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The Future

We have so, so many plans for the future. Miami Vice was just the beginning. The 80's was full of so many amazing shows and the greatest action movies ever. Since we are doing an episode at a time with Vice, we know the show will eventually come to an end. But we're not going to stop podcasting! Once we've covered every episode of Miami Vice, we'll be moving onto a new show and giving it all the same love we've given Vice. Some ideas we've had so far:

  • 21 Jump Street
  • Crime Story
  • Alien Nation
  • The A-Team

We also have plans to do spin-off, short run podcasts. We'd love to do a short show about the amazing new JCVD show coming to Amazon, Jean-Claude Van Johnson. Short run Expendables podcast? You got it. Arnie's latest movie? Yup. JCVD's newest workout system? Just try and stop us.

First and foremost, the Go With The Heat podcast will always be free. We will never charge, move behind a paywall or accept sponsorship.

In order to do this, we'll need to buy some more equipment, subscribe to new services and dedicate more time. What we would like is to have our fans support us and invest in the future of Go With The Heat and your humble podcasters.

Keep you eyes here and ears on the podcast for a coming announcement for how we'll be building a platform for our latest content and how you can help support our future endeavors.


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