Hey pals, we have officially retired the podcast. This post includes how listen to the back catalog.

As you may have noticed, we haven't published an episode in quite some time. We didn't mean for it to happen this way, but life changed and we had to make some hard choices on where we were going to spend our time.

Since we started the podcast, Melissa and I have had two more children, we moved over 2,000 miles, survived a pandemic, and launched a small business. Over the last two years our time has been stretched thin. In 2021, John and I started a contracting business and are now business partners! That business now takes up most of our time and we simply found ourselves in a position where we could not make a great podcast.

Making this podcast was seriously life changing for us. When we started the Miami Vice podcast we knew we had found something fantastic. The show, the fashion, the music, and the fans were all simply amazing. I would never take any of it back and I wish we had the time and energy to continue to make it. At least for now that isn't possible.

We are all extremely proud of the podcast! As I mentioned above, the experience was truly life changing. We are all ecstatic that people continue to find the show, listen, and still enjoy Miami Vice.

Thank you, everyone, that has listened to the show. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

How to Listen

I have no plans at the moment to take down this website. We put a lot of work into every episode, inlcuding the show notes. This website will remain for archival purposes.

I have updated some of the subscribe links, however. We have heard from some people that downloading the entire back catalog can't be done using the existing links. This is because we changed hosts a couple times during the run of the show.

I have come up with three ways to download the show for anyone who would like to listen to the entire back catalog of every podcast show that coincides with a Miami Vice episode.

Option 1: RSS

Nearly all podcatchers and podcast apps have a way to add a custom RSS URL. This is the best way to get every episode into your app so you can download the episodes. You will need to research how to add a custom RSS URL for the specific app you use.

Enter this URL into your app:


Option 2: YouTube

All of our episodes are on our YouTube channel. There are many ways to listen to it on YouTube, including watching the video, using a 3rd. party app (such as NewPipe on Android), or listening through a YouTube Music app.

Here is our YouTube channel:


Option 3: Download the files

All of the audio files are available in a single repository on The Internet Archive and on a file server that I manage.

Using the Internet Archive you can download individual episodes or the entire library in a single zip file. Once you have downloaded, you can listen using any media player such as VLC.

You can find the show on The Internet Archive here:


I have also created a simple file server for downloading individual episodes or the entire back catalog for both Go With The Heat and the complimentary show I did called This Week in Vice.

To download the main Go With the Heat episodes, go here:


To download This Week in Vice, go here:


Official Retirement Announcement