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We're back! Boy howdy does season 4 start out with a bang too. This is literally the most we've ever seen a Miami-Dade court room (except when we saw the Purple Rain court room in season 2) in a very Law & Order themed story. Of course Sonny is at the heart of the story and is willing to go to JAIL for his witness. Of course when you are put in charge of the witnesses and work for Miami Vice… Its only a matter of time the all get killed.

We're not disappointed.

Dominic wonders why Stan is ever allowed to do surveilience for Vice. Melissa is just happy Crockett gets a win after so many losses last season. John just wants a piece of the snacks Mosca is passing around.

Another fantastic episode of Miami Vice.

Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 04 Ep. 01 – Contempt of Court
Premiered Sept. 25, 1987
Writer: Peter McCabe (3 episodes coming)
Director: Jan Ellasberg (Forgive Us Our Debts, one more coming)

Guest Stars

Meg Foster as Attorney Alice Carson
Stanley Tucci as Frank Mosca
Mark Blum as Sid Shenker
Steven Keats as Jack Rivers
Phillip Baker Hall as Federal Judge Delaporte


Call It Love by Yello


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Go With The Heat 81 – Contempt of Court
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