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We’ve finished season 3 and we have a classic rerun for you. This is what we think is our best episode from season 3. This is the fourth episode of season 3 of Miami Vice titled “Walk-Alone”. This is the episode we get the amazing phrase from Tubbs, “You’ve been chumping around on me!”

We’ll be back next week with the first episode of season 4. See you next week pals!

Okay, its been awhile since we've had a bad episode of Miami Vice. But whoo-boy this one is terrible.

We start off fairly Vice-y. Tubbs' has a new girlfriend and life is finally starting to look good for Rico. The Vice writers must really hate Tubbs though. His girlfriend doesn't even make it to the opening credits. Tubbs will just never be truly happy again. Maybe he should have gone back to New York…

Anyways, after some investigation and a brief scene of Izzy stripping (not gonna lie, probably the best part of the episode) Tubbs goes to jail. Well, to infiltrate the crooked guards and bring down the drug smuggling ring they've built. We get of the silly train early and ride it until the wheels fall off.

Melissa is really upset that Tubbs will never be happy again. Dominic wonders why they even had to chase Tubbs to put him in jail. John… John is very concerned with the fact that the Vice team busts into the jail (literally blowing up a wall), shoots several guards and arrests the others without ANY plans on how the prisoners would react or what to do with them after.

Its an emotional episode of your favorite Miami Vice podcast.

Miami Vice Episode Information

Miami Vice – S03E04 – Walk-Alone
Premiered: Oct. 17, 1986
Writer: W.K. Scott Meyer (only ep, some work on NYPD Blue & Party of Five)
Director: David Jackson (Wrote & Directed Stone's War, directed French Twist)

Guest Stars

Kevin Conway as Commander Fox
Ron Perlman as Prison Commissioner John Rugar
Larry Fishburne as Keller


Listen Like Thieves by INXS

Walk This Way by Run-D.M.C.

Gear Jammer by George Thorogood & The Destroyers

In Dulce Decorum by The Damned


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Intro & transition music provided by:
“Cuban Sandwich”, “Voice Over Under”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Go With The Heat 80 – Classic Rerun: Walk-Alone
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