Go With The Heat 50 – Sons and Lovers
Go With The Heat

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This is it. Its the last episode of season 2 and it goes out with a bang. This is a fantastic episode of Miami Vice. This episode has it all: The Calderone's are back, a great guest star and a heartbreaking Tubbs story. Angelina Calderone comes back to save Tubbs and to show him his son he's never met. This story is fantastic and extremely frustrating.

John is tired of talking about Roger Daltrey and Phil Collins so instead breaks down a special music guest. Dominic really feels for Pete. He was there first Crockett, let the man fill out his paperwork! Melissa has some really, really strong opinions about this and the future Calderone episode. Dominic and John just get out of the way and let Melissa show the depth of her Vice knowledge.

An amazing way to finish seaosn 2 of Miami Vice.

Episode Information

Season 2 Episode 22 – Sons and Lovers
Premiered May 9, 1986
Directed by John Nicolella
Written by Dennis Cooper

Guest Stars

John Leguizamo as Orlando Calderone


After the Fire by Roger Daltrey

Long, Long Way To Go by Phil Collins


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Go With The Heat 50 – Sons and Lovers