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What an amazing episode of Miami Vice! It was fantastic! Stupendous! It was great all the way up until the last 10 minutes, then it totally messed the bed. The story pits two televangelists feuding over satellite TV and use Tubbs as a pawn in their game. But, this means one of them uses a walkman to convince a young woman God told her to falsely accuse Tubbs of rape. Then, they get an engineer inside Bill Bob Proverb’s (I wish I was making all this up) studio to take down circuit breakers so they can attack the studio with lightning. All of this is true and really happened in this episode of Vice.

Its a doozy.

Dominic wants to know how many States have laws agains the criminal use of lighting. John is starting to think there might be some validity behind the IA investigation. Melissa loves this episode of Vice and has some strong words for the boys.

Its not what any of us expected from Miami Vice, this time on Go With The Heat.

Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 04 Ep. 02 – Amen… Send Money
Premiered Oct. 2, 1987
Writer: John Schulian (Down for the Count I/II, two teleplays in season 3 & one more ep. coming)
Director: James Quinn (Lend Me an Ear, Viking Bikers From Hell)

Guest Stars

Brian Dennehy as Reverend Bill Bob Proverb
Anita Morris as Leona Proverb
Ben Stiller as Fast Eddie
James Tolkan as Mason Mather


Satellite by The Hooters

Black Book by Rank and File


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