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Go With The Heat #164 - Tiger Claws

This is one of our favorite karate movies... for all the wrong reasons. Coming off of a serious movie in our last episode, Tiger Claws is the exact opposite. It goes straight to Silly Town on the express train with no brakes. One thing is certain, many, many people didn't know they were gonna be in the background of this movie.

Between the karate, slo-mo, and Jalal attempting to do his best Sonny Crockett impersonation, there is a movie about Tarek's tiger addiction that needs to be addressed. We take it head on!

John wonders if Bolo even knew they were filming a movie and Melissa proposes he was being Bowfinger'ed. Dominic is still in awe of the ability to kick someone while sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce. We all ABSOLUTELY LOVE Cynthia Rothrock.

You gotta listen to this one.

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00:00:00 - Opening
00:01:23 - Intro
00:05:52 - Guest Stars
00:13:06 - Movie rundown
00:56:14 - Music
01:05:17 - Final thoughts
01:10:07 - Goodbye
01:12:45 - Post credits

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Movie info

Premiered: July 16, 1992
Kind of a weird deal. I think it had a very limited run in a specific theater or small theater chain and then was released on VHS/Laserdisc in 1992. It is pretty much a straight-to-VHS movie.
Directed by: Kelly Makin
He has worked on a lot of TV, including The Kids in the Hall, Flashpoint, Queer as Folk, and Vikings.
Written by: J. Stephen Maunder
Mystery person.



  • Break the Walls Down - Written by St. James/Taylor and performed by Attitude
  • Tiger Spirit - Written by Harvey/Rossetto/Stevenson



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Dom 00:00
Hey pals. Before we get started, I want to let you know that we have a newsletter. I know it's thinking newsletter. Another one another place to give my email address. Trust me, you're gonna want this newsletter. For those of you that have been listening to the show for a long time, you know that I used to do a companion show called this week in vice when we were doing Miami Vice, this newsletter is essentially that for our movies. So in there's notes about the movie, links other things to check out some other articles that talk more about the movie that we had for that podcast episode. It's good use of your time, I'm writing it, I'm not going to send you any other spam or any other information or take advantage you giving us your email address. But if you don't want to do that, you don't want to give us your email address. That's totally fine. They will publish the Friday after every movie episode on our website, gowiththeheat.com, you can go there and you can give it a read and you know, give it a sample read I bet you you'll, subscribe.

John 00:55
If you hear something that you hear about a video we referenced from music, or specific website that I'm telling you to go buy music on it will be in that newsletter. And trust me, I am a CEO, CEO of john jazzy production.

Dom 01:15
All right, make sure you subscribe that newsletter now with the show. Hello, and welcome to Go With The Heat. I'm Dominic.

John 01:25
And i'm john.

Melissa 01:26
I'm Melissa.

Dom 01:27
And this is your cultural guide to punch chop and kick your way through the greatest era of action moves that is 1975 to 1995 and I don't know if you classify this movie as exists in the era I don't know if you should punch chop or kick about this movie being in the one of the best ones.

John 01:44
I think it fits with a lot of the movies that we watch. But I think it's more representative of that genre of b-movies. I will say

Dom 01:52
Yeah, and that's for sure. In our discussion about this movie gonna get to what movie it is in a second. I love this movie. But I love it for it's b-movie quality. So there's there's a there's a definite difference between Alien Nation and Tango & Cash, which are fun movies, fun action movies, big explosions and fight scenes and a bunch of good side actors that are in it. Those are fun for those reason. This movie is fun, because it's so cheesy and corny, and just barely off that it makes it fun.

Melissa 02:23
It's really funny. And you don't have to pay attention either.

John 02:27
Yes, it's very easy to follow.

Melissa 02:29
Yeah, exactly. You don't have to be like all into the detail. Details who need that? I mean, I think that might be the same guy twice, but I'm not sure. Let's see.

Dom 02:38
The movie that we are taking a look at this week is Tiger Claws it originally premiered on July 16 1992, which is kind of funny because I also listed as a movie that came out in 1991 and I don't know where that comes from. I think it has to do with that they released it in a limited run theater, like three theater chain. And then months later released it on VHS and LaserDisc.

Melissa 03:04
So I think they thought it was gonna get picked up.

John 03:09
I was confused looking at the IMBD because it said that they apparently spent like two and a half million dollars on this movie. But it didn't list what the box office was. But they listed that it was released in Hungary now it's like, well, why? Why would they release it in Hungary? Like why would that be the place to release this movie?

Dom 03:29
Classic B movie. Where did it get really. Hungary. Why? It got released didn't?

John 03:37
Exactly. They released it in the Hungary. And then like a couple months later was like this movie was huge and Hungary, let's bring it to the States.

Dom 03:47
This movie and movies like it John's gonna talk about later. They're designed to be straight to VHS. From the very beginning this movie was designed to be straight to VHS. In the modern era this is a straight to Tubi, not Netflix. You're not good enough for Netflix. Maybe Amazon

John 04:02
I don't know why I was gonna say I was gonna say Amazon is making a ton of movies just like this right now. Yeah. So trust me. I've watched the few. To be fair Netflix. I just watched Dragonheart Vengeance the other night. Netflix isn't far, far ahead.

Melissa 04:20
No, no, it's not because some of the Netflix are especially which is funny because it's the Netflix original movie like wow.

Dom 04:28
Tiger Claws is written by J. Stephen Maunder. No Wikipedia. So sorry, Jay. We're moving on. It is directed by Kelly Makin. Now he has a little bit of TV chops, Flashpoint Queer as Folk, Vikings, a bunch of other stuff that I didn't mark down. But cheesiness in the campiness and the weird kind of story that we have going on and Tiger Claws might make sense when you find out that he wrote a bunch episodes for the Kids in the Hall.

Melissa 04:55
That should have been a warning, I think.

Dom 04:59
So let's be real though the reason why we chose this movie A) me and Melissa have seen it before. So we are on the inside track. We got to watch this Tiger Claws.

Melissa 05:07
Yeah. B) it's the cast. It really is all about the cast in this because when you see the cover and you see that Bolo is in it and then you know some of the other people that are going to be in the movie, you know, 80s and 90s action, you got to give it a shot. Yeah, you got you have to watch it, you have to see what's going to happen

Dom 05:25
And in classic b-movie form. What makes these movies so much fun is that they're not by the numbers. There's always some twist to it, but the twist is awful. It doesn't make any sense. But it makes it fun. Because there's just like weird quirk in the storyline like you know, being able to scratch someone with your Tiger Claws. Before we get into this rundown, we got to talk about the cast because if you watch these kinds of movies, you know who these people are now, they may not be the most glamorous people, but you know who they are.

Melissa 05:59
You may not want to know who they are. But you do.

Dom 06:04

John 06:04
Jumping into this, the first obvious guests are I have to talk about Cynthia Rothrock. She plays Linda Master, she's a badass. She's known as the queen of martial arts. And she made a ton of these b-movies. I think the pinnacle of them is China O'Brien. That's kind of the movie that if you want to see Cynthia Rothrock that's the one you go watch first. This is according to her IMBD okay, so this is her bio from her IMBD it says that she is a world champion in martial art, art forms and weapons that she was the world champion from 1981 to 85 in martial arts forms and weapons. I don't know if that's one category, several categories. She only wanted to do it for five years and then she was going to retire. And so she retired undefeated with over 100 wins.

Dom 06:56

John 06:57
She holds five black belts with the rank of Eighth Don Grandmaster that's more than Steven Segal, JCVD, none you guys got anything on Cynthia as she started doing movies in Hong Kong before returning to the states and she is the first woman to grace the cover of Karate Illustrated.

Dom 07:16
Hmm, nice.

John 07:17
Yep. In 1983. So yeah, she's a true badass. Something for you guys. Is that apparently she was the star of No Retreat, No Surrender 2

Dom 07:27
Oh, really?

Melissa 07:29

John 07:29
Something we might have to pull out. A movie I want to watch is Sci-Fighters with Don Wilson, where Don Wilson has to go and fight in a virtual reality to save his son. And she's in that. So I want to check that out.

