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Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat #165 - Action Jackson

It is well known how much we love Carl Weathers. So there was absolutely zero chance we weren't going to cover Action Jackson. One of our all-time favorite action movies that is the textbook definition of what made 80's action great. We love this movie.

We also have a lot of fun in this podcast episode! We swoon over the cast, in particular that scene of Carl all greased up, and get down on more Vanity music.

There's also big news! Last episode we learned about Attitude, an awesome band from the Bay Area that also had a song in Tiger Claws. Well, guess what! They released a new album and we got our hands on it!

Go support this fantastic band that is still rocking! See and buy the album here:


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00:00:00 - Opening
00:01:23 - Movie intro
00:07:27 - Guest stars
00:12:05 - Movie rundown
00:54:02 - Music
01:04:54 - Final thoughts

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Movie info

  • Premiered: Feb. 12. 1988
  • Directed by: Craig R. Baxley
    A stunt coordinator for a long time including work on Police Story, Roots, MASH, Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team, and The Warriors. Didn't direct many movies, except a little film called Stone Cold.
  • Produced by: Joel Silver
  • Written by: Robert Reneau (no wiki)



There is far too much music to list. See the full track listing along with the amazing artists here.

Action Jackson: Original Soundtrack Album



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Go With The Heat #165 – Action Jackson
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