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We have a huge announcement! In our final look-back episode on season 3 of Miami Vice we dive deeper into our plans for the future of Go With The Heat and those plans involve you! We would like your support as we grow our little organically grown independent podcast into a full network. After our HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT we dive into our season 3 clip show with all of our favorite moments from this season of Miami Vice.

We are so excited to share with you our future plans and how we really want the show to grow. We would also love your feedback! Good, bad, thumbs up, thumbs down. You tell us what you think of our plans and the path we’ve decided to follow.

Thank you to everyone that supports Go With The Heat and your humble hosts. We have so much fun making this show and being part of the Miami Vice community. We can’t wait for what’s coming next!


Got some feedback? Contact Us.

Email: gowiththeheat[@]gmail[.]com
Dom Twitter: @domcorriveau
John Twitter: @corriveau_john
Melissa Twitter: @mrsmelcorriveau

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Go With The Heat 79 – Chumpin’ Out on Season 3
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