Dom 07:45
Yes, we have watched that one.

Melissa 07:48

Dom 07:48
It is fantastic.

John 07:50
Yes. Okay. All right. I gotta check that out.

Dom 07:52
It's fantastic for I mean, way beyond all the wrong reasons.

Melissa 07:56
Also, she's she is very provocative in that movie.

Dom 08:00
Yeah. Which is kind of out of character for her

Melissa 08:02
Yeah, cuz it's well also she's it's kind of an older Cynthia too. So yeah, yeah.

Dom 08:05
Well, it's still Don "The Dragon" Wilson so set your expectations low.

Melissa 08:09
Low. Sorry, Don. Not really though. You're not a good actor.

Dom 08:15
No mango. Devoid of mangos.

Melissa 08:20
And also emotion.

John 08:25
Okay, so the next obvious guest star we got to talk about is Bolo Yeung, who plays Chong and I'm not even sure if he's fully aware he's in the movie. He seems like he's having a pretty good time on set. Like I don't know if he knows that they're filming sometimes. But we'll talk about that later.

Melissa 08:44
He thought he was there to paint sets. At age 10 he was in a cigarette commercial.

John 08:48
So he's a bodybuilder martial artist and JCVD's mortal enemy training in martial arts since the age of 10. He met Bruce Lee while filming a Winston cigarettes commercial. So all things yeah. He developed he developed fast. He actually took the name Bolo because after the commercial him and Bruce, hit it off and he invited him to play a character named Bolo and Enter the Dragon. That was like his first real big role. And then they became good friends. And he started making movies a lot of movies is a lot of these type of movies for FilmOne Jalal Merhi's company that we're going to talk about next. The last thing about Bolo is he still looks really good he still looks like he could kick my ass. And he's 74

Dom 09:40
Damn. Damn he's older than I thought he was yeah he will still he will destroy you gorilla, just rip your arms right out of their sockets.

John 09:48
Without a doubt he is the scariest five six person in the world.

Melissa 09:55
He is yoke to by the way, I mean, he's got huge muscles.

John 10:00
We got to talk about the character Tarek Richards played by Jalal Merhi. He's a producer, director and writer. He was born in Brazil to Lebanese parents, but moved to Canada to expand his parents jewelry business. He then using the money from that jewelry business basically started his own production company. He was such a fan of movies and martial arts, that he decided that hey, I'm just gonna run with it. I'm just gonna start making movies starts a production company called FilmOne and he ends up making a bunch of movies featuring Cynthia Rothrock a bunch of movies featuring our friend Billy Blanks.

Dom 10:39
Mm hmm one on that list that I absolutely have to watch is TC 2000 y'all at home look that one up

John 10:46
Bolo was another one who he did a bunch of movies with. He just ran with it, man. You gotta love it. If you want to become an action star and you can afford it. You start your own production company. Why not cast yourself as the star.

Dom 10:58
Exactly. Exactly. You see on his Wikipedia page someone fills it in I have a feeling it's him not based that on any facts. I just say that I have suspicions is he's listed as the Beruit Steven Seagal.

John 11:15
Okay, so so later his breakdown. Oh, well, when I was watching the movie I actually lit wrote down that he reminds me of the Lebanese version of Christopher Maloney with a ponytail. Yeah, it was not quite Seagal. But SVU level.

Dom 11:36
I have a different comparison that I'm going to say it makes more sense because you started a production company. He's living the dream, making a bunch of shitty shitty movies, but living the dream making it happen, which means that he's the Beruit Tommy Wiseau,

Melissa 11:51
yes, exactly. Yes, we don't know where Tommy's from. So he might be from Beruit too. Definitely not from America.

John 12:02
The only way I can finish guest stars is well one by telling you personally invested two and a half million, which is amazing. But I also tell you that nobody else has real consequences is in the movie. There's a couple guys who went on to be stunt guys, Nick Didley, the guy who plays psychorapist. This was only acting credit with an actual character name. And it was and it was psychorapist. That was the first Figeroa plays Linda's partner at the beginning, and he is nothing that you've ever heard after. And the only other person in this movie that actually went on to do other things is David Stephenson, but we'll talk about him later

Dom 12:49
Perfect. I cannot wait for music. I've had some sneak peeks at music. I cannot wait to talk about music. Well, let's dig into Tiger Claws before we get too far into looking at what the music is. Can't wait though. Let's go get our rundown on this movie. Okay, guys, listen. Before we get started with our rundown, I want to throw some spoilers so warning to anyone listening so spoiler to look this movie up on Amazon. It's really clear who survives and is

Melissa 13:21
based off of Tiger Claws. One, two and three.

John 13:26
Yes, yes. Not only that, but like when I was reading about it. And when I was first looking it up I saw the characters psycho rapist. And so when I first saw the beginning of this movie, I thought, Oh, good movies over. Because it ended first like 30 seconds, she catches the psycho rapist. And so it's like, oh, man, that was a solid five minutes.

Dom 13:48
Also just observation of New York in the 90s. Doesn't New York in the 90s look like it's older than New York in the 80s.

Melissa 13:54
Yeah, I don't think its New York in the 90s

John 13:58
I know they did have funding issues that delayed filming from a few scenes. So I think there's a jump in time from like one part of the movie to the filming of the rest of the movie, but I don't know

Melissa 14:09
Did it, Did it actually delay the acting too.

John 14:13
We're still waiting.

Melissa 14:16
The acting never came through. So I'm waiting and wondering when that was gonna happen.

Dom 14:21
Other thing knows I'm not talking talking about the story here. Another thing that happened in the opening, this is great third of a second moment where a cab almost hits a suburban suburban is like careening out of control.

Melissa 14:35
not part of the filming was not like a closed set that was just like New York traffic. Not gonna crash.

John 14:42
Yeah, that's one of the thing I love about this movie, too, is that they're clearly filming it sometimes when no one else knows that they're filming that later on we're at a karate tournament and I think they really went down to a karate tournament and filmed it and just didn't tell anyone.

Melissa 14:58
So what you're saying is they pulled a Bowfinger

Dom 15:00
Oh my God,

Melissa 15:01
this movies a Bowfinger.

John 15:04
Its a Bowfinger. The first scene of the movie, the opening scene is this guy clumsily following Linda, none of it matters because you're never gonna see him again. And all it matters is she makes an arrest and blah, blah, blah. And we get to see her kick someone in the face. None of this open makes me anything for the whole rest of the movie.

Dom 15:26
All it does is set that Linda's a badass, right? That's all that it does. The part in the scene that really made me laugh was that the cop that is up to her partner that's supposed to be following her so that when the rapist attacks, they are there to help her. He gets distracted because he's catcalling a woman on the street.

Melissa 15:44
Yeah, what a pervert.

John 15:46
It's so obvious that he's following her. And then he can't even do that right. It's like I understand why they didn't even give us character name at this point. He's just Linda's partner. And what's great is because we jumped to this next scene, and she gets a new partner. And it's like, so what happens to the old partner? Do you just get fired? They just tell him like alright, go home. Because you never see him again.

Dom 16:10
At the end of that scene she says I'm tired of just sounding like a whore and doing these two bit arrests. I'm not done doing this. When she goes to the precinct Tarek is in the middle of negotiating with someone at a desk that he needs $25,000 otherwise his undercover deals can be blown. And the person behind the desk is like, I can do that for you if you take me out to dinner.

John 16:30
Sexual Harassment works both ways.

Melissa 16:33
Yeah, clearly. She looks like a regular like Secretary Beat Cop, so she doesn't have the power. She's was just gonna use him up. She was just gonna get some sex and be like, sorry, I couldn't get that $25,000 for you sorry about that. So wait, that's a man that would do that. Sorry. That's the other way around.

John 16:51
So we're already kind of getting a Vice wannabe Sonny Crockett vibe a little bit. And I say that because obviously Tarek is the owner of the production company and the star. So obviously he is modeling himself similar to someone who was popular around that time.

Melissa 17:11
You might say he's the Beirut Don Johnson. As well as Steven Seagal.

