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Go With The Heat
This Week In Vice 106 - Aug. 13 - Sept. 30, 1989

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Hi pals, coming up on this week's episode of Go With The Heat the team disappears and is replaced by a potential spin off of young cops in the third lost episode Leap of Faith. Since we only have 3 episodes of Miami Vice left and this time we'll be looking back to Aug. 13 to Sept. 30, 1989, when Miami Vice was King.

In news…

On Sept. 22 Hurricane Hugo made landfall in South Carolina after spinning for days through the Carribean. A few days before Hugo struck Puerto Rico as a Category 2 storm but restregnthened to a Category 4 when reaching the continental US. When the massive storm cleared it left billions of dollars in damages and 61 people dead.

In Sports...

On Aug. 24 Pete Rose formally accepted to be placed on Major League Baseball's ineligible list after the fallout of the Dowd Report. The former baseball player turned manager is considered one of the MLB's greatest players of all-time and the accusations then factual proof of gambling, including on his own team, were a shock to all of baseball. Now 30 years later, Rose has yet to be reinstated and continues to live in the dark shadows of baseball history.

In Music…

Through the remaining summer of 1989 we have 5 number one hits on the Hot 100. Of course there are some familiar names inluding Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul, Don't Wanna Lose You by Gloria Estefan and Hangin Tough by New Kids on the Block which is a reminder it is nearly 1990 and music has changed quite a bit.

The two biggest songs from this stretch in time are Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx and Girl I'm Gonna Miss You by Milli Vanilli. From the album Repeat Offender, Right Here Waiting was a worldwide phenomenon and really just the beginning for Marx. He would release another 12 albums with Repeat Offender going triple platinum.

Milli Vanilli will have another number one song in 1989, all from the mega album Girl You Know Its True. Being a mega-hit is an understatement of the impact Milli Vanilli had in 1989. With 5 singles and 3 number one's the album went 6x platinum and spent 41 weeks in the top ten on the Billboard Top 200. Scandal aside, Milli Vanilli were legit superstars.

In Movies…

Its the middle of summer 1989 and there are 4 movies that reach the top of the box office. First up is the comedy classic Parenthood directed by Ron Howard and starring Steve Martin, Rick Moranis and more. Up next are Sea of Love starring Al Pacino and Black Rain directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michael Douglas.

Finally onto my personal favorite. Starring John Candy and written and directed by the great John Hughes is the fantastic comedy Uncle Buck. Its fun, heartfelt and has John Candy at his absolute best. This is what people think of when they think of the 80's, a time when the world wasn't so serious and political. Candy and Hughes, we miss you both terribly.

And that’s everything you need to know that was happening when Miami Vice was king. Be sure to join us on Go With The Heat at gowiththeheat.com. I’d love to hear from you! Email the show gowiththeheat@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @gowiththeheat. That’s all for this week, bye pals.


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This Week In Vice 106 – Aug. 13 – Sept. 30, 1989
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