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We’ve traveled through time. Its time to go all the way back to season 2 of Miami Vice. This episode had so many things to love and it really felt… Like home. We had action, double crosses, good investigation work and even an appearance from Izzy. So much of this episode of Miami Vice reminded us of classic seasons. What’s not to love? A secret society taking the law into their own hands which is made up of other cops. The conspiracy is so large even the soon-to-be Chief of Police is in on it!

Dominic is concerned for a group of vigilantes that managed by a man who got the idea after being shot in the head. Melissa wonders what if the duo said no? How do they forget what they’ve seen? John wants to protect the good name of Dr. Dingy, Dr. Johnny Dingy.

Its a classic episode you can’t miss!

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Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 05 Ep. 15 – Over the Line
Premiered April 28, 1989
(Episode was delayed for a month and a half for the debut of some series called Dream Street. Help us out here Melissa, our 80’s TV isn’t up to par
There was also a 99′ boy band called Dream Street that I found a video of them performing on the Maury show. Think they found out who their real dad is?)

Writer: Robert Ward (Co-producer, 8 writing credits) and Scott Shepherd (Redemption in Blood, Bad Timing, Hard Knocks, will write Freefall)
Director: Russ Mayberry (will direct Freefall, probably the most accomplished TV director Vice ever had, a titan behind the camera for TV)

Guest Stars

Tomas Arana as Walter Stevens
Robert Fields as Metro-Dade Captain Richard Highsmith
Anthony Barrile as Johnny


I’m Life by The Fixx


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Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Go With The Heat 125 – Over The Line – Music Feed Only
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