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After several weeks of the Sonny Burnett show, we get an entire episode of Miami Vice of nothing but Castillo and Tubbs. In addition we get Castillo, the badass Miami drug dealer who every one is afraid will do something crazy, and “Academic Tubbs”. Two totally new persona’s for them and both are fantastic! This episode follows along as they infiltrate both a drug cartel and the Native Americans sabotaging their drops. We get shootouts. We get explosions. We get a crossbow! What’s not to love!

John is fixated on Castillo’s undercover persona and wants to know more about “Melendez the Badass”. Melissa just can’t get past Tubbs’ new undercover act and hopes there’s a crossover with Jamaican Tubbs. Dominic just wants to have as much fun with anything in life that compares to how much fun Tubbs had on that fan boat.

We’re trending up on Miami Vice.

Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 04 Ep. 15 – Indian Wars
Premiered Feb. 26, 1988
Writer: Frank Coffee & Carl Waldman (only episode). This is a weird one, Apparently Frank and Carl didn’t get the job done because there were 3 teleplay writers including Michael Duggan (Baby Blues, Lend Me an Ear, Viking Bikers, Big Thaw), Peter Lance (Rising Sun of Death, Baseballs of Death), and Robert Palm (Like a Hurricane)
Director: Leon Ichaso (Little Miss Dangerous, Killshot, Better Living Through Chemistry, Rising Sun of Death, this is his last episode directing)

Guest Stars

Joseph Turkel as Levec
Joe Lala as Anthony Acosta


Hawaiian Chance by Yello

God’s Gift by The Silencers


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Intro & transition music provided by:
Cuban Sandwich, Voice Over Under
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Go With The Heat 95 – Indian Wars – Music Feed Only
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