Dom 17:18
At the same time, that Tarek is negotiating 25 grand for dinner. Linda is talking to infomercial doctor in hallway. He's wearing a white lab coat, pulls his glasses off to speak with her. So she she can get the report on the body that someone had been killed with martial arts or the martial artists that had been killed. But and of course, it's the infomercial doctor, so he also suggests that he has the way cure her diabetes.

Melissa 17:50
And gingivitis.

John 17:53
We jump from that to what is likely the easiest drug bust I've ever seen in the history of drug busts that gets interrupted by the two moron cops. It starts with Tarek meeting these guys for this drug deal. One of the guys like pulls out like package of coke and like throws it to them. Tarek was confused why he should do and he kind of does like the taste thing. He's like, yeah, okay, everyone put your hands on the car. Okay, we're gonna do it.

Dom 18:23
The other cops come pulling up instead of assisting Tarek they tried to just take it over drug dealer takes off running with the drugs. I'm sorry one of the henchmen from the drug dealers takes off with the drugs. Tarek gives chase catches on a bridge whoops is ass to be able to take the drugs. Meanwhile, Tweedledee and Tweedledum shoot and kill two other guys, but the drug dealer escapes, but Tarek... See, here's the deal character is a great shot. A great shot. And unfortunate for this truck dealer but also happened to be two tons worth of C4

Melissa 18:57
Someone just had somae barrels gasoline they were storing there, okay.

John 19:03
The barrels had nothing to do with the car exploding. He's such a good shot, that the bullet went through the driver and blew the car up.

Melissa 19:12
Are you saying he's not? He made this movie he can do whatever you want.

Dom 19:16
But apparently despite the drug dealers hair, Tarek still did wrong.

Melissa 19:22
Well, I mean, have you seen his hair? So yeah, you've done wrong, a lot of wrong

John 19:26
Now that we know we're dealing with a super cop. Let's talk about Billy Pickells, guys.

Melissa 19:33
Ah Billy Pickells. He never had stood a chance with his pickles.

Dom 19:37
This is one of my favorite scences the movie. Billy Pickells is my favorite karate character of all times. Because he's doing this bit talking about how you never back down, never give up and you fight to the end. And then he really gets upset and says I don't like there's plants taller than me.

Melissa 19:55
I told you to never shoot me from my bad side with that hair. Oh, every side is bad. Okay, curly mullet wig he had on.

John 20:05
Can we talk about what he's doing to try and look tough? He is standing on broken glass and stomping on it and then apparently he was going to cut a watermelon and half without cutting the woman in half I think

Melissa 20:18
Yep, that's what he did, he cut it right in half.

John 20:20
Or was he supposed to cut the woman in half, too

Dom 20:23
see the filming is so bad on this it's so grainy in the color so off it kinda looks like he was gonna cut a jackfruit in half which would actually be good job that would be impressed if you did that. Is a watermelon? Oh yes, a ninja Gallagher.

Melissa 20:41
That was a very pale watermelon based on what we saw. Yes, I thought it was a squash. He's gonna cut a spaghetti squash on this lady was not the watermelon,

Dom 20:53
but Bill Pickell is the ultimate predator. This is something that he says who is still pretty and doesn't let anyone push him around these are real words that Bill Pickell said

Melissa 21:06
That's Mr. Pickell to you okay some respect on it is Mr. William Pickell he does not let anyone push him around

John 21:19
Well he's not that tough because immediately off camera after the after the commercial poor Billy Pickell's gets murdered by the finger of death

Melissa 21:29
he got fingered now that you've done for

John 21:32
someone fingers Pickell's.

Dom 21:37
Zoom in on the TV cut to the news discussing the murder of Mr. Pickle. We go over to the precinct and the detective on the death dealer case when you get the call. This is the detective

Melissa 21:50
When you get the finger

John 21:54
The fingers of death.

Dom 21:56
The chief is not happy about that the press knows that it's now the death dealer is the serial killer because on the news that detective it's like it's a serial killer. We call him the death dealer.

Melissa 22:10
I don't know how it got out I saw on the video. I saw you got out because you said it. Don't worry she's on the case. Linda's coming in and she's got the behind the scenes because she is a martial artist. She has trained her entire life since she was 15

Dom 22:28
in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Melissa 22:34
She has inside knowledge on she just

John 22:37
kind of felt like it

Melissa 22:38
She needs something to do, so bored.

John 22:44
Dad I don't feel like doing hamster style anymore. Okay.

Melissa 22:49
We made that joke yesterday me and him. Okay son.

Dom 22:56
Linda comes in demonstrates her karate skills on the detective by punching him in the dick.

Melissa 23:02
But why did she punch him in the dick and then also the knee. That was just a cheap shot. She was like in here here and here. They were clawed up their dick or their knee.

Dom 23:12
But she has a hunch and this martial artists that was killed was killed by martial arts. She's needs a martial artists expert to partner with to solve the martial artist murder,

Melissa 23:22
Its too bad Mr. William Pickell's is dead. He would have been who she would go to. Mr. Pickell's... He would have been the expert, right. Like he was the next on the list, but he's dead now.

Dom 23:39
So the chief says, I said I know this greaseball who you should work with who's currently suspended so we need to go convince him to work with you. So we're gonna go out to Sonny Crockett's boat and

Melissa 23:52
Don't you insult Sonny like that,

John 23:55
Yes! no, he's Sonny frickin Crockett. He drives a car that they gave to him from the police impound and lives on a yacht that was also given to him by the police impound he Sonny frickin Crockett. He even was her the same way that Sonny woo Gina

Melissa 24:12
But he smells like the Hudson Bay. Okay. Don Johnson was in Miami at least he had some great water

Dom 24:20
insight into the world of the actor that plays Tarek because he produced this movie, right? So that means that this some level what he considered himself to be, he gave himself the Don Johnson treatment for his character. Also, he's a badass at karate, and he's the ultimate super cop. Right? And so he just took this very hit what he thinks of himself in those cases. And then when you read the reviews of the movies, they all say the same thing, which is everyone was great except that guy.

Melissa 24:49
That must have hurt, he sold all his jewellry.

Dom 24:55
So luckily by 100% chance Linda shows Tarek The photos of the murders. Tarek immediately recognizes the style as Tiger Claw. And he trained in it as we find out later he trained with someone in China

Melissa 25:11
For Tiger Claw

Dom 25:12
who knows the person teaching Tiger Claw locally. I mean, what are the odds that they run out to this suspended cop who was trained.. who trained the local Tiger Claws in this Tiger Claw system? What are the odds?

Melissa 25:27
That's quite a coincidence? almost unbelievable.

John 25:31
It's at this point in the movie that I start to question what Tiger Claw actually means because they start talking about Tiger Claw ruined in my life and took my kids and killed my grandfather. Is like, Tiger Claw heroin? Like what are we talking about?

Dom 25:48
So he agrees he's gonna do it but he's not a cop, only an advisor because he's still technically suspended, so he can't do anything. He is just has to let Linda,

Melissa 25:56
she's in charge. That's her case. She's the one that found the link. So it's her thing.

Dom 26:00
Tarek is just an advisor. Now we go over to a real karate dojo, where a man is giving a demonstration to his crew.

Melissa 26:07
I don't think that's a real karate dojo.

John 26:10
I wouldn't call that real.

Dom 26:13
When you go into the dojo, it's just him doing moves and everyone that goes there and watching him which is very much like a Sho Nuff moment. Yeah, in The Last Dragon where you cut the show up. He's just beating the fuck outta someone in his crew.

Melissa 26:28
He's a very sweaty guy. He's his, his kimono was soaking wet.

Dom 26:36
The leader of this crew is telling us people that it doesn't matter about the moves or the historical significance of the moves, which is what their question about, about how you look, when you do if you look cool, that's all that matters

Melissa 26:48
in competition, you don't have to worry about the significance. It's just all how you look. That's how you win. And that's how he won.

Dom 26:55
So then, of course, later that night, the death dealer is gonna give him the Claw.

Melissa 26:59
He's out there just picking up all the swords by himself.

