This Week In Vice 66 – Nov. 2 – 8, 1987
This Week in Vice

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Hi pals, coming up on this weeks episode of Go With The Heat a drug lords son returns to Miami much to the surprise of the underworld and Vice in the episode God’s Work. On This Week in Vice we’ll be taking a look back when this episode of Miami Vice aired, from Nov. 2 to Nov. 8, 1987, when Miami Vice was king.

In news…

On Nov. 8 an IRA bomb exploded in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland killing 11 people and wounding 63. Known as the Remembrance Day Bombing, as it took place during the Remembrance Sunday ceremony, it was immediately condemned and undermined support for the IRA. Following the attack, the Extradition Act was passed to allow for easier extradition of IRA suspects to the United Kingdom and is considered to be the turning point in the troubles between the two countries and leading to a political solution.

In Music…

We have a very interesting transition in music. Moving Michael Jackson from the top of the Hot 100 is the teen-pop sensation Tiffany with her cover song I Think We’re Alone Now. The synthpop song is a cover of the classic song of the same name from the great Tommy James and the Shondells. The song would end up being Tiffany’s biggest hit and would spend two weeks at number 1 on the Hot 100. Ironically, you might still be able to catch this song being performed at your local mall.

In Movies…

Buried behind Fatal Attraction is a hidden gem. No, its not Death Wish 4: The Crackdown starring Charles Bronson and no its not Hello Again starring Shelley Long. Hiding in theaters is the drama Less Than Zero and is a classic of the 80’s. Starring Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr., Jami Gertz and James Spader the film is loosely based on the Bret Easton Ellis book of the same name, but bears virtually no resemblance to the book. Centered around a group of friends dealing with drug addiction and the high life of LA teens, the film skirted darker topics covered in Ellis’ book. But with the deep cast and zreat soundtrack, this one is one of my favorites from the decade.

And that’s everything you need to know that was happening when Miami Vice was king. Be sure to join us on Go With The Heat at I’d love to hear from you! Email the show or follow us on Twitter @gowiththeheat. That’s all for this week, bye pals.


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This Week In Vice 66 – Nov. 2 – 8, 1987
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