Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat #168 - Classic Rerun: Better Living Through Chemistry

Hey pals, summer got so busy we had to take a few weeks off. BUT, we are not leaving you without an amazing episode. This time we are going deep into the archives, all the way back to episode number 60 to reminisce over a fantastic episode of Miami Vice. Back in 2017 we reviewed Better Living Through Chemistry and after 4 years it feels good to look at it again.

So enjoy this rerun episode of your Go With The Heat Podcast. We will be back in two weeks with K-9 and the greatest partner ever.

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Episode Information

Miami Vice - S03E08 - Better Living Through Chemistry
Premiered Nov. 14, 1986
Director Leon Ichaso (Little Miss Dangerous, Killshot, two more future eps)
Writers: Ken Edwards & Larry Rosenthal (both have very limited work) | Teleplay Dick Wolf & Michael Duggan

Guest Stars

Victor Love as Clarence Batisse
Rob Nilsson as Wango Mack


Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Tequila by The Champs

Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel



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Go With The Heat #168 – Classic Rerun: Better Living Through Chemistry