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Each Friday we publish a new episode of Go With The Heat, going deep undercover and infiltrating the next episode of Miami Vice. We have several ways to subscribe to the show:

Audio RSS
A traditional RSS feed of the show. Copy the link and paste into your favorite podcatcher.

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You can watch all of our audio shows on YouTube. Although you won’t be able to see our beautiful faces, we have a high quality visualizer with our amazing voices for you to watch/listen to on YouTube.

Go With The Heat YouTube Channel

This visualizer is open source! It was created by an amazing individual named Rikai (aka “The Beard”) who is a producer/editor for the Jupiter Broadcasting network. You can find it on GitHub for your Linux desktop on Rikai’s GitHub’s page.

We use a number of great open-source tools to make this show. It is 100% recorded, edited and published on Linux. The tools we use:

When I say Linux, I mean it. It is also recorded and edited on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop.

Looking for a way to subscribe with a native app on your phone and a huge brand behind it?

Google Music Podcasts

You can hear my show on Stitcher- Stitcher is radio on demand



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Go With The Heat on TuneIn

Music Only Feed
We know, everyone gets busy and just don’t have time to listen to the whole show. Obviously, if you could only listen to one section of the show, you should listen to our breakdown of the music from each episode! Above the actors, drama, fashion and cars there was the music that really made Miami Vice great. For your convenience we made a feed just for the music segment of the show! You can subscribe in the following ways:


This Week In Vice
Each week we’ll have a short, companion mini-show taking a look back at when Miami Vice was King. This Week in Vice looks back to the glorious 1980’s to see what else was happening when the current episode of Miami Vice aired. You can catch all of these episodes in a stand-alone feed or in the main feed. You can also find a separate feed just for This Week In Vice on Soundcloud.

This Week in Vice

Traditional RSS

We would love for you to follow us. You can find the official social accounts at these locations:


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