John 27:02
doesn't use any of them.

Melissa 27:05
Like they don't pick up after themselves. What are they like five? What kind of dojo was that

John 27:09
he gets murdered by the finger of death as well. And I'm starting to wonder if these guys are actual experts.

Melissa 27:16
How did the finger of death go through the sword? He has a sword in his hand. He tries to get it and then you hear like, the claws of death or going through metal or something. Gets thrown to the side and then he's dead he's all scratched up. It's kind of like a bear got him. Not not the Tiger.

Dom 27:35
so later when the police come, Linda and Tarek are they're doing their investigation and they state some pretty obvious things here. One, it's

Melissa 27:41
been scratched up real good.

Dom 27:44
The killer wants you to know that it's the same killer is the other murders.

John 27:50
See, he wrote it right? Same.

Dom 27:55
now there's a point here that happens in this investigation. They bring up it will never come up again in the rest of the movie. Linda says there's three things missing so far. A sword a black belt and a trophy. The mystery is why is the killer taking a symbol per kill? They never address that. Why is the killer taking a symbol per kill?

Melissa 28:14
But they only talk about that because at the end, they show the stuff he took at the shrine.

Dom 28:19
Yes, but they never seem why he's doing that.

John 28:23
Maybe Maybe he's not killing experts. Maybe he's just a klepto and he's just killing people he's robbing

Dom 28:33
Well, we got to death dealers shrine, he's got underground in

Melissa 28:37
In his janitor closet.

John 28:40
The whole Tiger Claw church that they have in the old theater is very weird, because it was like a cult. We see them practice for like two three minutes at a time but most of it is just them painting and praying to the Tiger God.

Dom 28:55
He's got a good candle set up though. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Some fruit. Oh yeah, just in case he needs to snack. He's got some apples and oranges.

Melissa 29:03
He doesn't know he's in a movie. It was like I got to do some working out you know? I gotta paint I'm hungry. I've been filmed during in a movie like damn, I didn't even know I was in it.

John 29:24
that's how Jalal will met Bolo is he just followed him around and film him for a week

Dom 29:31
Bowfingered! He didn't even know he was in it, they just filmed him while he was out doing shit. Got you suckas! Back at Tarek's because that's apparently the home base even though Lidna's doesn't charge everything's gonna happen a Tarek's boat.

Melissa 29:43
He's got a boat Who wants to go to a plain apartment when you go some guys boat. I mean, come on. I wouldn't go there.

John 29:51
If if you had a choice to do the investigation from an office or from a guy's yacht like I'm choosing the yacht

Dom 29:58
Linda was start going through the phone book studio by studio to all the suburban white kids studios throughout the city that go by whose training and Tiger Claw

John 30:09
is great because it's like, oh no, they're all Taekwondo. I can't find any Tiger Claws anywhere in this. Let's go to Chinatown. Just ask a round

Dom 30:19
that leads to what is single handedly greatest montage style, which is the wandering New York montage. Yeah, we just talk to people on the street. Yes, yes. Just ask random people about something.

Melissa 30:32

Dom 30:32
lots of like, confusion. Lots of frustration. Hands in the air.

Melissa 30:37
No, I don't know anything about this.

John 30:41
It's almost like they just filmed him walking up to random people on the street and asking them for directions.

Melissa 30:47
Like, have you seen this dog? No, I haven't seen your dog. Okay.

John 30:52
I don't know I think Time Squares over there. Why are you asking me?

Dom 30:59
They finally get a lead on a studio slash Mahjong gambling studio, where there's one man doing drunken style training to it to a small old timer audience who then goes out in the alley gets his ass kicked.

Melissa 31:18
I would say you need to get better at it. Cause he's getting his ass kicked until they show up and help him

John 31:24
And they help him by beating up the gang that brings my question is hamster style better than Tiger style? Because Cynthia is clearly better at fighting than they are.

Dom 31:35
Linda is definitely a better fighter than cherrick. She should have been the one that entered the tiger claw studio.

Melissa 31:41
Well, 100% she's way better than him.

John 31:43
Yeah, but he already had a tiger claw addiction. And so I mean, that's a hell of a rehab to have to go through. He didn't want her to have to go through that.

Dom 31:52
Luckily, for the drunken style guy getting jumped out in the parking lot that Linda took off her heels and switch to regular tennis shoes. She also was wearing her jeggings

Melissa 32:04
Have you ever tried to do karate and real jeans so suckers will just rip right open her heels? Forget it. Also, she's short, but he's also really short. So I would imagine that Jalal was like, listen, you can't be wearing heels on the set I'm a a short man and I may be wearing a wig so I don't want you to [inaudible] me.

John 32:25
I got a question guys. Why did they have a jump rope with them cuz she like literally beats up the last guy with a jump rope. Why? I don't even understand that one.

Melissa 32:35
That's what she carries around her pocket to help her fight people so she can strangle people with a jump rope.

Dom 32:41
Drunken-style man says thank you. By the way, if you want to train tiger, you need to go down to this karate tournament that's happening at the convention center. And look for Sifu Chow.

Melissa 32:52
He's got two scrathes on his cheek.

John 32:54
Exactly. It's even better than that. He's Well, since you helped me. Let me explain every think that you guys are looking for a guy with scars on two cheeks. This is his name. This is his social security number. Hurry. He's waiting on this corner right now.

Melissa 33:11
First, like no, I'm not going to talk to you and then he's okay, you guys helped me. So here you go. Go down, knock on the third door on the left and say I want the guy with the two scratches on his cheek.

John 33:21
So now let's go to an actual karate tournament with little kids running around doing karate and no one knows that they're filming a movie I don't think because they're clearly so it's a tournament there's scoreboards is the way these guys are all extras or anything.

Dom 33:36
Yeah, there's a lot of people there. I think you're right. This is a real karate convention that was happening in New York. And they just went on to film a couple scenes with this guy, john, wink.

John 33:48
Well, john, he has a good fight. Oh, man. Tarek gets to kind of root him on I'm excited. You know, I seems like a nice guy. I like this character.

Dom 33:56
This guy is a really nice guy.

Melissa 33:58
Yeah, he is. He's really nice.

Dom 33:59
Why does?

Melissa 34:00
I don't understand why he kills him. Yeah, I don't get that one either. I think it's just because he won that he spoiler he wins the whole tournament.

John 34:07
He also got kicked in the nuts by that guy.

Dom 34:09
He talks to his buddy. They also run into Sifu Chow. He tries to talk to him but I don't know what you're talking about I don't do this Tiger

Melissa 34:17
talking about john the other guy goes he's a good fighters. He's like, why do you think they're good? Because you obviously don't know anything about anything.

Dom 34:26
Tiger, and you think these people are good? Don't talk to me anymore.

Melissa 34:30
Yeah, exactly.

Dom 34:31
But they're able to get his license plate number and figure out where he goes.

Melissa 34:35
His social security.

John 34:37
I was starting to get restless at this point because I was I want to see more Cynthia, as I'm getting a little sick all this Tarek stuff.

Dom 34:43
Well, Tarek wants to just run right into the abandoned theater slash Tiger training facility.

Melissa 34:49
slash dojos.

Dom 34:52
But Linda says absolutely not is my investigation. We're just gonna sit here and watch you take pictures everyone. They're there all day. They stayed outside everyone comes out at night eventually. They get pictures I've everyone coming out but meanwhile john is getting clawed at the hotel

Melissa 35:07
sorry john your clawed

Dom 35:08
That will teach you to get hotel ice.

John 35:11
No, man no more mustache rides

Dom 35:15
He just claws them up real easy too

Melissa 35:17
No he fights back he fought back more than the guy with a sword but then he just hit them in the chest like eh. He's like okay I'm dead

John 35:25
Meanwhile, Tarek is being attacked by a bee. I think

Melissa 35:30
he got a bee in his bonnet.

Dom 35:32
This is another one of those moments though. We have a quick scene where we see the death dealer doing some sick moves and is shrine closet and then at the hotel, Linda sees the body and then Tarek comes over and sees it and there's zero emotion.

