Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat
Go With The Heat 18 - The Maze

Time for your favorite Miami Vice podcast! This week we have a star-studded episode. There are so many guest stars we couldn't even cover all of them. This time the Vice team finds themselves mixed up in a hostage situation at the Blue Waters motel with what looks like a gang of children.

The most important feature of this episode is we get the title track of the first album for none other than Miami Vice's own Philip Michael Thomas. John has a lot of fun with Tubbs' music career while Jenna is still trying to figure out what is actually happening in this episode.


Renegades of Funk - Afrika Bambaataa

Livin' The Book of My Life - Philip Michael Thomas

Tea in the Sahara - The Police

Guest Stars:

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Go With The Heat 18 – The Maze
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