Go With The Heat 51 – Season 2 Recap
Go With The Heat

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After taking a week off we’re back with our season 2 recap of the great Miami Vice. There are so many moments from this season and so many dead hookers. For the times Sonny wasn’t witnessing a suicide, there were many unforgettable times that we had so much fun with. In this episode we breakdown all our favorite guest stars, the best music and our favorite episodes. There is some crossover, but you’ll see we specifically left out one episode: Out Where the Buses Don’t Run. That episode is so amazing and unilaterally considered one of the best episodes of TV ever, we try to avoid it and pick out other great moments from the season.

Dominic surprises everyone with his favorite episode pick. John gets to talk some more Lynyrd Skynyrd and Melissa gets to gush about Bushido. We had so much fun with season 2 and we cannot wait to begin the greatest Vice season ever in season 3.


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Go With The Heat 51 – Season 2 Recap
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