Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 167 - Tough and Deadly

To say we had low expectations of this movie is an understatement. However, we saw the cast, movie poster, the trailer, and we were sold!

You know we love Billy Blanks and as children of the 80s we adore Roddy Piper. Combine those two super powers together, there was no way we wouldn't stop to watch this one. Although it is the junkiest of junk food movies, we wouldn't have it any other way.

We have so much fun with this movie, too! John finds a Scooby-Doo connection for multiple guest stars, Dom knows which Wal-Mart they bought the wardrobe, and Melissa has to re-explain the entire plot because apparently the boys weren't paying attention.

Get on the fun train!


00:00:00 Opening
00:05:29 Guest stars
00:15:25 Movie rundown
00:53:44 Music segment
01:00:36 Final thoughts

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Movie info

Premiered: Feb. 14, 1995
Director:Steve Cohen
He has been a second unit (or assistant director) on a ton of movies. The Goonies, Invasion USA, Back to School, and even the Miami Vice episode "Better Living Through Chemistry".
Written by: Steve Cohen and Otto C. Pozzo
This has to be a pseudonym, right? Only two writing credits. This movie and Balance of Power also starring Billy Blanks.



  • 1 For Da Trouble performed by Circle of Power
  • I've Had Enough performed by Blue Rain
  • Too Much, Too Soon performed by Butch Baker
  • An American Original performed by Jimmy Tittle
  • In this Land by James Glickenhaus
  • AZ News Theme by Adam Zelkind




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Go With The Heat 167 – Tough and Deadly
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