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What’s there to say? Its our season 4 break down of all our favorite Vice moments. This was an amazing season of Miami Vice. No, not because it was the best season of TV ever made, but because it was both amazingly stellar and horrendously bad. We thoroughly review the season in guest stars, episodes, music and a quick look ahead to season 5.

Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 4 Look Back & Season 5 Look Ahead
Writers: Dick Wolf clearly took over this season & tried to bring the glory back. He wrote 5 episodes.
Directors: Lots to choose from, Richard Compton was the most frequent. Gonna call out a few people

  1. Don Johnson directed one, in which his willie was in danger in “Love at First Sight”. I find it really hard to believe that man only got 3 calls from the
  2. The great Bill Duke directs “Baseballs of Death”. Very topical, very… interesting story.

Favorite Guest Stars


  1. Gargantua in “Cows of October”. No he doesn’t actually appear but his Big Dick Energy is pervasive
  2. Brian Denehey as Reverend Bill Bob Proverb. I really liked that they attacked televangelists, Brian was great. The ep. was silly and fun but still good
  3. Stanley Tucci. He appears twice as Frank Mosca, who’s actually a really good villain. The man does own a pasta factory.


  1. Esai Morales in God’s
  2. Julia Roberts in Mirror
  3. Issac Hayes in Child’s Play


  1. James Brown
  2. Issac Hayes
  3. Stanley Tucci

Favorite Episode


  1. Deliver Us From Evil. The evilest villain in the history of Vice is Frank Hackman. This episode is rounded out well, lots of foreshadowing to what Crockett will turn into and deeper into how he see’s himself as a cop. What else is there to say about this episode other than… its the biggest controversy in GWTH too. Planted or hidden?
  2. Honor Among Thieves. Its the first real episode that is a straight up modern-style story (other than Contempt of Court). A drug dealer is also a serial killer who’s also insane and talks to dolls. This could be an episode of Criminal Minds or SVU. The string it along nicely and the twist of the killer being a dealer who’s also their informant… which is nice.
  3. Vote of Confidence. They had to do real police work in this one & they’re never able to really get a conviction. There’s a lot of parallels between this episode and modern politics. Its another time we see just how far IAD is willing to go to bring down Sonny. They really don’t like him. They suggest in this episode that he’s politically (cough James Comey) motivated. It also has a double cross of a double cross with a journalist who’s using people to increase his readership.


  1. God’s Work
  2. A Bullet for Crockett
  3. Baseball’s of Death


  1. Honor Among Thieves?
  2. Cows of October
  3. The Big Thaw


  1. Mirror Image
    Lets face it, Mirror Image isn’t just the best episode of the season, it might be the best episode of Miami Vice. We specifically made it a rule you couldn’t pick Mirror Image for your favorite because it would be everyone’s favorite.

What to look for in season 5

  • A lot of checks people have written will suddenly come due. Things are going to get REAL rough for the Vice squad. Things are gonna get dark
  • Both Dick Wolf and Jan Hammer leave the show to focus on other work. Michael Mann is still technically the shows Ex. Producer, but more as a figurehead. Hammer’s not overseeing music any longer which will change the overall tone.
  • There was a writers strike in the fall, so the season didn’t technically start until Nov. 1988 which is why we go into 1990 for the final lost episodes to air.
  • With that, in case you didn’t know there are 2 lost episodes that aired later. Since they pulled one episode they did a call-in that let viewers pick an episode to re-air in its place.


  • Remember this season is more than Sonny getting married & amnesia. They tried really hard to bring some of the silliness back to the show too.
  • They officially said goodbye to Noogie in Missing Hours, which this episode and Cows of October get all the attention for the show turning bad.
  • But, don’t forget there was also the illegal use of lightning in “Amen… Send Money”. A frozen Rastafarian escaped (and they had a band that traveled by trailer and played music the entire time) in “The Big Thaw” and of course a serial killer cutting people’s dicks off in “Love at First Sight”
  • This season gets a bad rap and its not without merit. The bad episodes were really, really bad. But, the good episodes are SO GOOD.
  • The season is really hot/cold.

Don’t forget how much stuff Sonny did this season.

  • He shot a kid
  • He killed many, MANY drug dealers including a drug dealers wife on accident
  • He got shot
  • His wife and unborn child got killed
  • He murdered a guy in cold blood
  • He almost died again and became a murderous badass

The rest of the crew…

  • Trudy met some aliens
  • Stan… worked on his magic?
  • Castillo let two guys fight to the death because they know some martial arts
  • Gina… well that Frank Mosca thing happened.


  • Just a reminder we’re going to be airing 3 reruns for the next few weeks while we get our minds and bodies ready for Season 5. There will be new episodes of TWIV while we’re off so you can get those each week while I review the summer of 1988.
  • As for the show, we’re going to go through all the episodes including the “lost episodes” all the way through the show’s run. We will do our normal recap & clip shows after. Then we’ll have some mega shows reviewing the entirety of Miami Vice. And last but not least we’ll have the Michael Mann Miami Vice movie.
  • Who knows, by then there might be a new Miami Vice.


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Go With The Heat 103 – The Season 4 Review Spectacular! – Music Feed Only
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