Melissa 35:49
It's like Oh, I know. Ah, shucks.

Dom 35:51
And then they cut to him where he's hands on the police car. And he's trying really hard to emote which nothing is coming out.

Melissa 36:00
Damn this robot brain

Dom 36:05
he says he's done waiting for Linda. He's got to go do his own he's taking this investigation into his own hands which means he needs to go do some sick karate moves out at the beach.

Melissa 36:17
Where else do you do karate moves, you can't just do them in the street? Have you guys ever seen any of these movies?

John 36:23
Yeah, but he's breaking the ultimate rule. He's not doing it on a rooftop. he's doing it actually on the beach.

Melissa 36:29
Yeah, rooftops are where the girls dance terribly. So no.

John 36:32
I'm telling you it's being attacked by bees.

Melissa 36:34
Beach bees, its a thing.

Dom 36:36
Linda shows up and graciously gives him a one day off to mourn the death of his friend

Melissa 36:41
gracious okay

Dom 36:43
Which Tarek then goes damn not swimming water take down this sign. I want to swim. Why won't you let me swim

John 36:51
Tarek also a man of action so he uses his one day off to trespass at the church of the Tiger

Dom 36:57
Gets attacked, able to defend himself Sifu Chow comes over, stop what's going on here. Like I want to learn how to do tiger. I don't take newbies get outta here rook we not taking you on. He says no wait. I knew Sifu Ho-Chang who trained me to do Tiger a while back and then Sifu Chow goes Well I owe him. I was very sad that he died. I owe him so I will train you out of respect for him. Coincidence?

Melissa 37:24
No, he didn't know he was dead though. He said he said like, Oh, I used to train with him back in China. Well, he's dead now. He's dead now. He's like, well, out of respect for my old friend I will train you even though I hate your guts.

John 37:38
The end of the scene is great because he basically fires the doorman who like walks away all pissed off, and he even tries to flex on on Bolo. Who's just there kind of chillin and painting this shit, you know? Just laughing, and he kinda snickers at him that he thinks the whole thing's hilarious. It has no idea is being filmed.

Dom 37:59
That's the reason... Chong, or Bolo Yeung didn't know what was happening.

John 38:10
He's got like his reading glasses on, too. He's painting

Melissa 38:13
My favorite thing about this whole movie is that they try to make Bolo look like a nerd. A nerd with glasses in his little sweats. kind of dirty sweat. He's over there. Look at him. He's just a janitor with his little glasses pulled down. He's so dorky. He couldn't be the killer. He's so nerdy.

Dom 38:36
The reason, too, because the guy who they ultimately arrest, they think he's the killer and he's over there bullying

Melissa 38:43
and Chong is like going along with it. Right? Like ha-ha-ha, I'm such a dork. Look at me, but he likes those naked women.

Dom 38:51
We have another Miami Vice moment where Tarek goes in and tell us the chief that he's got on the inside of this gang and chiefs like what are you talking about? You're not even supposed to be doing this stuff Linda covers for him. No, this is. Yeah, we think this is a good idea.

John 39:07
Yeah. So bad at acting too. So terrible. God.

Melissa 39:14
He's bad. He's real bad. He's like yelling. He just like yells at the top lungs and just points in directions. They're not even near anything.

John 39:21
Yeah, what I thought I told you not to do that. And, oh, oh, god, it was so bad. And so after this encounter, they're tired. They decided they want to have some dinner. He's going to take Linda out for pasta. And so in the end up, he ends up cooking pasta for on his boat. And I'm telling you, it's the same way Sonny bones Gina on Vice he's gonna give us a pasta. Give her some wine. The sob story about how tigerclaw ruined his life.

Dom 39:51
He made the ultimate poor decision the bad choice. Feeding her pasta She.. he probably even made manicotti.

Melissa 40:05
Excuse me but Sonny Crockett would not make you pasta. He would make you a lobster that he freshly caught or something

Dom 40:12
alligator. Yeah, like know, NO. He didn't make no stupid pasta. Then there's also the great conversation which is I was addicted to Tiger Claw that's why my wife left me

Melissa 40:25
She's like, Oh, that's why your wife left you What? What the hell is going on? were you trying to Tiger Claw other women?

John 40:33
It got so bad I sold all my stuff for more tigerclaw

Melissa 40:37
he's like I came to New York to forget. So you can't wait a second here. You came to New York to be an undercover narcotics detective to forget that you knew tigerclaw make zero sense.

Dom 40:50
So now Tarek gonna start his actual Tiger training. He gets wired up before he goes that way Linda can listen to all that .

Melissa 41:02
I couldn't understand what the hell was going on in there. A lot of grunts and I don't know your belly with all kinds of weird noises.

John 41:10
And his first practice is is ridiculous to because he comes in he's like does a show to show like oh how bad ass he is at tigerclaw. And then they practice for like two minutes and then all right, next week, guys. Really train you. That's it like five minutes.

Dom 41:28
He has to prove his worth against by defending himself against the entire dojo.

Melissa 41:32
But first he's got to put his hands in some hot hot, hot wok full of water with rusty chains or I don't know what's going on in that hot water.

Dom 41:43
Back at Tarek's he's recovering. He's drinking some tea. He gives some tea to Linda. She says she likes to tea. She doesn't like that tea. I saw her face she didn't like that tea. Vigilantes are roaming the streets looking for the killer. They're gonna move fast. But this is getting real serious out there. roaming gangs wearing shoulder pads are out taking control of the streets. Back in Tiger training. Tarek is practicing.

John 42:05
Guys. Guys Oh, hold the phone. Okay. I am sitting here and I when we do these podcasts, I normally let the movie run in the background. And so the credits have just started to roll and there is really also starring Bill Pickles. That is his actual name. He's a real person I think because he's listed here also starring , Bill Pickles.

Melissa 42:33
Oh my God. Mr. Pickles is real.

John 42:36
He's real guys.

Melissa 42:38
Mr. William. I'm looking him up right now.

Dom 42:40
Back at Tiger training Tarek is practicing, tonight is gonna be different. He's gonna have to battle one person death dealer, over there looking cute doing this painting. Doin' alright.

John 42:50
Just laughing and painting away, having a ball. Hey, guys, when do you think they learned how to play the drums because that seems to be a big part of this Tiger religion

Dom 42:59
That guy is an awesome drummer. He's got so much endurance all night. dum dum dum dum dum never stops

John 43:04
Ah, Yes.

Dom 43:05
Keeps going he's going all night. Then you go in the locker room and dude and Chong say, Hey, we're going out to another Tiger club. You want to come with us?

Melissa 43:15
He's like, yeah, I want to go to another Tiger club. Let's go.

John 43:17
Well, it turns out it's not an actual Tiger club, but there is a lot of pussy there.

Dom 43:24

Melissa 43:25
and tail too,

Dom 43:26
Tail, yes. And that Tarek has his hair down.

Melissa 43:31
Oh my God its awful.

John 43:32
He looks like a PTA mom.

Melissa 43:34
Its awful.

Dom 43:37
makes this scene so great ishat charges in his sweats. He's in his sweatpants.

John 43:45
See, Chong thinks they just took him to a strip club. He has no idea he's on film. That's why he's so confused during the fighting part. Because he's like, What the hell's going?

Dom 43:56
Can you taking a bullet for being a strip club bouncer

Melissa 44:00
No, not at all

John 44:02
Guys. Oh my God, when that first scene happened, too, I didn't realize he was the bouncer and he has longer fuller hair then Tarek does and I was like how did Tarek hair gets so long and full? How much time has past?

Melissa 44:20
What kind of shampoo was he using? Tarek needs to use that kind. You need to ask that guy?

John 44:27
Maybe this was never explained. Maybe it was, why the hell was that gang shooting up the strip club?

Melissa 44:32
I don't know. They never ask. Do they ask for money?

John 44:36

Dom 44:36
They asked for the owner. That was it. They wanted to see the owner

Melissa 44:38
And the owner was that old man who was hiding in that getaway thing.

John 44:43
What does he have to do with anything? I mean those guys were just hanging out there wait to see boobies and then random guy starts shooting up the place?

