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We’re here at the end of season 3 and we get an amazing episode where we learn essentially the entirety of Gina’s history. Saundra Santiago also plays both as Gina and as Gina’s mom, pulling off a feat no one else in the show can do… Actually sing and sing well.

This episode pulls hard on your heart strings. The life that could have been for poor Gina, the love lost by Klaus and the Commandante that doesn’t really like Jazz if he keeps shooting the singers.

We really enjoyed this episode. John thinks he found Gina’s real Dad, Melissa is disappointed Crockett and Tubbs are disappointed and Dom really gushes over the end.

Look out season 4, we’re coming for you.

Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 03 Ep. 24 – Heroes of the Revolution
Premiered May 8, 1987
Writer: Dick Wolfe
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont (Red Tape)

Guest Stars

Jeroen Krabbe as Klaus Herzog
Shawn Elliott as Orrestes Pedrosa
George Dickerson as FBI Agent Chet Blakemore
Larry Block as FBI Agent


Begin the Beguine by Saundra Santiago
Stormy Weather by Saundra Santiago
The Jazz Singer by Nancy Reed
Someone To Watch Over Me by Saundra Santiago


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