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Hi pals, coming up on this weeks episode of Go With The Heat the Vice team suspects an erotic film director of murder in the episode Death and the Lady. On This Week in Vice we'll be taking a look back when this episode of Miami Vice aired, from Oct. 5 – 19, 1987, when Miami Vice was king.

In news…

On Oct. 16 18-month old baby Jessica McClure fell into a 8-inch well casing in her Aunt's backyard in Midland, Texas. Baby Jessica would be freed 58 hours later after rescuers worked non-stop and eventually broke through the hard rock surrounding the casing eventually leading to her rescue. The media circus that exploded at the home was excessive. Every news channel carried the story with CNN providing around-the-clock coverage of the event. ABC even made a TV movie about the incident starring Patty Duke and Beau Bridges.

In Music…

Finally replacing Whitney Houston on the top of the Hot 100 is a rock power ballad that is a quintessential track of the 1980's. From the album Saints & Sinners originally released in 1982 and then re-recorded in 1987 is Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. Famous for both the classic hard rock melody and the music video playing around the clock on MTV, the song is consistently ranked as one of the greatest songs of the 80's.

In Movies…

With Fatal Attraction still winning the box office, we'll continue to go to the archive of movies from 1987. I've been touting how great 1987 was for film, but the one I'm looking at this week doesn't fit the description. Starring Kirk Cameron, Dudley Moore and Sean Astin is the comedy dud Like Father Like Son. The film centers around Cameron and Moore, who transfer bodies through a Native American potion called "Brain-Transference Serum". At the end of all the hijinx father and son realize they enjoy spending time together and Moore turns down the Chief of Staff job at his employers hospital. The film performed well, but you won't convince me it was 96 minutes well spent.

And that's everything you need to know that was happening when Miami Vice was king. Be sure to join us on Go With The Heat at I'd love to hear from you! Email the show or follow us on Twitter @gowiththeheat. That's all for this week, bye pals.


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This Week In Vice 63 – Oct. 5 – 19, 1987