Dom 44:50
Yeah, coincidence. How can it be that one of the gang is the gang that was jumping drunken karate guy in the beginning and he recognizes Tarek is being a cop but says it in Chinese and so Tarek doesn't understand what he says. But Chong does

Melissa 45:07
Uh-huh and he's like uh-oh.

Dom 45:09
and Chong does nothing about it.

Melissa 45:11
He's not involved in this movie

John 45:15
Bolo though Jala was taken up to a strip club and then all of this fuss starts happening. He was just there for the buffet.

Melissa 45:27
And you know, he's like, oh, shucks. I was gonna paint those titties at home later, but now I don't remember what they look like.

Dom 45:34
Hey, that buffet things real if you ever been to a strip club in Portland, Oregon, you know, we're talking about you gotta go to the buffet.

Melissa 45:41
You've been to a strip club you pervert.

John 45:45
Well, what's great is sometimes those buffets are better than the actual girl. Sometimes it's like, like, I don't really care what's going on on stage, but they got this vegan buffet bar

Dom 45:55
got great ribs. The ribs. So now Linda thinks she knows who it is that's doing the killing. So she's gonna go down to this pool hall where Wong works. He like, plays pool there, but then also works there occasionally. And she goes there not with Tarek. But it said with officer King, who is suspiciously similar to the drug dealer at the beginning of the movie.

Melissa 46:22
But how could it be he exploded, he died in a fiery ball of flame. But then the same guy with a different hairstyle.

John 46:32
Before Cynthia goes down to the pool hall and starts beating ass. She's at the strip club and Tarek tells her that he's drunk on tiger.

Melissa 46:41

John 46:41
almost couldn't stop himself. Yes. So the tiger addiction is having an effect. So okay, so fast forward. Cynthia is at the pool hall. She's kicking some ass and Irish cop is supposed to be waiting out back.

Dom 46:54
he fucks it up gets captured. The big point that I want to take away in this moment is that remember Tarek fought Wong at tigerclaw for the second night that he was there. It was kind of a 50/50 battle, Tarek ends up getting up ahead a little bit before Sifu Chang stops it.

Melissa 47:11

Dom 47:11
but for the record, Linda whoops his ass out in that ally.

John 47:15
Oh, yeah,

Melissa 47:16
Yeah, she's mops the floor with him.

John 47:18
So again, how good is actual tigerclaw style because they just keep getting their ass whooped. You know, she's from Pennsylvania rockin hamster style. She's just knocking dudes out

Melissa 47:29
I think the point of this is is not necessarily that it's the claw style. I think it's Tarek. I think he's not that good. I don't think he's got any belts anywhere.

Dom 47:41
They got Wong. They're gonna interrogate him. He won't give anything up because Linda is a terrible interrogator. Just tell me the truth!

John 47:48
So much so that Jalal's like screw my cover, I'll talk to him.

Dom 47:52
Goes in, Wongs like, What are you doing here? And then he tries to I was working there, I was covering for a friend. That's why he didn't see me signed in. You saw my friend signed in, but it was actually me working. I have at least 20 witnesses. So now they fucked up they arrested the wrong person. The chief tells him that the commissioner wants them off the case that Tweedledee and Tweedledum are going to be put on it now. And then there's some hazing as a leave as the Tweedledee tells Tarek that he's a loser and he should be off the case

Melissa 47:59
and that guy has worse hair than him how is it possible? He has Leave it to Beaver hair. This is the 90s

John 48:29
Those guys are just just awful. And and then we jumped from that and we go back to the church of the Tiger where the sensei basically calls out Chong. Hey, you're lazy. Why don't you ever practice

Dom 48:43
this is my second favorite scene in the movie.

Melissa 48:45
This scene is amazing.

Dom 48:47
Chong's just doing the thing looking like a nerd doing the painting mopping the floors and the leader comes up and says you need to practice Chong says I don't need to practice trust me. I'm fine. Says no you're getting lazy. Getting a little big around the midsection you might wanna start practicing. Chong's like, okay, fine. So they sit across from each other

Melissa 49:06
crisscross applesauce.

Dom 49:08
Yeah. They're doing hand slapping battles while they're sitting down and it goes too far. Okay, because he claws the leader in the face and the leader gets him slaps him back in it somehow Chong kicks him with this little foot while they're sitting cross-legged only about 18 inches apart. I say a little because it's clearly a fake foot its like someone's hand in a shoe and slaps him across the face.

John 49:43
Bolo's actually a muppet. And that's is muppet leg kicking him.

Melissa 49:51
He goes down though. When he gets kicked he goes down like he got hit by a brick or something.

John 49:57
Basically goes finger of death on him. He's clearly going to blow his own cover. This is clearly the end game.

Dom 50:04
Then more students come in, see what happened that Chong killed their Sensei, and they try to attack him. He easily kills all all of them

Melissa 50:12
Its a massacre, he fingered the whole group and that's it

John 50:17
is tigerclaw actually that good because everyone is just terrible at this tiger claw stuff.

Melissa 50:22
It's also kind of like they're just lining up to be killed so it's kind of weird. Why are the all like waiting their turns to fight him. Did you ever heard of like a double team? He just murdered your sensei. This is like no LEGO NINJAGO

Dom 50:36
Yeah, so the next scene is they'ere on the boat. And that's when Linda and Tarek or Linda discover said in the translation that his cover was blown to Chong. And that's why they arrested the wrong person?

Melissa 50:48
I don't get how they got to that though?

John 50:50
She figures out so for one I don't know how they got a translation of what dude said in Chinese when Tarek was there unless Tarek somehow remembered what exactly what he said and repeated it even though he doesn't speak Chinese. I also thought that he blew his cover when you know, he went into the interrogation room and showed that he was a cop to the guy who's in the club. Wouldn't that be more obvious to them?

Dom 51:13
Hey, he's blowing his cover all over the place. Only thing it leads to is that they now know that it's Chong because Chong was the only one that over heard that that must be who the killer is.

John 51:24
Maybe he saw him when he pulled his badge out at the strip club after the fight that might have gave it away. I don't know.

Dom 51:31
Meanwhile, Chong is busy trying to deep fry himself.

John 51:35
Oh yes, popping apples and making apple sauce. Praying to the almighty Tiger is just having a ball.

Dom 51:45
Linda stumbles on the death dealer shrine while Tarek finds a murder scene downstairs. Those three people that also got killed along with the leader. Chong catches Linda at the shrine, they fight she intentionally destroys his shrine. Which is kind of a dick move.

John 52:01
I mean, he had to kill Bill Pickells for his stuff and then the other guy for his stuff.

Dom 52:07
didn't make any sense like it had it but it had all of it

John 52:11
They were sacrifices to the tiger god

Dom 52:13
they swordfight Linda loses Chong decides to not kill her and instead throws his sword this comes up again later in the in the final final scene where he won't fight on an uneven playing field.

Melissa 52:25
I think you wouldn't kill her cuz she was a woman.

John 52:27
I think he's just effing around the whole time because we literally go from there. Chong gets away. The cops see Tarek and think it's him the two Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They go to try and arrest Tarek and Chong has sought out Tarek and Linda to finish the fight. He has nothing else going on like is he clearly just doesn't give a fuck anymore. No, like he's just

Dom 52:52
this ending fits perfectly for the movie. Because Chong shows up to finish the job. He kicks Tweedledee into the water, who apparently can't swim. What's best for him is just stay in the water. Tweedledum goes in heights.

Melissa 53:08
He's got her handcuffs or something. Oh no, in handcuffs, that's right. Yeah,

Dom 53:11
yeah, he's got Tarek in handcuffs. He's trying. He's trying to get Tarek out of the handcuffs. Linda's fighting with Chong battles going about even no one's really getting the upper hand and then Chong decides it's just book it. Why did he come to fight them, if you're just gonna run off,

John 53:28
I don't know. And then he randomly kills cop glasses cop, just for the fuck of it. Because of it runs off in the warehouse.

Dom 53:39
The movie must have been about 10 minutes short because the scene shouldn't have existed.

