future. I encourage you to go out and check out Farscape just for the Jim Henson experience stuff and the way they filmed it and everything I really just want to say, fuck you Michael Bolton, fuck you and the

Dom 1:15:11
And that's it for us this week I enjoyed this episode, we would love to hear from you. Unless your name's Michael Bolton

Melissa 1:15:20
or Chuck Norris either, we really burn those bridges didnt we?

Dom 1:15:28
gowiththeheated@gmail, go to website gowiththeheat.com You can find all the ways to contact us, I want to say a special thank you to people who sent us money. We've had some people that have sent us some PayPal money as we talked about making more, this podcast more accessible. We're using that money to be able to make it more accessible use the money that was sent to us by our Canadian friends

John 1:15:50
Thank you so much !

Dom 1:15:50
to pay for the transcription service

John 1:15:52
yet pays for the transcription service and the tacos.

Dom 1:15:57
And also just a little if you're thinking about it, too, yeah. Hey, you know, there's some people that gave them money donated money for them to be able to pay for the transcription service and like do the same. So I'll let you know. There's no limit to how much you can give. Oh, yeah. You won't give us 1000 10,000 paypal won't stop you. If you give us like 100,000, I'm not gonna say anything. You want to give us a million, We'll take it.

Melissa 1:16:24
Yeah, I mean, yeah, we'll take it for sure.

Dom 1:16:26
Whatever is the cap on PayPal, or square, and Patreon. Hey, there's one more way to find out what the max is on Patreon. Just go in there and put in the max keeping money in there until it tells you to stop. But if you don't have any money, we understand there's people that don't have any money, you can also send us too. Now, we haven't received any catalytic converters yet. We know the post office is slow right now. So catalytic converters could show up. Listen, the best time is do it at night and do it in your neighborhood so you don't have to deal with that kind of stuff. Just put just the converter part. We don't need the header. You don't need the muffler, just the catalytic converter section that's easier to ship. Alright, if you're not into sealing breaking into people's cars, you can also share the show let other people know about the show and help us a bunch. You can write us a review on your podcast, your platform of choice. Give us five stars. Then tell in there what the best method is for stealing catalytic converters. go into detail let everyone know this is how you do it. You find these kinds of cars. It can't be a car loaded the ground can't get anything. Gotta look, those crossovers are kind of high off the ground. Leave your review in your podcast, your platform of choice whatever you want it to be me if it's about stealing catalytic converters, let me know email me, gowiththeheat.com I want to see that review. that's gonna do it for us this week. We hope you enjoyed this episode. And we'll see y'all next time.

John 1:17:53
bye pals.

Go With The Heat 163 – Alien Nation
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