Summer Rerun: Go With The Heat 105 – Honor Among Thieves?
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Hi pals, this is the first episode of our summer rerun series. Season four has been an amazing journey that started with some of the funniest episodes of Vice and ended with the evilest villain. Over the next three weeks we’ve selected a few of our favorite episodes of this podcast for your enjoyment. We are feverishly getting ready for season five and we hope you enjoy our summer rerun series.

Our first pick and one of our favorite episodes is Honor Among Thieves. A gritty episode of Vice that has one of the darkest story lines while also including a man who prefers the company of dolls. One thing we learned: These dolls sure know how to keep a secret.

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Honor Among Thieves is a classic cop drama story that is used again and again. The Miami Vice twist in this episode is 47 minutes of perfection… And about 30 seconds of bleh. Honor Among Thieves has intrigue, twists, turns and surprises and in general is a fantastic episode of Miami Vice. The GWTH crew love this episode! We are also thoroughly creeped out by our main villain.

Melissa is completely creeped out by the clown doll Delgado acquires and wonders if all the dolls feel pain, or just the one he carries. John is impressed by the organizational skills of the local dealers and their “Legion of Doom” meetings. Dominic is concerned Crockett and Tubbs ruined their friendship playing too many games at Palmo’s (they might have played UNO!).

Its one of the best episodes of season 4 of Miami Vice.

Episode Information

Miami Vice – Season 04 Ep. 16 – Honor Among Thieves?
Premiered March 4, 1988
Writer: Jack Richardson (2 more coming)
Director: Jim Johnston (Nobody Lives Forever, Out Where the Buses Don’t Run, Trust Fund Pirates)

Guest Stars

Gary Basaraba as Cyrus
Dylan Baker as Lt. Edward Jarrell


Capricho Árabe by Francisco Tárrega

Sweet Sixteen by Billy Idol

Rag Doll by Aerosmith


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Summer Rerun: Go With The Heat 105 – Honor Among Thieves?
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