Melissa 53:43
Nope. Then on top of that, there's all the slomo in the fighting.

John 53:47
Tarek goes chasing after Chong and the whole time I'm thinking Oh, please God, let him break his handcuffs like just rip these handcuffs apart because like that'd be total badass Sonny Crockett deal. I was not prepared for the twist him catching Chong and Chong going I'm gonna even the fight by tying my hands up. And we are gonna fight with both of our hands tied up. That's a great move. Like I was not expecting that at all.

Dom 54:15
Then Chong are still lose. So he unties his hands that way he's got the advantage. Then Tarek starts to choke out Chong Chong is actually the one that rips the handcuffs apart a little bit more fighting, but Tarek stops himself from killing Chong because Chong just sleeping like a little baby.

Melissa 54:31
He's so tired.

John 54:35
He's had a busy day, he's killed like six people. God knows he can't drive he had to probably walk all the way across town to get to the marina. To then fight him again. Now he's got to go and he's got to be processed and the rest they do the the sequel look where he does the evil freeze frame look and then we get the very last moment of Linda and Jalal on his yacht,

Dom 55:01
we had outta nowhere.

Melissa 55:02
Yeah, there was never any indication that they were going to be a couple in that whole movie. I mean, it doesn't make any sense for the story continuity, but whatever.

Dom 55:11
And that's tigerclaw, Tiger claws. And reminder, they made two more of these movies and Tarek and technically Cynthia Rothrock are in all three. Now there's some controversy around number three.

Melissa 55:24
I mean, I'm not gonna spoil it for you guys. But if you wanna look up the storyline on that one. It goes off the rails. And I mean, off the rails like spiritually,

Dom 55:35
yes. Imagine no retreat, no surrender, where ghosts become part of the story.

John 55:41
Hey, don't spoil number two. I want to watch that.

Dom 55:44
Yeah, no,

Melissa 55:44
Number two's good.

Dom 55:46
Number three. So I want you to imagine that there's that there's ghosts, that one character doesn't survive it.

Melissa 55:53
Mm hmm.

Dom 55:54
And there's a Dallas ending.

Melissa 55:56
Yep. And Bolo's not in the third one for the record.

Dom 55:59
Well, we could go straight into our final thoughts here because I think the final thoughts are going to be short, but I want to get to the music because I've been waiting patiently

Melissa 56:08
Chomping at the bit.

Dom 56:08
Waiting for the music so let's go talk about the music. Alright, John, you've sent me some notes. I got to peek at a few people. That's why I'm so excited about this music. What do you got for us this week?

John 56:22
Okay, so the stuff that I sent you I'm gonna get to them next. First, let's talk about Tiger Spirit. So there's only two songs by the way, only two songs so this is going to be a little shorter musics, but trust me it's worth it. So Tiger Spirit was written by Harvey Rosseto and Stevenson. Now, those are only last names. They don't tell us a whole lot about who wrote it, but it was also produced by David Stevenson. So Tiger Spirit is kind of the electronica music in the at the end and in the background,

Dom 56:54
Oh Okay

John 56:55
David Stevenson, who produced it and made the electronica music for the movie also played Sifu Harris in the movie,

Dom 57:03
Sifu Harris. Who the hell is he?

John 57:06
I'm not 100% positive but I believe Sifu Harris is the Billy Blanks one of the guy that gets killed.

Dom 57:12
Oh, man.

John 57:13
I think that's him. So but

Melissa 57:15
Its him or the first guy that dies. We don't see the first guy that died, but might be him too.

John 57:21
Well, I've seen the picture of David Stevenson. Let me just say I think it's the Billy Blanks looking guy. But he was also in a bunch of other FilmOne stuff. So he pretty much got his start in the industry from Jalal and from this movie was a big martial arts guy. And he actually ended up doing stunt work for 25 film credits. And actually pretty big movies like Jason X, Down to Earth, the X-Men movie, the original X-Men movie, Blues Brothers 2000, Cool Runnings, Patriot Games and some other movies. So he's actually been in some pretty, pretty decent size movies as a stunt double. He is also a musician and a choreographer. He also wrote a book called dangerous days, which he says displays his passion for martial art. So the reason why I say he says it's because his LinkedIn is exact same as his IMBD bio, copy and pasted it. So and his LinkedIn says that he is also in production on a film called Locked Down, which is also a martial arts movie. He is also the CEO of DS production. He has been the CEO of DS production since June of 1973, 48 years, which took me a minute to realize what he is talking about is he is the CEO of D as in David S. Stevenson production, who was born June of 73. That's basically as long as he's been alive. That's why he's been the CEO. So that's LinkedIn for you.

Dom 59:04
That's great.

John 59:05
That's a great way to do it. I never thought about that. I've been the CEO of Jjohn, for 35 years now. I also saw LinkedIn that said he was the owner of Central Stage Entertainment in South Florida that said that he's been an owner there since 92, which would have been around the time of this movie. And if that's true, that means he's owned it for 29 years, and based on their website, I good for him because it looks like a solid company. I couldn't verified that because there's nothing on any of the websites that show that he's the owner, but it's the kind of place where it's like you can have a bar mitzvah there. And you they have like professional actors come in as characters Marvel's characters

Dom 59:45
Oh, okay. Yeah It's actually a pretty legit company in South Florida. Yeah, so but I couldn't find anything that definitively said he owned it, but except for the LinkedIn, so if he is good for him, man, good for you. Doing good David. Obviously, his music career did not take off but hopefully books will do better for him. By the way, Dom I know you'd like those types of books Dangerous Days might be right up your alley. I'm listening

John 1:00:09
Now let's talk about the other band. But the other song is Break the Walls Down which was written by St. James slash Taylor. I don't know who those guys are. But it was performed by Attitude and Attitude is a thrash metal band from Oakland. Oaktown represent

Dom 1:00:27
oh really

John 1:00:28
Oakland, California. They were a thrash metal band during the thrash metal era of the bay during the Metallica late 80s, early 90s obviously, they didn't make it huge, but a bunch of other bands did Attitude according to metalarchives.com circa 2002 which means I would have still been in high school, but according to them Attitude formerly Condemned Attitude and before that, formed the from Attitude Adjustment. We have Attitude which is basis Rick Strahl, guitarist Ron Shipes and Chris Scaparro and Andy "Airborn" Anderson on vocal and Eric Brecht on drums now Attitude Adjustment the former band that was Attitude was made out of one of the founders of that band Chris Kontos instead of joining Attitude become a former founding member of the band Machine Head. Machine Heads original drummer on their first album, Attitude Adjustment is actually got this cult following because they're kind of the preview before Machine Head. Now all of the guys who joined Machine Head or none of the guys who built Attitude who became Two Bit Thief from 89 to 95 and released three albums. So the people who didn't make it famous became a band called Two Bit Thief, and they released three albums and that's about all that was said of their music careers. Those albums were Another Sad Story in the Big City, Gangster Rubble Pop in 93. And One More for the Road in 95. Now I bring that up because literally the entire band of Attitude became Two Bit Thief but they are all apparently met at the same record store in Walnut Creek, California called The Record Exchange.

Dom 1:02:23
Wow, wow. Yes. So Rick Strahl from Germany met Anthony Anderson "Airborne" Anderson and all the other guys and they became a band. Where are they now so obviously Chris Kontos started Machine Head. Eventually he leave that band and apparently eventually Attitude Adjustment would get back together minus of the members from Attitude. Andy "Airborn" Anderson does comedy or these tried to do comedy. Apparently he had a comedy strip called Recess in about 2010. But it got cancelled. So I haven't been able to find anything else since then. Chris Scaparro he's a family man in Oakland. But Rick Strahl is a computer whiz I guess a Microsoft former Microsoft guru. I guess he was always kind of a computer whiz but I guess he went on to do a bunch of stuff make a bunch of stuff for Microsoft and now he's some kind of tech guy he's a verified on Twitter. He's got like 18,000 followers and has some tech coding blog nowadays and nowhere in his bio does it mention anything about Attitude or Attitude Adjustment. I've seen a couple things where he talks about being in a band back in the day but absolutely nothing mentioning Attitude or having a song in a movie. Oh by the way to Break the Wall Sound did not make any of those three albums by Two Bit Thief. Not a single one. In fact, I don't even think it made any the attitude albums. There you go. We have a Walnut Creek sighting which is you guys live there one point, we have a Bay Area band reference a Machine Head reference. And then we have a tech guy who's in the all that tech same tech stuff that you are I did do some reading up on that guy and I'm following him now on Twitter like he's, he's a tech guy for you out there if you're looking for someone who does like IIS, Dotnet back end systems that are builds Vuejs and React front end development for those back end systems. He's your guy. He knows what he's talking about. You know, it's a little legacy stuff you would have gotten in Windows Server stuff that's based back in like the mid 90s. That's clearly when he learned so you still build stuff on top of Windows Server. I'd like to see him you know, do a little Linux stuff get into the Linux side but its cool, do your thing

John 1:04:39
Hey, now that you follow Him, send him that video of Attitude playing it's literally the only video that exists left on the internet send it to I want to I don't think he knows that anyone has any of that left

Dom 1:04:53
I wonder what will happen

John 1:04:54
either way. If you are out there and you are in my music, I will find that video. Like trust me. If you Have that embarrassing video and you're in my music I will find you.

Dom 1:05:04
I wonder what he's gonna do when I messaged him like listen, we did a podcast episode about Tiger Claws we learned about you. What do you have to say? Let's go give her final thoughts on this. Alright john, I want you to go first on your final thoughts on this that way the two people who have seen it already go after you for coming into it being the newbie. What are your final thoughts on Tiger Claws

John 1:05:28
I was expecting Bolo and Cynthia to be the duo to fit with our theme. I wasn't expecting Jalal and Cynthia to be our partners, but I'm not disappointed. I almost I think I almost enjoyed it more because of that I enjoyed the fact that Bolo felt like he didn't even know he was on film. Like he was just screwing around the whole time. It also really fit with the movies we watch. I was saying it really felt like doing a Vice episode almost. And not just because Tarek clearly tried to model himself after Sonny Crockett. But because it had the same kind of fun hijinks a little bit mixed in with the karate and the loose plot police work of that 90 style. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. It was one of those so bad, it's good movies that really fits with the style that we like. And Cynthia is really a bad ass The only thing I wish I wish I would have got more Cynthia as the main character and less Jalal. So obviously it's his company. It's his movie. It's his yacht. So he makes the rules. I would have liked to see more a little bit more heavier on her other than that I enjoyed it. Even with the music only being two songs I felt like it was more fun than when it's music that is bands that we've heard of that I have to do a lot. I never want to talk about Peter Gabriel again. So I will I will gladly talk about Andy "Airborn" Anderson and his comic strip Recess. So I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it now is it going to be my favorite movie of this season? Eh probably not. But it's definitely not going to be my least favorite I know that.

Dom 1:07:04
Tough and Deadly

Melissa 1:07:04
Glowing review

Dom 1:07:05
Tough and Deadly

John 1:07:10
Like the acting is is not great, but it's not the worst acting that we've had on this podcast

Melissa 1:07:16
Joey Harden.

John 1:07:18

Dom 1:07:20
I'll I was thinking about was screw you Deadly Bet. Melissa, what are your final thoughts?

Melissa 1:07:25
I like this movie. It's fun. It's so fun. Also, he's annoying, but I really like her. I think she's, I love seeing her be a badass and kick someone's ass and everyone's trying to treat her like she's like, oh, wow, we have to help her. When she doesn't need any help. She could have done it on her own. She probably could have tracked him down and then beat him at Tiger Claw all by herself without any help. But yeah, it's a fun movie. It goes with the movies that we watch for fun. So I enjoy that work doesn't like I'm trying to watch something that I don't really like. So I'm just trying to go along with it just to watch it. It was fun. It's got a lot of silliness. And that's what was lacking last week was the silliness so this this filled in for it. And bad hair lots of bad hair lots and lots of bad hair

John 1:08:13
Oh yeah, that strip club bouncer man he had that flow. Like, that was incredible.

Dom 1:08:20
I agree with both you this is a fun movie. And this is what's missing from current like the by the numbers, action movies, because what makes it different is when it's not by the numbers that you add in these little tweaks that make it so that it's unique Tiger Claws as a style is unique. it no matter how goofy it is, right? It adds this new layer other than just, I'm Scott Adkins and I can kick you these little tweaks when it comes to these movies that are the straight to VHS karate movies. They're what makes this and these are the types of movies and you two are gonna know exactly what I'm talking about these the exact types of movies that when you were up late, and you're watching USA Up All Night, and Tiger Claws came on you were like wow that was really good I gotta go find the VHS of this one.

Melissa 1:09:11

Dom 1:09:12
This wasn't no bikini carwash 9

Melissa 1:09:13
I was gonna say then after that comes on bikini carwash number seven.

John 1:09:17
Yes, yes.

Dom 1:09:19
It's good enough that I'm like, I wanna watch the second one. Knowing that all three of them are going to be in it again. I want to I want to watch this second one takes place in San Francisco. Let's do it. But it's fun. It's goofy, campy, rips off a whole bunch of other things. This is what makes these campy b-movies fun. I really enjoyed Tiger Claws. I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice.

Melissa 1:09:42
Yeah, we watched it twice.

Dom 1:09:43
I bought this shit on Amazon. The strongest thing that I'll agree with you two on is that Cynthia Rothrock is a badass and one of the things that's missing from our podcasts was Cynthia Rothrock. And I'm very happy that we were able to fix that problem that we finally got to Cynthia Rothrock movie in one of our seasons. Trust me there will be more in the future because we're all in agreement here that Cynthia Rothrock is where it's at. And that's gonna do it for us this week on Go With the Heat. We hope you enjoyed this probably longer than normal episode we would love to hear from you emailu, gowiththeheat@gmail.com get on that website, gowiththeheat.com you can find all the ways to contact us all the ways to subscribe all the ways to give us money. Did you know that you could give us money on our website, Paypal, Square, Patreon. There's all kinds of ways to be able to give us money. I mean, I'm borderline putting our shipping address on that because we ain't got no catalytic converters yet.

Melissa 1:10:40

John 1:10:42
If you guys start giving us money, we'll start making Bill Pickell's karate school shirts.

Dom 1:10:49

Melissa 1:10:50
Mr. William Pickell's to you.

Dom 1:10:55
So go to that website, find all the ways to contact us. We would love to hear from you on this movie because it does have an eclectic mix of actors in this and it's kind of a cult movie. So we'd love to hear from you on this movie and what you think about it, but also love to hear what you think about Cynthia Rothrock movies. What are some other recommendations to get into Cynthia Rothrock? If someone wants to ask you name your top three Cynthia Rothrock movies what would you tell them? we'd love to hear from you email, it's gowiththeheat@gmail.com There are the ways that you can support us to leave us a review on your podcast, your platform of choice. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, I don't know someone's logging into their iTunes account, go on that account and give us five stars. No one's gonna know that I told you to give them five stars. Your sister's not gonna know that it was you that logged in and gave us five stars either. Trust me you'll be able to give us five stars. Then in the review break down would hamster style or tigerclaw style when and the ultimate showdown break it all down in that extra point if you work in choda boy, okay.

John 1:11:57
Or include your favorite Condemned Attitude song.

Dom 1:12:00
Leave us a review on your podcast, your platform of choice, we would love to see those that always helps us to help people find the show. that's gonna do it for us this week. We hope you enjoyed this episode, and we'll see you all next time.

John 1:12:11
Bye pals I want to give myself a nickname like that. Something like Airborne. John "Jazzy" Corriveau.

Melissa 1:12:54
That's it, we're using that from now on. You gotta you gotta sign on that. John "Jazzy" Corriveau.

John 1:13:01
John "Jazzy" Corriveau

Dom 1:13:05
Yo, that's making into the final cut by the way.

John 1:13:09
I regretted saying too. Ah man, I should have come up with a better nickname.

Go With The Heat #164 – Tiger Claws
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